Treason, which were not

Treason, which were notIn the web on several websites S.G.Pokrovskogo material placed under the title "Betrayal 1941", and 4, 11 and 18 August the newspaper "Red Star" published an article entitled "Mysteries of 1941", which is a condensed version of the material, placement the Web.

In reality, no mystery at that time does not exist. Just creator in pursuit of sensation by the distortion of facts and events initial period majestically Russian war have desired to create a sensation, and wrote about the change of command of the Western and South-Western Fronts, and some commanders of the armies of these fronts in 1941, considering the incident in which they were the main reasons the defeat of our troops in the initial period of the war.

The creator of the material believes that some commanders specifically, early withdrawal of troops from areas where there are big stores were guns, fuel, ammunition, food, necessary for the conduct of hostilities, and that they provide the invading German forces. But, as you know, the main reasons for the defeat of the Red Army in 1941 was untimely embattled forces in the border military districts lacking training and morally feeble-fighting properties of personnel, bad command and control. Such forces could not stop the coming of the Germanic groups and had to retreat.

But in support of his own fictional version of the creator does not result in any documents. None of the material and links to sources of information gleaned. Actions war cringe. Operational reasoning is simple, inaccurate and offensive to all those who fought the war, died in the war, was also convicted and rehabilitated after the war. Imaginary are also allegations and that our armies in the areas of major shocks Germans (8th and 11th Army of the North-Western Front, the 4th Army of the Western Front and the 5th Army of the South-Western Front) were crushed and for a long time successfully waged war unlike other armies. He writes that the 11th Army of the North-Western Front and its 11th Mechanized Corps, the weakest in composition, armed with T-26 tanks, stormed the enemy and knocked him abroad.

But in-1's, the 11th Mechanized Corps came in the 3rd Army on the Western Front, and not part of the 11th Army of the North-Western Front. He had in its composition 241 tank, including T-34 tanks. While the German army did not have similar tanks. Abroad, the 11th Army and the 11th Mechanized Corps of the Germans do not get out. By the finale of the first day or the war the 11th Army was cut into pieces and its compounds hastily retreated to Kaunas and Vilnius. Command following an order to strike and mastering to the final on June 24 Suwalki region, the commanders of the Western and North-Western fronts lured small forces: the 48th Infantry and the 12th Mechanized Corps. The initial position was able to take only 28 Panzer division. Other divisions corps entered the fray disparate groups and were languishing fights.

41st Mechanized Corps Germans, reflecting the impact, surrounded the 12th Mechanized Corps, developing coming, the move took Daugavpils, crossed the Niemen and made a bridgehead for coming to Leningrad. Front's forces suffered heavy losses. Thus, the remnants of the defeated 5th Panzer Division, 3rd Mechanized Corps of the 11th Army had only three tanks, 12 armored vehicles and 40 cars. This division was in the band adjacent the Western Front.

Invented by the creator and successful offensive actions of the 4th Army of the Western Front. In reality, part of the 3 divisions, located in Brest fortress, could not even get out of it. Mozyrskogo fortified Division of the 4th Army a month is not kept, and their remains were transferred to the 3rd Army. 4th army with the war waged battles languid. As Army Chief of Staff wrote sandals, from 22 to 26 June, 5 days of the war, the compounds of the army were rejected by 300 km. In July, the remnants of army units were brought to the area Novozibkov and are subject to the 21 th Army. The commander of the 4th Army Maj. Gen. Korobkov July 8 was removed from office and the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court, was sentenced to death for fearfulness, destruction and unauthorized abandonment of management positions. In November 1957, posthumously rehabilitated.

Look ridiculous assertion creator that 5th army South-Western Front struck 150 blows, reflected the coming of the 11 German divisions, with 300 km of the front of 2400 people. Archival documents such acts are not supported by the army. As can be seen, the approval of the Intercession on the fact that the army fronts were on areas of major strikes Nazi army groups were not destroyed and successfully waged war does not correspond to reality.

