Treason 1941 (Part 2)

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Produced the directives of Moscow?

The very first big capture of Russian troops known 3 and 10 of the Army of the Western Front were located in Bialystok salient. Right there in the 10 most powerful army was placed on the number and quality of tanks, trucks perfectly rich 6th Mechanized Corps Gen. Hatskilevicha. Army stationed in the border fortified area, namely 10 army relied on Osovetskaya SD. In 1915, the Russian troops in the fort Osovets made themselves famous long heroic defense. It seems to be the story itself appealed to the retention of the place.

Treason 1941 (Part 2)

Well, the main impacts of Germans passed by these armies. Guderian was moving through Brest and placement of 4 Army Panzer Group Hoth moved through the placement of 11 army in Vilnius with turning on Minsk. June 25 when the fourth army failed to stop the enemy at Slutsky, the interception of the road from the ridge to the east of Bialystok through Baranavičy a reality. Exactly this day 3 and 10 of the Army Command obtains permission of the Western Front to withdraw from the fortified and retreat to the east. Exactly when is too late to retreat. West of Minsk these armies, most of the troops are moving in marching columns, are intercepted. Subjected to the cruelest defeat aircraft and artillery on the road in marching columns. And it is here that there is a situation of the first mass capture of Russian troops.

Meanwhile, until June 25, were still 22, 23 and 24 June. Days of June 22 in Moscow headquarters of the front was oriented directive number 3, which prescribes cause mechanized forces concentrated attacks against the enemy in the adjacent areas and take possession of the towns of Suwalki and Lublin.

Until Lublin was about 80 km from the locations of the 4th and 15th Mechanized Corps of the strongest second Army of the South-Western Front. God does not hear it, tanks, mechanized corps run on a more vast distances in other directions. But all the same 80 km — and not very much. But with the Suwalki is much more interesting.

Suwalki — a dead-end road in a steel plant marshy wooded bear the northeast corner of Poland. District of Suwalki kept breaking terrain north of the USSR Bialystok salient. And went to Suwalki steel road, the only one on which it was possible to stuff and tank wedge Gotha. From the border and on the positions of three armies to the railroad at Suwalki on mezhozernomu parade — only 20 km away. On the way from the Augustan — 26 km. 3 long-range artillery army was able to maintain their own advancing troops right up to the cutting of the railroad, not shifting from its territory. Ordinary artillery, without departing from the warehouses could provide support coming to the middle of the path. Necessary for a strong artillery support for the coming rounds do not need to drive far. They're right there — in warehouses fortified area. And we remember that the provisions relied on by the 5th Army in Korosten SD were sufficient for more than a month effectively combat with the enemy.

Beat the 3rd Army, with the support of mechanized corps in the direction of the railroad made the 3-position of Panzer Group Hoth on the Russian countryside doomed. No fuel, no ammunition, no food.

And this order was hit by Suwalki. A certain order with a precisely defined goal kick. And even with a true sense indicated. The enemy troops threw a profound breakthrough, framed his rear. And for which you need to strike. This formulation of the directive that does not allow other interpretations. Troops throw everything forward, themselves framed by the defeat of his rear.

Meanwhile, the command of the Western Front, headed by Pavlov and chief of staff Klimovskikh instead of following the directive takes a decision not to step over the border to the steel road, located 20 km away, and move the 2nd Mechanized Corps and the cavalry on its territory in the direction of Grodno, which significantly further, with the tanks in advance would not have been provided on this route fuel with cash filling equipment.

Just note immediately. What is written about the impact on the Grodno not be taken as fact. So it is written about. Shot of the Germans were not recorded. Large tank forces in the Bialystok salient their intelligence is not found. The road, littered with broken Russian technology was not in the north-east to Grodno. And to the east — to the Slonim. But it is another question.

While in principle for us that very close to the reality of non-long goal kick — Suwalki — eventually hitting on that Panzer Group Hoth remained in a foreign land without supplies — has been the headquarters of the Western Front ignored without justification of such neglect. Mobile troops were ordered to move on their own terrain. In the event of an impact in the direction of the metal road to Suwalki third army is not divorced from its own supply base in Osovetskaya ur doing with all this doomed real position of one of the greatest attacking enemy forces. Instead of moving joints go traveling on their own terrain in isolation from general army, from the supply base.

