Toys in uniform

Toys in uniformThere were times when on the shelves, "Children's World" prevailed toys manufactured in Russia. With all of this in the middle of a lot of them were frankly toys and military orientation. Now the shelves of toy stores virtually inundated with Chinese products, which differs remarkably low price and low quality. For buyers verbovaniya shops use the distribution of leaflets in mailboxes. Leaflets with marketing text and colorful illustrations of toys that the cars are delivered to Russia and apparently do not add to our children's health.

In this regard, the Government of Russian worried about the fact that it is time to bring the creation of cheap Russian toy to a decent standard. It is planned to launch several plants in the Capital, Kaluga and other areas of the Russian Federation, which will be operated toys decent property.

In addition, there is information about what the Government is an active debate on the issue of toy military theme. This is believed to be from early years to inculcate patriotism and to promote military service with pre-school age.

Guarantor issue of children's war toys became Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. He wrote in his own microblog that he gave the team excellent obmyslit Lock and high quality toys and Russian military hardware tools. At the end of Rogozin made signs to record the fact that "enough Russian children play zabugornom" Leopard. "

The first company that responded to the "call" Dmitry Rogozin has become a powder plant in Tambov. It would seem that what is the connection between the powder and toys for children, but as it turns out, the link is. Tambov plant except for powder production makes eminent "nevalyashek." Because, maybe soon we will see on the shelves of toys dolls in the form of military nevalyashek Russian army.

In addition, it was reported that a large military-industrial enterprises are willing to listen to the idea Rogozin. One of the Ural factories planning to do issue special toy series devoted to modern military technology of.

We can assume that this is the first time in the history of modern RF when in the Government appeared so common and effective thought about instilling patriotism from a young age. The main ideas to be implemented and not late with implementation.

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