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How lived the ancient Slavs and Aryans, we can learn from ancient texts, such as the Russian Veda. Slavic-Aryan Vedas were written on gold plates over 40,000 years ago. They set out the history of settlement of the Earth, knowledge of the laws of nature, the commandments of our ancestors and forecasts for the future events. Although these sacred texts were for a long time, now they are made public and available for inspection to the public.

In hard times, the gods came down to earth and people were asked to leave their precepts by which they should live life to be joyful and happy. Here are some of them:

— Go back to your roots, and you will open the gates to the divine world (right).

— No heed to those who saith that life is finite, because they do not know what to speak.

— No heed to those who saith that your gate of your neighbor, and give ear to those who saith that your neighbor — your term friend.

— Do not think that a lot of ground lifeless, they are not visible for the life of you, your feelings are not felt.

— Do not use the Wightman Vaitmar evil, in order to capture other worlds, and use them for good, and the knowledge of the Worlds, and then the friendship of the inhabitants of those worlds obryaschite. (Wightman — ancient aircraft. Vaitmar — aircraft, which can accommodate 144 Wightman — which means that the ancient people already possessed the skills of construction machinery for air navigation).

— Do not show aggression against those who come to you from the other world, for how you behave, so they will think about all the people in the world yours.

— And not reject his wife's first husband, for not looking Rod Heaven from her.

— Yes, the finger touches the father of another wife, when his wife is his child by his heart. (My husband does not become even slightly touching another woman while his wife was pregnant).

— But will not have much other than their wives, but at any time, except for the hour dashing when Rod man killed in defense of his house, in the defense of their own land and their faith.

— Do not use Far-Destroyer vs. the World on it, for the world of his ruin and living descendent of a lose. (Far-destroyer — chemical weapons).

— Do not live by the laws that created the people, in order to take away your freedom, and live according to the laws of the One God.

— Yes you are not ashamed of what is given to you and your nature Rod One, and be ashamed of ignorance and ignorance.

— With other types live in harmony, help when asking for your help.

— Do not spare the stomach to protect his house, to protect their clans and their most holy faith, to protect the Holy Land mine.

— Do not force people to the holy faith by force, and remember that the choice of the Faith — a personal decision of a free man.

— PASKHET read and remember the passage of fifteen Daarija in Russenia as in Sixteenth Summer Our ancestors praised Rod Heaven for the salvation of the Great Flood. (This is the transition from Daarija (the ancient continent of Hyperborea) in Russenia (Russia, which was then much more and includes many European countries).)

— Live in union with nature, not destroy it, because it supports life and your entire race live.

— Do not take the victim's blood on Alatyr not your wrath of the gods, for the disgusting for them to take the blood of the innocent creatures of God.

— Protect your mighty hand, temple and sanctuary, and help in every way to all wanderers and templars that kept secrets of the ancient Word of God, the Word of the wise.

— Do not eat food with blood, for ye shall be as a wild beast, and many diseases dwell in you. Eat pure food that grows on your fields, forests and gardens of your own, then you will find many of the forces, the forces of light and does not overtake you ailments, disease and suffering with the suffering.

— Do not cut your brown Vlas, Vlas different, but with gray hair, for God's wisdom is not comprehend and healthy lose.

— Not boast of his strength to the weak, and they were afraid to praise you, and then gained glory and power in the battle with the gate of.

— Which acts are doing you people are and you also to them, for every act of his measure faces off.

— Do not reject the unknown and unexplained, but try to know the unknown and explain the inexplicable, for Gods help longing to know wisdom.

— Do not take the life of your neighbor, because you do not give it, and God, but do not spare gate of lives that are attacking you and your land, for ONET went against God's will.

— Do not accept gifts, and retribution for actions that you created with a gift from God, and for your good deeds, for the lost gift of God given to you, and not one rumor that good doing.

— Washed by the Minister after your your hand, for those who are not washed his hands, he loses the power of God …

— Cleans you in waters Iria, which flows into the Holy Land, to wash his body is white, it holy by the power of God … (Iriy — Irtysh)

— Who run away from their land to a foreign land, in search of an easy life, the renegade clans of his, but he will not pardon him Rod, for the gods turn away from him …

— Do not wear a man's wife's garments, for femininity to lose, and his wife wear what you should.

— Let not the murdered child is in the womb, for the man who kills child in the womb, will bring the wrath of God, the Creator of the One.

— If koiya mother denies children of their own, in the throes of birth, then she shall find no peace in his heart, not in the World Reveal or in the world, Navi, and Svarga Pure forever hidden from her.

— For a drink from the source of the Ancient Wisdom is not sorry and give your eyes, for charge of runes without eyes seeing.

— Who will give their children the parts of the soul, that did not diminish his soul, and multiplied it.

— Who lavishes love, he lost it, and who radiates love, that it multiplies.

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