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In a new documentary, "" talked about some unexplained phenomena that surrounded the Titanic before and after the tragedy.

For example, on the night when there was an accident, some passengers liner, to be among the few hundred lucky ones who managed to get into the boat and sail away from the sinking ship, described a very strange phenomenon.




From the testimony of a passenger "Titanic" by Anna Wight

"I was in a lifeboat number 6. Exactly forty per hour (for me was the clock), I saw near the stern of the ship a large luminous object. Men said it lights another vessel "Carpathia", which will save us. We cheered and ordered the sailors to row as fast as possible. About ten boats was to sail into this world. However, half an hour later the lights went out … It turned out there is no ship nearby, and the "Carpathia" only came in an hour. "

Many witnesses described the strange lights were observed near the site of the shipwreck. This evidence was classified. The judicial commission investigating the circumstances of the death of the Titanic, decided — the liner was killed by a collision with an iceberg. Documents that did not fit in this version were dropped or hidden "classified."

Vladimir Zamoroka — Ph.D. notes:

The fact that this is not the iceberg — it's obvious. Hundreds of people in a shipwreck seen strange lights seen strange objects that appeared out of the water and flew into the sky. It is safe to say that UFOs are, what they say and classified documents in the archives of the secret services.

In the binder documents of the National Archives of Great Britain on charges of "Titanic" somehow attached a report of the American astronomer George Harris, who on the day of death of the liner — April 14, 1912 — reported on a dark object with a diameter of 80 km, the Moon is moving toward the Earth. On the same day, the couple Stanfield, strolling along the pier in the port of Belfast reported that they saw a huge ball of light slowly lowered into the sea, as reported in the newspaper "The Guardian". At this point, the "Titanic" was racing towards his death …

But this is not the only mysterious thing associated with the death of the largest liner in the history of mankind.

Among the lists of third-class passengers, who have only recently become available to the public, researchers have paid attention to the name — a modest Englishwoman Winnie Coates, with his two sons — three years, Neville, William — nine. In New York, a woman was waiting for her husband, who a few months earlier settled in America to work. Along with the lists and the ticket was attached Winnie Coates, bought in England.

It seems incredible, but 78 years later, in 1990, the Icelandic fishermen picked up near the shore of a woman with the same name. Wet, frozen, in tattered clothes, she cried and screamed that a passenger is "Titanic." And her name — Winnie Coates!

The woman was taken to a psychiatric hospital, and took a long time for the crazy. While some of the journalists did not find her name in the handwritten lists of passengers of "Titanic" at number 213. The woman recounted the entire history of the tragedy on the Titanic. And never confused.

Vladimir Zamoroka sure:

"This case proves the existence of temporary wormholes, where, and got Vinnie Coates. She really transpired in time. If we were to put the data that have been obtained by scientists who have studied this phenomenon, it may be that we are already too could travel back in time. "

In a unique document — a copy of the log Norwegian ship "Kukzhen" April 15, 1912 there was a record of what the captain saw a huge crater in the Atlantic Ocean. It was like a giant whirlpool!

This is from the field of quantum physics or quantum magic. Funnel — this is a consequence of space-time wormhole. Matter on the basis of a black hole collapses and absorbs draws to itself the objects, people, and so on. Winnie Coates got into such a funnel ", — says Vladimir Zamoroka.

A few hours later in the same area there was a "Titanic"! Mystics have put forward their version — the ship was in the so-called "space-time trap"!

The existence of such phenomena does not deny a well-known Anatoly Wasserman: "The hypotheses related to the spatial — temporal holes, tunnels, canals have been around for quite a lot. Moreover, the physics in general are currently under no circumstances may the formation of such channels. These circumstances are quite complex, are associated with high energy … "

Abnormal events surrounding the death of the "Titanic" for a long time carefully concealed. It is known that officially confirm the identity of Winnie Coates no one could, but were able to establish a portrait likeness between photography Titanic passenger and a woman found in Iceland 78 years later. For a long time scientists have studied its Tavistock University, later newspapers reported that a woman came to a secret CIA base in Dallas.

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