Turkish TV: Russian intelligence uses the jinn


On the Turkish TV channel TRT started a program about the role of supernatural forces in intelligence activities, reports. The participants — journalists Mehmet Seker and Ozkaya Omar — claimed that foreign intelligence agencies are using the jinn in their work. According to them, the most actively in this direction acts Russian intelligence.

According to participants, the jinn help in obtaining a variety of information. In particular — "to collect sensitive information from submarines."

By means of supernatural forces, according Seker and Ozkaya, resort and the American CIA and the Israeli "Mossad".

During the program, Ozkaya also spoke about the history, the happened with the assistant of the eighth Turkish President Turgut Ozal. One day with him through the mediation of the U.S. embassy staff member met NASA, who asked him to find a "master of the occult." American, according to Omar Ozkaya, you had to know "whether you can use to troubleshoot the jinn in satellites."

In the Arab and Islamic mythology djinns — beings created from fire. They appeared in the world before the people and their capabilities are far superior human. It is believed that the jinn can instantly move in the space, to enter into other dimensions, know the future, and even affect the probability of certain events.

Specialists were considered the kings of the jinn submission Dawood and Sulaiman (the latter made many of the jinn in containers, sealed with its seal). To date, there are dozens of different benefits that describe how to subdue the spirits and made to serve themselves. However, in some countries, such activities are officially banned. In the past year, the recall scandal occult soil occurred in Iran, where the accused of witchcraft and called jinn were detained supporters of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

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