Traditional Russian culture. Moral

Ancient rusichi followed all the Vedas (ancient texts). This article will touch on some aspects of the ancient Vedas, which teaches people to live in harmony with nature, and taught high morals.

Our ancestors gave meaning Truth (right) and vedaniyu Truth, which is perceived as a conscience and a sense of loyalty to the action. They believed that man, being a creator, creates around his universe — a circle of friends, acquaintances, interests, events and experiences. All that is happening around him and with him, is a manifestation of his inner self, those desires, needs, or problems that forced him to create the Soul.

Ancient Russian people attached great importance to Rod. If a person does not live and act in harmony with the laws of nature and of life, he falls spiritually, and is excluded from the Sort, no matter what level it is. Truth (edit) controls act of stars, planets, galaxies, and the universe. Ancient people believed in such things as the reincarnation of the soul, to achieve perfection. A man attains perfection (who lived on Human) could go beyond the world Reveal (the world where living beings are reborn).

Ancient rusichi attached great importance to the definition of purpose in life, dignity, kindness, to correct errors. Life can be lived just and the unjust, using another incarnation. Calls to renounce life is considered a great falsehood (sin), for life — the gift of the gods, it is based on the universe.

In carrying out its work, which is designed only to him, the person gets joy from this. Sometimes difficult to understand what God requires of you, and then you have to listen to the voice of conscience, learn to look into their inner essence. In human life then there is a different event, which pushed him to develop.

A gentleman can not hurt others, or it will cease to be noble.

Ancient ancient Russians, as the ancient Chinese believed in the law of cause and effect, that the good should be good, but for evil deeds — retribution. That is all there is a reason, which implies the result. They also believed that a person has and the light part, and dark. They believed that the world of law (spiritual) — supernatural, the most delicate and the most perfect, and for him to strive for. If the soul is plastered with falsehood (not true), then it becomes difficult, and after his death in purgatory gets dark Navi. After cleansing, a soul can be born again and go through the trials and tribulations to become perfect, God-like man.

If a man does not live by the law of justice, then it starts to hurt. Soul, which hit the Nav meets Goddess Karna. It furthers the confusion, fear, and greed, from which the soul begins to suffer greatly from those demons, which she created.

Man is the Creator, the desires he creates invisible creatures that are, or good spirits or demons. The ancients believed that the good spirits man help and protect him, and the man taken by demons. These demons are the person in the dark, and there are Nav disembodied soul tortured. When the time came, Karna, with the permission of Rod, lets the world Reveal Soul.

When a person does not live honestly, and does more bad things, the events of his life becoming more threatening. Consciously or unconsciously committing injustice, trying not to take his place, a man punishes himself, losing one with God.

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