Verdict idealist. General Krasnov watch online

Verdict idealist.  General Krasnov watch online
Peter Krasnov — chieftain Troops Don, Crown Cossack, Gen., a writer. He was treated badly by Russian authorities and never going to make any compromises with it. When, in 1918, Lenin asked him to withdraw from St. Petersburg to the Don Cossack Host Krasnov led the Cossacks, not so much from-for Lenin, both because of the Don Cossacks themselves — let them live. Later, in exile in Paris in the 20s and 30s, to Krasnov not weakened the attention of the Kremlin and Stalin's agents — he feared not the case. In 1941, the septuagenarian Gen. became associated with Nazi Germany. Later, in 1942, he appealed to all the Cossacks to take German troops, both correct and still the best companion and comrade in the struggle against Bolshevism and Stalin… And in 1947, during the trial of the apostate enemies and Pyotr Krasnov was tried and sentenced to the death penalty.

Second global war

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