As to the 12th Army of the South-Western Front, and here the creator of the facts and reality also in trouble. Thus, the claim that the army air strike on June 25 targets in Budapest, Hungary provoked the entry into the war is far from the truth. The Hungarian government has for a long time before the war, has signed an agreement with Nazi Germany on military cooperation, and its troops were incorporated into the German Army Group "South". Does not hold, and a provision stating that the 12th army waged war first war. Yes, from time to time, the Army was an early departure, but can not agree with the fact that the army commander Ponedelin specially brought her in Uman cauldron and surrendered. While in German captivity, he has torn the Vlasov offer of cooperation and spat in his face.

Pokrovsky falsely blames many of the commanders of first-degree failure to Moscow's directives, namely Directive Command, given away at 21.10 June 22, 1941. It staged puzzles North-Western, Western and South-Western Application of massive strikes and mastering district of Suwalki and Lublin to the finals on June 24. To do it, the North-The Western Front singled and mechanized infantry corps, and West front — Mechanized corps and cavalry division. Some Mechanized Corps of the Southwestern Front were at a distance of 300-400 km from Lublin, for the nomination and focus they needed 3-4 days.

Erroneously, that the troops of the 3rd Army of the Western Front is 20 km from Suwalki and had the opportunity to fire long-range artillery (which it was not) this region.

Implementation of the directive has been labeled a mystic, and this complicates the situation and the company reflect the coming of the enemy.

As for a counterattack South-Western Front at the end of June 1941 in Brody, Lutsk, Rivne, the creator believes his own fighting in the rear. Four mechanized corps was required to make a substantial distance marches. Only the 8th Mechanized Corps Ryabysheva managed to get out in time armored units on the initial yield, mechanized infantry behind. Corps stormed the enemy at different times of success and did not have. Only the 8th Mechanized Corps moved to 30-35 km and broke into Brody, creating a severe risk of advancing German troops. Creator asks — whether waged war Mechanized Corps? Yes, they fought the war, but the war waged bad. The commanders of the fronts and armies used them awkwardly, put them mystical puzzles, change them often. In the end, they made unneeded long marches up to 400-500 km, leaving the road to one half of the available tanks. With all of this not only as a result of enemy air attacks, and because of the bad driver training tanks and commanders, delayed providing fuel and repair warped machines.

Passage of the Vlasov associated with the passivity of the figh
ting 4th Mechanized Corps in the area of the city, and his treason in 1942, provides no basis to link these two things and think that he was a member of the majestic komplota with the Germans in 1941. Reasoning creator of the defeat of Vyazma, "Vyazemskoye pot", which was a prerequisite for his Tipo placement in the first echelon of the front near Viaz'ma 9 militia divisions, simple and sustainable. One of the main causes of the defeat of the Western and Reserve fronts that rate and the command of these fronts have concentrated the main forces in the area Viaz'ma, the German Army Group "Center" dealt a major blow to the north and south Viaz'ma surrounded the main body of 2-fronts. With all the spare front was placed unsuccessfully — to his two armies were placed in the first tier, and four Army in the 2nd tier at the front and 400 km from behind the Western Front. Without the vehicle, they could not move out on time to land a breakthrough.

The creator writes: "In the face of the collapse of the Soviet country do not put the power of German divisions, not lack of professionalism of our soldiers and officers in 1941, namely treason, painstakingly prepared, obmyslennaya, planned. Betrayal, which was considered by the Germans … The enemy helped the Russian officers and generals … "Such a position to complex prepyadstviya is profoundly misleading Pokrovsky and obvious innuendo, defamatory reddish army.

Hunt to note the unusual position with regard to the material Intercession of the newspaper "Red Star", on pages where a 3-August issue of the shortened version of the material placed "Mysteries of 1941." No one takes away the right of newspapers to publish similar materials. But taking into account the event that the newspaper "Red Star" is a body of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, it was possible to wait for a clear and reasonable position for similar articles.

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