Mistakes do happen. But there is no similar errors on 2-fronts. South-Western Front in exactly the same day, as we remember, mechanized corps sent reeling by caterpillars weave km. Directive provides for an impact on the Lublin — ignore. Instead of organizing attack on its territory by Berestechko-Dubna. However, as has been seen, June 27 Mechanized Corps is attacking the enemy who does not see. Its just not in front of him. Although there was to be at least a day. Mechanized Corps was late with the concentration at the turn of attack for the day. It hurts far had to trudge.

Note that the decision to change the puzzle hit the south-western front part arrived from Moscow, Zhukov.

Maybe the directive was so trivial a gamble that front commanders and chief of staff personally Zhukov considered likely to ignore it? But no. German Chief of Staff Halder noted in his diary that the unsuccessful acts in the south (we already know about the failure of the superior forces of the Germans at Przemysl, where the 99th Division of the Red Banner successfully bouncer with Russian countryside), you need to be of assistance, but as luck would have any reserve infantry division there, and a small reserve tank can not bring in help from vile properties roads of eastern Poland, which to all other carts clogged.

Treason 1941 (Part 2)

Reserves the Germans no. And all the roads on the other side of the border crammed carts supplying the thrown forward connections. Russian mechanized corps, crossed the border would not have had before him no ability to stop his forces — and only pressed to caterpillars, shot and captured a material means, without which abandoned the Soviet countryside German troops found themselves infirm. We already know that the German tanks are not protected then braked in front of Russian troops Kiev due to the cessation of military supplies from impact 5th Army Potapov.

But the directive number 3 on June 22 was not performed the command of 2-critical fronts — th
e Western and South-Western — and the chief of the General Staff of the Red Army Zhukov, who took the decision to counterattack coupled with the command of West Front.

Germans throw headlong forward — with more useless state of the roads in the rear, with no reserves to cover important concepts rear communications — was based on the beliefs of the military capabilities of border only Russian armies — a gamble. From the outset.

But it was not a gamble. For the Germans knew that they allowed no matter what kind of stupidity. Allowed komplotom of the Red Army generals who will not obey orders of Moscow. Which will destroy the fighting ability of their own forces — for example, the service life of the tanks in liquidation stupid mnogosotkilometrovyh marches.

Small note.

Service life of the tank "Tiger" was only 60 km away. First use of the tank near Leningrad during the second half of 1942 was poor as most of the tanks just did not make it to the battlefield with a discharge station.

Russian tanks mechanized corps of the Southwestern Front in June and early July 1941 passed its course of 1200-1400 km. Orders did not leave time to inspect the tank and finding out the fact that the tank is braked due to untwist the nuts that have been put in place. But a few hours earlier to open the hatches to swarm in the prostate, look for …

But when the "thundering armor, glittering steel" buildings are gone, and it was the turn of infantry. It also severed from their supply bases, in marching columns brought to the road. Where she was captured by now the superior mobility and armament mechanized formations of the enemy.

But realizing this, our historians and analysts are missing primitives: recognition that the generals 2-fronts flagrantly violated the discipline — not complied with a direct indication of higher military control of the country — a directive number three. And the enemy, adventurous substitute the rear under a natural, very logical impact, the order for which has been published and is focused in front headquarters, — knew that this impact will be. I knew that the staffs of the fronts do not fulfill the order.

Treason 1941 (Part 2)

Not bestalantno, and not only perform well. Will select the 8th Mechanized Corps in good faith commander-26 General Kostenko, who from the interests entrusted to him under the command of the army is not allowed to take the Lions small mechanized corps and a massive blow for threatening his flank enemy troops. Then Lviv and wooded area with 2 large warehouse center in Lviv and Stryy, based on slozhnopreodolimye Carpathian Mountains to the south, on the border fortifications overhanging the way through the supply of Lublin and the Germans along the highway to Kiev — would be transformed into a second splinter scale 5th Army. Even in complete isolation. And even more substantial. In the Carpathians — not Ukrainian nationalists zapadenschiny — and friendly Ruthenian people. For the Carpathians — owned by Hungary, but historically associated with the territory of Slovakia. A Slovaks — not the Czechs. Slovakia — Slovak National Uprising in 1944. Slovakia — a request to join the Soviet Union in the 60s. This is Colonel Ludwig Svoboda, commander of the Czechoslovak Brigade, along with his sighting of the Red Army in the Carpathian passes 1944th. The Union of Slovak Germans, unlike the Romanians and Hungarians in the Russian countryside bad memory for themselves have left.

