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Toys for Kids: carsToys — is one of the first funds for the development of your baby. Website book offers children's toys that can help your child gain new knowledge and skills. On the website there is a separate product groups for boys and beautiful girls, which reduces the time to search for a suitable toy for your kid.

The very creation of toys traces its history back hundreds of years. Initially people for that to kids were busy playing, as far used toys are not the most suitable materials, such as animal bones or even their carcasses. Over time, the use of such obscure toys began to depart, and to replace them started making figures out of stone and wood, which fell to the liking of the children. In all this we must not forget that many of the toys had a double purpose. Often the figures portrayed certain deities, which were allowed to carry out time to children. The fact is that in the Old Indian young kids could leave unattended by adults, because they believed that the figures of Hindu gods will look after the children. As this practice has been successful is difficult to say, but the fact that it was one of the methods of education and respect for the autonomy of faith from a young age — a fact.

Special toys used in Russia. It is believed such pupa as matrioshka was created back in the pre-Mongolian times. But the history of toys has it that the first Russian nesting dolls began to appear only in the late 18th century. The prototype for the Russian nesting dolls served as the Chinese figure, who portrayed soldiers and placed into one another by the military hierarchy.

Such as option matrioshka considered one of the most popular doll in the history of mankind.

In the 19th century in the United States began to receive patents for the ready dolls. First patent for mass creation of children's dolls were produced in 1840 in the United States. From now triumphal procession of dolls around the world.

In the Russian Union of more than dolls are popular toys including reference of military equipment, which were created in full accordance with the drawings of real military vehicles. But far not every Russian family could afford to buy himself a toy, because the boys have done themselves a toy of their own taste. In the Soviet Union worked mugs "Skilful hands", where kids were taught without the help of others to create toys that many now seem gullible.

Now the industry in the field of games have gained such volumes that the shelves "Children's Worlds" all over the country just inundated with toys for boys and beautiful girls of various ages.

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