Top secret. Our vremya.Tayny Snowden watch online

Top secret.  Our vremya.Tayny Snowden watch online
The South American government considers him a traitor, wants to return to his homeland for what he stood before the tribunal, and the Russian authorities grant him political asylum. U.S. blamed former NSA agent to disclose any confidential info, stealing municipal secrets. The more insecure Edward Snowden for the South American government, what secrets he gave the journalists of "Garden," and assist if his methods in the fight for freedom on the web? For what he gave information to journalists about the NSA surveillance program notes via an intercom system? And is it true that the United States is a large-scale monitoring of phone calls and gathers information about the user to the network, working with all the big Internet companies? After the revelations of government regulation of the web Snowden will be tougher. At this point in almost all countries raise questions about the anonymity of the Web is prepared to close the network project "TOP".

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