U.S. will return to Peru thousands of artifacts taken from the country 100 years ago

Machu Picchu

Leaders at Yale University in the U.S. has promised to return to Peru thousands of artifacts taken out about 100 years ago from the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu.

Lasted about seven years, the dispute between the U.S. and Peru's Inca relics dating from the XV century.

According to the Peruvian government, these artifacts were taken in 1911, but has not been returned. As a result, in 2008, the Peruvian government has filed a lawsuit against Yale University. Later, the President of Peru, Alan Garcia, the government conducted a series of actions demanding the return of the certificate of the Inca civilization, and even appealed to U.S. President Barack Obama to intervene.

The ancient city of Machu Picchu was discovered in 1911 by explorer Hiram Bingham of Yale University. Soon after, as Peruvian authorities say, the university had received about 46,000 artifacts, including several mummies and objects of gold and bronze.

However, representatives of the school talking about a much smaller number and state that is suitable for display only 330 items. The university insists that returned several boxes of antiquities about 80 years ago.

However, despite the discrepancies, the agreement on the return of yet been reached. It is expected that this process will take place in 2011, marking the centenary of the discovery of the Machu Picchu.

Recall that in early July, the Indian authorities have asked the British government to return the famous Kohinoor diamond. Which has been found in India even in 56 BC, and the first cut his weight exceeded 600 carats. Now stone adorns the crown of British Queen Elizabeth II. However, British Prime Minister David Cameron has refused to return the country famous diamond.

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