Veda — The Word of Wisdom Prophetic Oleg

The publication of the Krasnodar Slavic Orthodox community "Age of Ra"
Krasnodar, Summer 7510 from S.M.Z.H.

1. That is born, dies and then.
2. Wounds characters heal faster than wounds losers.
3. Magi — healers, casters, vedmachat, kudesnichayut, akudnichayut, charm, portend.
4. Meat prevents Wizardry from him zvereyut.
5. Magus is able to hide the pain and disappointment.
6. Any magician seizes destruction before creation.
7. Behold the relationship of words, be able to retrieve the magic only takes one to the other.
8. Our everyday life can be for some of the worlds creatures — hell, and for beings of other worlds — a paradise.

9. If there was something here, somewhere, has disappeared.
10. A fault confessed is half redressed, but whipped else.
11. In this world it is difficult to find another, even more difficult to lose the enemy.
12. Friends are often false, but the enemies are always real.
13. If a soldier need to win only enemies, the magician have to win two at once: yourself and the enemy.
14. Unworthy magician fight like a wild beast, he must use the knowledge volhovaniya.
15. Better safe than sorry any of your and other people do not touch.
16. Stars show the way for the weak and the strong themselves driven by them.
17. A real man should be changed, only fools do not change.
18. Insiders clearly hear the voices of the gods.
19. In every man there is a drop of blood Rod Almighty God.
20. You people — younger Gods who live an instant.
21. A slave wants to eat to satiety but to drag a woman into bed, he can free himself only if the start dreaming about something else other than slavish pleasures.
22. Everything is a poison, and there is a cure all. One way or another it makes dose.
23. The most powerful gods are people that have gained power.
24. Magi prefer spring water instead of wine.
25. The hardest thing — take over.
26. To spell of work, must be very accurately and vividly imagine in your mind what you want.
27. For spells need a clear mind, a cool head, concentration. If even a little anger mixed into, any spell down the drain.

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