And that's not all. For reference, in the south of Lviv region — oil region. Romania provided the production of 7 million tons of oil a year. Lviv gave Hitler the 4 million tons. Any third one ton of oil, which employed motors Reich! Slap care of the Red Army from the Lviv region is not allowed to damage the infrastructure of much of the region. — Do not have time. Oil production has rapidly been established. For the sake of oil there is not even the Germans exterminated Jews, in whose hands was the management of oil fields.

Treason 1941 (Part 2)

Shorter. The candidacy of 1941 was a disaster. True. It was not only in itself for itself as a possibility, which realized a strong hindbrain descendants. It has been understood and expressed by certain instructions of what to do — in the form of Stalin's Directive number 3 on June 22, 1941. In the middle of the first day or the war was practically settled the issue of full and indisputable defeat the aggressor. "Small blood, a mighty blow." Either itself a little — depriving him of the ability to conduct long-term war.

And this is a unique opportunity has been killed staffs 2-major fronts — the Western and South-Western. In the staffs there were many people. But in each of them were three people without a signature of each of which neither the order of Staff had no legitimate power: Commander, Chief of Staff, member of the Military Council. On the south-western front was Purkayev chief of staff, and a member of the Military Council — Nikishev. At a time when Purkayev commanded the Kalinin Front appeared the problem of hunger in the armies of the front. Several 10-s starvation. Came to the commission, Purkaeva removed, it was found that the food lacked the front, but the problem was rassredotachivaniya. After removing Purkaeva, this problem has resolved. There is such an episode.

Directive number 3 — probe with which we are able to infiltrate the inside story of the disaster-1941. The principles of organization of the army did not allow implementing the Directive superior command. Even if you think you're better understand the situation. Even if you think the decision of their superiors stupid. It — the bosses. And, who knows, maybe a silly order is not inherently stupid. You sacrifice in the name of the plan, which is unknown to you. People have to die, doing pre-orders as unworkable for a thousand miles from their operation is realized, for the sake of success, and that in fact it makes sense to die in seeming silly distraction surgery. The war — cruel.

In the West and South-Western Fronts two fronts staff immediately canceled the meaning of Directive superior command, changed the purpose and direction of themselves counterattack. Contrary to military discipline. Contrary to the strategy, contrary to common sense. This all changed when the subordination of the troops. On the South-west front brought 8 microns from the jurisdiction of the 26th Army. On the Western Front brought 6 microns 10th Army of the submission of this most 10th Army. And by the way, is also driven on the roads of Belarus. The commander of the 7th Armored Division in this case in the next report will report that the body of the orders of the staff at the front throwing without a clear purpose from the direction of the direction. The enemy deserves action case against him — they never met. But 4 times overcame the Germans prepared for our area anti boundaries. As we see, the handwriting perfectly recognizable.

By the way, death is surrounded by 13th Army also curious. It is removed from the Minsk SD — in the area of Lida — Order of st
aff at the front. And arriving troops of the Second Strategic Echelon primitive does not have time to take a position in the Minsk Ur. The very 13th Army sent deep into the boiler coming from their positions of principle about the political and commercial center of the town of Minsk — the criteria that the threat from the north side already. The directive on the staff at the front output army under Lida directly refers to the provision of risk on the part of Vilnius. But the army is not output on the highway Vilnius-Minsk, and gone further to the west — to the place of supply of fortified bases between an old and a recent municipal boundaries. Nowhere. In the woods. The army killed for no reason at all. The following army with the same number — recreated on the basis of divisions 4th Army again.

And the protection of Minsk in the empty Newly fortified rush troops, who did not even have time to take a fortified area. Tanks Gotha very rapidly progressed through Vilnius from the north. Russian division in stride into battle. Neither of which engage with the forces of the fortified area, about any normal use of the assets of supplies in warehouses SD — speech could not be any.

Treason 1941 (Part 2)

Well, quite a small touch to the picture of the Red Army in komplota. In the middle of memoirs fighter caught the eye witness. Fighters arrived at the front near Polotsk. On the outskirts of a village in the morning they had breakfast. Lieutenant Bardin, who knew the men, lined them without guns (gun remained in the pyramids), and led to the village. There have been Germans. Bardin has suspended operation and said the soldiers that their war was over. That's it.

