Triumphed over death

Death wishes are sent to the creative direction — are put in front of an incredible task. After all, you now have nothing to lose, you're ready for the most terrible, so let it come at the worst moment, when you do the impossible. Superior and prevailed, and demonstrating to mankind that "there is no why not possible."

Fearful of death

Fearful of death, trying to wrap their lives comfortable and protect them from all kinds of shocks and crashes. Fearful of death is already dead, he murdered his own fear. His fear shackled and enveloped him, knocking him in all human and great.

Triumphed over death

Anyone who is not afraid of death, the one who is ready to meet with her, and to some extent even wants it, is able to break free, and breaks away from the shackles of fear. And not having any of things that can keep him in the world, able to act selflessly, fearlessly and resolutely. Seek death realized perishable nature of all that we can see, hear and touch. And now — these displays are no longer able to capture it, and the more so, can not hold his will. Conquered death, is not subject to the wishes and aspirations of the blank. After gaining an understanding of what is going on around him, he saw no reason to continue to play this game. And the only thing he can do it or get out of the game, or act, but guided by motives not familiar to the common man.

Motives conquered death

The motives of the victorious death unselfish, he knows that no one and nothing can not own this reality. We only use the things around us, and at the exit of the "game", we will keep them here. So what's the point in that, to spend their lives on the pack and violence on themselves, wanting to possess, conquer and assign. Conquer death only interested in material things only as a practical necessity. The main motive — this action. Motive to action appears by itself, it tells where his efforts are needed, and what to do. Won death do and say only that can help other people to triumph over his death. Only this motive, keeps him in this reality. He opened the door and now wants to help open the door for other people.

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