Two candidates economists: who wins?

The Company's November 2 presidential candidates Viktor Tereshchenko and Yaroslav Romanchuk second time made by the Belarusian TV. What was interesting about these appearances, which candidates do not say with what was expected of them, and if they managed to convey their thoughts to the voters? Speeches Victor Tereshchenko and analyze political analyst Yaroslav Romanchuk Alexander Klaskouski and the journalist of "Radio Liberty" Oleg Hruzdzilovich.

Alexander Klaskouski"Mr. Tereshchenko again saddled his favorite skate, he said that he would make a strong ruble, with his portrait, and he stressed that the ruble will be equated to the dollar. But he did it again with the charts that were hard to see, and I have the impression that a mass audience could no longer understand what's, says youth chip is. "

Oleg Hruzdzilovich"But I will note that he said it with the expectation of a certain audience, especially retired people who have previously had accumulated some money. And with good reason at the end of a candidate gave them a promise to refund the deposits. Seemed to me that pensioners performance Tereshchenko liked even though they are little understood it. "

Alexander Klaskouski"By the way, as for some political points in the end of the performance, they sounded pretty serious. Possible, so he rejected some suspicion that this is a sparring partner of the head of the official."

Oleg Hruzdzilovich"What is not said? Here I am reminded of the state of the program, which he had shown, they say, in their development, he took part, but I have not received an answer to the question of why these programs have not been implemented, or they were not going to implement or Mr. Tereshchenko why he does not know, or did not want to criticize the government here. As a result, the impression was that this is a scientist who can tell a good, but not a person who can make political decisions and ensure their enforcement. "

Alexander Klaskouski"In fact, we have already started to discuss the form of submission of theses and election here in a nutshell, Tereshtchenko looks buttoned all. The bottom line is the impression: Well, another lecture."

Oleg Hruzdzilovich"I see before me hero advertising 90s Lenya Golubkov that against the background graphics that when his wife will buy new boots, agitating people to invest money in a pyramid Mavrodi. Yet, I note that said, the important thing is not to early voting and called people to the area after the election. But, of course, is his right and position.

Thank you, Alexander. Now the same analysis performance Yaroslav Romanchuk. That said, what is said and how informed voters to their program?

Alexander Klaskouski"Yaroslav Romanchuk again Piar its program" A million new jobs, "but once I stress that talking about it with new words, not duplicate previous performances, as some candidates. In fact, he promoted economic reform, but you know, at the same time, he tried hard to calm zakalyhats citizen. And maybe even gone too far in the sense that it has already started to talk some Lukashenka's theses. For example, I remember the main thing for Belarus this order, stability and the rule of law. As the saying goes, find 10 differences. There is lost time position, for then candidate is perceived as an alternative to Lukashenko. "

Oleg Hruzdzilovich"However, in his defense, I note that some of the theses of the program been mentioned favorably remembered. Example," instead of vertical horizontal "," open country "," hostel for young people for 30 dollars "- that I remember. And in that moment, when he spoke about the care of women, he probably created the image of his son, who takes care of the mother, and this image won the idea of it only as an economist. piercing was very moment. However, after a few minutes Romanchuk returned to the economy, spoke in his usual manner, which is not always the best for him. What was said Yaroslav Romanchuk? "

Alexander Klaskouski"He vaguely said about the need to change the political system. Perhaps not to frighten the public. However, in another case, his good wishes and plans hang in the air. After all, few write good laws, not only to reduce the officials. Saying" and "it is necessary to speak and "b". "

Oleg Hruzdzilovich"But I'm not heard, where to get money for the reforms that Yaroslav Romanchuk offers? And with the same current officials what to do, and that is too much and who knowingly support the current regime. For example, we need a law on lustration? Agree that the political part of the performance Yaroslav Romanchuk for clarity and zrazumelastsi significantly inferior to the economic, although I note that he warned the people about the fraud during the advance polls and boldly called to the area on December 19.

Romanchuk was able to convince their voters? "

Alexander Klaskouski"If you compare his performance with the performance of Victor Tereshchenko, and it actually came together two economists, the Romanchuk in this correspondence competition beat Tereshchenko, as they say, is clean. Romanchuk also explained some things economic, but he explained it on your toes, so to speak . He showed two iPhones, a real and counterfeit, and spent an interesting parallel, he showed foreign insulin, a real and effective, and domestic, that is hard work, but it imposed because, they say, should pursue a policy of import substitution. And these things are all complex explained to the people. "

Oleg Hruzdzilovich"Basically agree, the only remark. Was mistakenly selected a great plan for snapshots and lost gestures Yaroslav Romanchuk, very expressive, which he successfully completes his words. Namely, through gestures, not just words, people judge whether or not to trust person. Again: Romanchuk in the speech lacked smiles. second part of the presentation, he had a very tough. pace was good, but I had to smile. "

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