Treason 1941 (Part 2)Vlasov.

As outlined episodes traced the figure of General Vlasov, a position Mechanized Corps as the Germans broke through the outskirts of the city. Not really bothering.

And the last episode of the military biography Vlasov part of the Red Army — is the command of the 2nd Shock Army Volkhov front. It is clear that the army got into a difficult situation, died. A Vlasov gave up. But in practice, it is not clear that the army was lost due to the failure of the General Staff of the order Vlasov. The General Staff realized that the coming of the army bogged down, now she was in an unsafe position. Vlasov and ordered the army to take non-hazardous boundaries. The withdrawal was ordered to perform up to 15 May 1942. Vlasov referred to the bad state of the roads, the employment of these roads cavalry units. And he said to the date when he will be able to begin withdrawing the army — May 23. The German started coming on May 22. The army was trapped in a body.

If you do not carefully scrutinize the actions in the first days of the war near Lviv, one might consider this a fatal coincidence of events, and the Vlasov — a man who in 1942 was a coup outlook because of Stalin's mistakes made in the first year of the war. But the actions were near Lviv. Vlasov directly involved in them. Both ways, that the Germans could reach Sknyliv were almost at the edge of the forest, where there was a pending order of 31 armored division of its body. Other Corps troops were not too far away lands. They are specifically covered the direction that was the breakthrough mechanized enemy forces occupying eastern Vereshitsa Preserving the river.

You can definitely conclude that Vlasov and in 1941 was a principal member of the military komplota. In this case, following the fate of the Vlasov as the creator of the ROA — itself becomes evidence of collusion with the Germans who ran the staffs at least the last 2-fronts and separate armies of these fronts in 1941.

But to realize this can only be closely examined event-series of the original period of the war.

And certainly need to build for the "games with toy soldiers" — an important outcome of these games. Troops lead away from the areas of concentration of cyclopean real supplies in warehouses in both modern and an old municipal boundaries. The conspirators were deprived of reddish army means of warfare, accumulated over a couple of years of work of the defense industry.

Conversely, these means supplying the enemy. Gasoline, shells left to the Germans guns, bombs, food, spare parts for machinery, which bounced due to small breakdowns, drugs, explosives, wires, rails, railroad ties, tires for cars, fodder for horses. A fascinating detail. Preparing for war with the Soviet Union the Germans reduced the orders for the creation of ammunition. They knew exactly what reddish army in rather short time face a shortage of ammunition.

Vyazemskij boiler.

I am not ready to talk about each dilemma 1941. Not all feasibly. It's hard to talk about what happened near Kiev.

But managed to almost all fundamental to clarify and Viazemskii boiler.

For me, the most unusual was the fact of placing 10 divisions of the militia of Moscow (DNO) — strictly against the direction of the main impacts of the Germans in Operation "Typhoon". 5 Army Reserve personnel in the middle of the front. And on trivial areas of likely enemy coming — along the main highway — just in Division militias.

Treason 1941 (Part 2)

Militias tied for the most insecure areas. Well, just the logic: in the middle of the Deaf Smolensk-Vyazemskys forests have two highways. Minsk and Warsaw. Well, not on forests and swamps is coming their way Germans. — Along the roads. And on both roads met the first blow "Operation Typhoon" 10 divisions of the militia of the capital. Most of the divisions of the militia arrived at the front on September 20. Almost 10 days before the beginning of the German coming. And got sections of the front, hit the enemy on which more than possible.

Secured over the heads of all, anything could be missed soldier, five Army Reserve Front — lost as a result of the operation "Typhoon" — as they are and never have been.

Treason 1941 (Part 2)

A Moscow militia — do not disappear. The defeated eighth BOTTOM — drawn on October 16 at Borodino. Later this soldier Emmanuel BOTTOM Kozakiewicz is the creator of the infamous story "STAR" on which filmed the movie of the same name.

Three BOTTOM southbound breakthrough Germanic way or another operezhdayut Germans — and stop them in Naro-Fominsk under Tarutine under Bellevue.

