Too unanswered questions

The Committee to Protect Journalists — a non-governmental organization based in New York — called for an independent investigation into the death of journalist Oleg Bebenin, the founder of the website "Charter 97."

In a statement, the organization expressed concern that that the Belarusian authorities stopped investigating the case. "The official investigation into too many unanswered questions and missing evidence. Authorities should let the experts from outside to investigate," — said the coordinator of the Europe and Central Asia in the organization Nina Ognyanova.

Oleg Bebenin was found in the loop of September 3, 2010 at his dacha near Minsk. His supporters said they did not believe in the suicide theory.

The official investigation into too many unanswered questions and missing evidence.

Bebenina colleagues, who published an article with questions about this matter and indicating inconsistencies in the official version, received death threats, the remaining nerassledavanymi.

November 23 Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) has announced that its two unnamed experts agreed with the official conclusion of suicide Oleg Bebenina. OSCE representatives stressed that the experts do not have the authority to conduct its own investigation, and only reconsidered the investigation materials Belarusian authorities. Exhumation of the body of Oleg Bebenina was conducted.

The Committee to Protect Journalists reiterates that's "Charter 97", was founded by Oleg Bebenin had repeated problems with the authorities because of their publications about abuse in the government, violations Human Rights, corruption in the security services and the activities of the opposition.

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