Until God is easier to hit than to Lukashenko

Man: "Rather, it is a waste of money. What he would give it a meeting? In my opinion, it will do nothing."

Man: "In connection with the elections, to show that I am good, vote for me. After all, he loves to perform. I looked at the pre-election speeches, Lukashenko did not show up, refused, and the news twist and twist it. After all, this is also campaigning turns. "

Man: "Of course, the electoral program, he wants to explain to the public. Public that may not even chosen people, but is supposedly the people."

Man: "It will act Lukashenko, then the representatives of the regions, they will express that … Here's my problem: as a foreign citizen, a former officer, I can not get on your way home — here. Passed here by the fire pit and water — from cadets to major, and now I run, I am suffering, I collect information and I can not really understand anything. Again, pay the money, not knowing — for what? Already hundreds of thousands paid. Lukashenko to me as God, there it is easier to hit than to Lukashenko " .

Young man"The term had finished, just bring results — what has been done in that time."

Man: "Once done, it means that it is necessary. Everything that hold our government, our president, all of this, I believe, must be so, it must be so."

"I'm Away from it all, do not want to remember. I have been in this organization, so I do not want …"

Woman: "Well, for what? For Lukashenka there to vote or even for someone — so that the meeting is held. Probably to him. And the other contenders? Although I do not understand politics, but everything is clear."

Woman: "And so it is clear what they collect? Who and what and who is who votes. Why collect? When I want it, let them collect."

Man: "In vain it is, the work to the public before the election, and all. I've never voted for him and totally against all these conventions — is my opinion."

Pensioner: "With these people, I agree that all of this — to anything!"

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