Typhoon Sunbeam podtopil about 10 streets in Vladivostok

Tropical typhoon "Sunbeam" for last night brought down on Beijing over a third of the monthly rainfall and podtopil dozen streets, according to the city administration.

Powerful typhoon "Sunbeam" was formed on September 10 off the coast of the Philippines. Typhoon became the 16th of the season in the northwest Pacific Ocean. According to the center of tracking and forecasting of typhoons in Tokyo, the maximum wind speed at the center of "Sunbeam" was 50 meters per second, with gusts up to 70 meters per second. "Sunbeam" is on the verge of becoming a supertyphoon — in this class typhoons pass when the maximum wind speed in which more than 50 meters per second. According to meteorologist RF, "Sunbeam" roughly follows the path of supertyphoon "Bolaven."

"During the night bank up the soil and water logging in the stadium" Builder "in the streets of Magnitogorsk, Russian, Sports, Tolstoy, Kalinin (near the shopping center" Green Island "), Border (near the stadium" Dynamo "), an impasse, Shevchenko Avenue "Red Flag", Square Meadow, near the factory "Dawn." Now it is working on pumping out the water, "- said the administration of Vladivostok.

Specifies that, in spite of the bad weather, schools and kindergartens are operating normally. Meanwhile, parents at their discretion on Tuesday may not send their children to school or daycare.

According EMERCOM in Primorsky Krai, downpours caused by typhoon podtopili 25 country sites in the Vladivostok city district.

"As of 9:00 am local time (2.00 MSK) in the region the situation is stable, emergency happened. All the rivers in the banks. Flooding of settlements there. Bogatinskogo in the area of the reservoir (Vladivostok city district) revealed minor flooding of 25 suburban areas," — says in the message.

It is also noted that due to a malfunction in Vladivostok storm water flooding was lower sections of local roads. Mobile groups of firefighters and rescue services to the community in problem roads. Total for the city of Vladivostok on the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry employs more than 70 personnel and 20 vehicles.

"In order to prevent emergencies in all municipalities on September 17 organized units duty firefighters and rescuers. Results from the Russian Emergencies Ministry involved 550 people and 158 pieces of equipment," — said in a statement.

According to forecasts, in the afternoon on September 18 across the province expected to be very heavy rain with rainfall up to 70 mm in some areas, up to 130 mm in 12 hours or less with wind of 13 to 18 meters per second, on the coast of gusts of 23 to 28 meters in the second. Night of 19 September in the region will remain moderate showers with rainfall of 14 mm, locally up to 45 mm strong 12 hours or less.

"In the October, Ussuri, Nadezhda, Michael, Chuguyivske, Spassky areas is a threat of flooding of the villages located in the lower parts of the area" — said in a statement.

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