TV air: The Soul is glad that we have such people

"Even after a television appearances of candidates. Who is your most memorable and why?" This question is answered by residents of Gomel.

Mrs."Very memorable performance Neklyaeva. It was so emotional, so beautiful! And he actually told the truth, no matter where you look — all the new ice rink. We do not look further. We do not see that pensioners sit for five hours in the queue clinic. Students sit for four hours to take that unfortunate certifying that they are sick. Sitting sick with fever. We do not need new ice rinks, we need new clinic. modernization of plants we need, we need to ensure that our products come out to the world level. "

Mr."I remember what everyone said we debt 25 billion — that's what interests me. And where we gained so much, and who will give them? Here's what interests me."

Mrs."I remember the iPad for presentations and Nekljaev. They — bright, charismatic politicians. Gen. generally openly said that the election was stolen from us. And that power them back if you want to leave on this area. Kastusyou more memorable, but in a negative way. He is part of the Democratic candidates called pro-Russian. "

Mr."Nekljaev acted very cool — emotionally beautiful. Graduated beautiful verse. Served Statkevich. Done! Soul rejoices that we have people like that."

Mrs."Honestly — did not see. Came late from work."

Mr."Yaroslav Romanchuk remembered, and Vitaly Rymashevski. Their programs are, in my opinion, have no prospects."

Mrs."I Sannikov liking. A very intelligent man, diplomats was. Program like it — promises that our Belarus to join the European Union. And will establish relations with Russia."

Mr."We also stopped at Sannikov. Good program entry into the European Union."

Mr."Very memorable Yaroslav Romanchuk. Extremely competent speech. Any superfluous promises. Economic program — a million jobs. Everything seems to be in order. Himself belongs to the party, which also educated people. Good team, I think he . "

Mr."I remember Sannikov, Nekljaev and iPad for. Statkevich and Nekljaev — outstanding leaders who are now the country needs. Sannikov And — yes, he said, are smart, right thing, but somehow sleepy. Sleepy under such a statement."

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