Unknown Ilya Muromets

Ilya Muromets — a fighter with the Christian plague. Konstantin Vasilyev

This painting by Konstantin Vasilyev not find his albums released Doronin, can not be found in the online collections. It does not appear on the walls of Kazan museum artist, as there was on the walls of the Moscow Museum of the deceased. Only black and white drawing pictures, reprinted from the book Emelyanov "Desionizatsiya", made not by Emelyanov, not melee Belov, wandering forlornly from the edition to edition.
From the "Brawl Ilya Muromets with Prince Vladimir":

And it takes something like a taut bow razryvchatoy,
And he takes a red-hot arrows,
Ilya he went to Kiev, but hail,
And he became the city of Kiev pace
And the Mother of God Church pogulivat,
At churches, it crosses all ye yes povylomal,
Domes he Zoloche all povystrelyal …

Recorded Slavophile Kireevsky. A "holy" Ilya became only the 17th century.

Journal wends number 20, Pp. 17

Very large Christian Ilya Muromets was.

Slice Froyanova:
So, according to the ideas of people of ancient Russia, the gods in the external and internal wars provided active assistance and support to its followers. Therefore, the warring parties to stop active gods of the enemy camp, tried to destroy the altars and shrines of the enemy, in the cases described above — churches and monasteries. The fact that these customs are not books, and coming from the depths of the national consciousness, can be judged on the Russian heroic epic.
In the epics of the collision of Ilya Muromets with Prince Vladimir also has the characteristic scene. Ilya angry great archers, and knocked gold cross on the church, knocks cupolas, bell pulls languages and thus obtained wealth happy feast goley tavern. The very same feast carries the danger to Vladimir, because it reveals the intention to shift Ilya prince. It is noteworthy in this regard that, shooting at churches and princely chambers, Elijah not only produces gold with a view to placing the banquet, but also breaks down the parts of the religious buildings and princely houses, the destruction of which magical means the death of a temple or church building.

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