The northern part is more difficult. Second BOTTOM by huge losses breaks the encirclement of the Reserve Front, under the village Bogoroditskoe. And was surprised to discover that the army did not want to
go out of the front of a ready-made environment, pierced tyschami give a life passage. Bloodless second bottom in December 1941, has been disbanded.

Another metropolitan bottom after a long retreat, after the release of environments — took up defensive positions on the highway between divisions Pyatnitskoye Panfilov and Beloborodova. She became the 11th Guards Division. Panfilov Division became the 8th Guards. Metropolitan Division militia thrown into battle without training — became the 11th Guards.

Treason 1941 (Part 2)

A 5 — no divisions, but the Army Reserve fronts, especially in military terms themselves are not shown, and for all that the Germans have provided hundreds of thousands of prisoners. How can this be?

There is a memoir Division Commander 2nd Division militia that in the first day of German Advent he received an order from the command of the army, which he submitted on the retreat. Right behind it came to him the liaison officers of the 19th Army, General Lukin — and gave orders not to retreat but to take such a limit defense — and to pass through the position of the division of the army. The phenomenon of the situation is that the Divisional fulfilled this particular order. — Order of the alien commander. Why?

And broke through the corridor of the division Viazemsky boiler is also under orders Lukin. But the surrender of the army in captivity after the injury occurred Lukin.

About 19 army very clear that almost before passing it under the command of Commander Lukin last Konev was very long list of officers of the army staff, whom he suspected of treachery. And there are memories medic who watched Lukin has built about 300 staff officers of the army and volunteered to command with 3 companies of the breakout. Volunteers were not. Company commanders were appointed Lukin. The task of a breakthrough, they still can not cope.

It seems that the terrible truth came to light pieces of the original period of the war. The vastness of the officer komplota was so significant, that conscientious officers and generals constantly had to take it into account. And, it seems, use the methods of recognition of "their".

But that is another question. Principle. And it is very topical to the current Russia.


The main thing is that komplot, which is important episodes and writing the implementation of which we identified — was. Information that have allowed him to calculate — surfaced. And they managed to envelop the eye. To identify what was happening in the chaos of conflict and patterns.

On the brink of collapse Soviet countries do not put the power of German divisions, not lack of professionalism of our soldiers and officers in 1941, namely treason, painstakingly prepared, obmyslennaya, planned. Betrayal, which was taken into account in the formulation of the Germans quite adventurous if they judged impartially, plans coming.

Lofty Russian war was not a hassle Russian with Russian Germans or even the Europeans. The enemy helped the Russian officers and generals. It was not a clash of imperialism and socialism. Helped the enemy generals and officers who raised up Russian power. It was not a clash of professionalism and stupidity. Helped the officers and generals, is considered the best that the results of their service in time of peace — were built into the elite of the Red Army. Conversely, where the officers and generals of the Red Army did not betray — German military genius is his weakness. 5th Army South-west front — a vivid example of this. And later was Tula, Voronezh, Stalingrad. Stalingrad of the stories hard to wash off. Was the hero-city of Tula, which was hit by the Tula factory workers in the labor regiment and Tula same militarized security factories — in the regiment of the NKVD. In 2010, the parade in Tula is not provided. Do not love Tula.

And Voronezh is also not love. Although Voronezh defensive phase — was the second Stalingrad.

After opening the difficulty izmeny1941, the issue of who was at war with anyone, it becomes even more relevant than it is to this day. And it's a question — internal. Who's who waged war in our own country? Waged war so that the craters of the war is not caught up to the present. A spiritual wounds — to irritate not only the veterans, and their grandchildren? — In contrast to the more brutal way by the events at the front — the first world, which for of — "forgotten". Lofty Russian was terrible, but meaningful

Have to deal with this. So that was the "end of history", which soon became very often mentioned.

It is necessary to understand that the person had a future.

A final note.

The proposed article takes into account the current state of minds. I did not make her scientific-sounding — with references and citation. And today's reader turns away, and for all that all you can find on the Web. Everything is now just on the keyword. Just in case (substitution in the texts — and from this we are not immune) recently tried to provide an article quoting the texts themselves and operational reports, military orders, quotations memories — in a separate annex.

But while hurry — specifically lay out those judgments that are laid out — and move to a more fundamental task. A lot of them today. Very many.

And they also need to deal with urgently — that the "end of history" did not come.

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