Vision Predator the army has

Vision "Predator" the army has

Eagerness to be able to build excellent in the dark world population has led to the invention of devices and accessories, enabling a high resolution view of a confident orientation in space, the ability to avoid the threat.

All the famous night-vision devices (HRP) used the principle of amplification of light is present in the night time: light Moon, lanterns, some ground objects that are sources of light.

Devices used for military purposes, then they have armed hunters, hikers and drivers.

Urgent need for a device that allows to "see" in the dark, has stepped up research and development in the field of electronics and optics. The result of more than seven years of work employees Optics1 was the creation of a fundamentally new device, significantly expanding the ability of existing night vision devices by connecting the power of thermal vision — COTI. Ordinary night vision extends the range of visible light for the human eye to 900 nanometers, but using COTI value range increases to unprecedented value to 5.8 nanometers, allowing you to make observations in absolute darkness, and in the absence of light sources.

This unique device is taken immediately into service security forces. Indeed, often the life and performance of the intended target military personnel, associated with the need to act in night time, either inside the unlit room.

Vision "Predator" the army has

The introduction of a new model of night vision makes it easy to navigate the smoke-filled space, with fog and rain. As the principle of the act COTI is based on finding and strengthening of thermal radiation, "fool" it is difficult. For example, you can use it to find traces of people left on the ground and objects, including even explosive devices.

Comfortable design solution device (which weighs 165 grams, and the period of work without charging time is three hours) can be used in extreme conditions of combat operations. Improved ability images option, which generates device: Adjust not only the brightness and contrast, and color display.

Naturally, with such characteristics and properties, device will find wide application not only in the military field, and will be a good assistant rescue services, including firefighters who dense smoke in the criteria not be able to save a human life.

The direction of future development will be the introduction COTI device as a night sight guns.

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