Vedic symbols on temples Russia

Vladimir city — the capital of Vladimir-Suzdal. Dmitrov Cathedral end of XII — early XIII century.
One of the most unique temples of ancient Russia.

It is a stone carving found peacefully stories of Christian and Vedic cultures, confirming the dual belief that time. On the cross, amazing detail — Duckling. It is mentioned in the Book of Veles — is the world duck that keeps Earth with Dazhbog. Also on the walls of the famous cathedral there are images of Slavic Gods Dazhdbog, Veles and Slavic mythical bird Gamayun. This cathedral is famous for its white-Velma thread — its walls decorated with 600 reliefs depicting saints, mythical and real animals from Slavic mythology.

It is worth to highlight the image Dazhdbog — Sun God (Vedic God — Surya) Slavic Russia. This "Ascension Dazhdbog" stone bas Dmitrovsky cathedral in Vladimir. The story itself is derived from the Slavic female architect Priestly-princely headdress "Ascension (climbing) Dazhdbog." This is the central panel of the priestly golden headdress princess. Dnieper, the river Ros XII century. While in Russia for more than a century there were Christians, Princess, wife of Lords continued to wear the priestly garments and perform ancient Slavic rites. It was an ancient Slavic Vedic tradition, which kept on vedanie Dazhdbog — Slavic Sun God and of His incarnation (avatar). Princes and princesses, some architects and painters, as well as most of the people professed Vedic orthodoxy. According to studies of Academician BA Rybakov, according to the beliefs of the majority of Russian people of the Middle Ages, including the most educated, Christ is the embodiment of Dazhdbog, not the Jewish Messiah (BA Rybakov "Paganism Old Russia", Moscow, "Nauka", 1988).

Some researchers believe that myself Dmitrov Cathedral — is a converted church Slavic Native Faith-Vedaniya …

"Sunrise, Dazhdbog — ore light —
Sun Yarga-Yar dawn
Over water, over me, over the land.
Glory Dazhdbog alive You! "

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