United States — the bloodiest terrorist in the world, — said Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

White House accused of response. At the same time, Tehran has made it quite clearly and perfectly, even after the initial allegations of Washington in his address. So the United States are "the biggest terrorist in the world."

Said on Wednesday during a meeting with Iranian student leader and spiritual leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. According to him, Iran has "hundreds of documents that irrefutable evidence of the terrorist nature of the U.S. and its involvement in the terrorist attacks in the Islamic Republic, and in the region of the Middle East."

"The tradition of these documents publicly throw off the mask of America defender of human rights and fighting terrorism," — said the Iranian leader. The announcement came shortly after the United States accused Iran of involvement in the conspiracy, the purpose of which was to kill the Saudi ambassador in Washington.

Who first shouted "Stop thief"?

As you know, the Western media have announced September 11, 2001 a new era in world history. But nothing that was not known stories in a much larger scale, the day did not happen according to the number of victims of September 11 did not reach the level of many other attacks. "For example, the bombing of Sudan Clinton, for no apparent reason, destroyed half the pharmaceutical factories and may have taken the lives of tens of thousands of people (no one really knows, because the U.S. blocked access to this information to the UN)," reminds us of a prominent public figure in present — Noam Chomsky.

The only thing that was new that day — the first time since 1812 (Kvinstonskaya battle) the continental United States has undergone a threatening attack. America is only since the Second World War, bombed or made indirect genocide of civilians in more than 50 countries. The conscience of the American government over 5 million casualties only civilians.

Should note one important point. Terrorism in the Western media called only actions against Western countries. In international news agencies the U.S. military campaign never called terrorism, although the definition of "terrorism" are classically satisfy: "Terrorism — unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or put pressure on the government, the civilian population, or any segment in achieving political or social goals. " However, these words have not used in reference to U.S. foreign policy.

American linguist V. Lyuts recalls how, in 1984 the U.S. Department of the Interior announced that the word "murder" will no longer be used in annual reports. It will be replaced by "Prohibited or lawful deprivation of life." Thus was created the "double speech» (double speak).

U.S., according to the media does not "kill", but "to service the goal," not "bombard" but "provide air support", not "destroy" the peace of the city, but the "lights are lit in the sky." Ignite with your bombs. At the same time, the enemies of the United States committed "heinous acts of barbaric terrorism" "heinous, despicable acts of terror."

Who will be the next target of American State Terrorism?

Exact figures, no doubt, very difficult to establish, since even such basic research as V.Erlihman "Loss of population in the twentieth century" (Wiley, 2004), often based on data from the press. There are also cases where official information is unlikely — for example, in 1990, Cambodia has stated on more than 3 million victims of the terror, however, demographic data, population loss was not more than 2 million.

And the U.S. is fighting? Won a White House Islamic terrorism?

Ten years have passed since the American tragedy in the first place, associated with the twin towers of the World Trade Center (WTC), located in Manhattan.

10 years — a kind of summing up the milestone occurred during this period. And often I am asked: Did the United States in 10 years to defeat terrorism? Definitely not. The reason?

Assuming the availability of adequate resources and enough time, we can say that there is only one reason — lack of desire. And to put it more precisely, in the USA for the fight against terrorism is not intended. Why? Why exclude arsenal repeatedly proven tool of the terrorist threat, which lets you control people's minds, so that you can "push through" any solution?

Version that terrorism was a tool to manipulate consciousness and September 11, 2001, and not "Al-Qaeda" led by bin Laden, unfortunately, too much evidence.

Yes, we can say that in order not to stir up public opinion in the country over the years Americans were not allowed "genie" of terrorism from the bottle. But the feeling of being able to "uncork stopper" of terrorism in order to solve some short-term political or economic interests (for financial or military-industrial complex) within American society that actually exists, I have personally saved.

In addition, we must recognize that in the last decade of terrorism in the country calm U.S. more than offset by terrorist storms in different parts of the world.

Speaking directly of September 11 of 2001, one can not forget that this screen was used for the invasion of Afghanistan and the invasion of Iraq.

Even today, though nominally as detonators "fight against extremism and terrorism" were the European powers, such as France, in the case of Libya, the Middle East or puppet regimes overseas disguise ears puppeteers terrorism special meaning, it seems, did not give. Therefore, they have been seen quite clearly.

Against this background, the announcement of the victory over bin Laden to distract world public opinion on a number of accumulated objective economic and political problems, in my opinion, has not met the expectations of the writers of this operation.

So that the tension remains. And while terrorism will bring benefits of its customers, we have to deal with it.


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