Vitaly Rymashevski campaigned for himself and for the BCD

December 7th meeting was held in Orsha presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski with voters. The meeting was held in the cozy local children's art school. At a meeting with the candidate came orshantsev 120.

The building of the school was located a large poster that invited to a meeting with the participation of Rymasheuski. The conditions for the candidate speeches were good, awkward and a bit provocative questions asked. In his opening remarks Vitali Rymashevski said that going into politics and is involved in the presidential election in order to change the Belarus thus, to political, economic and social life of the country do not contradict Christian principles and values.

To a large extent Vitaly Rymashevski campaigned not only for themselves as presidential candidate, but also for his party — the "Belarusian Christian Democracy". Theme created by BCD was devoted a lot of information in posters and leaflets candidate. Mr. Rymashevski said, "Freedom", which at the time of each campaign mission, he finds a lot of new members of the BCD, dozens of people are joining his party. In particular, after the meeting of the party in Orsha 3 people signed up, 10 people signed up as future observers at polling stations during the upcoming presidential election.

As Mr. Rymashevski, canvassing people to join the party BCD is a part of his election program.

During his speech to the orshantsami Vitaly Rymashevski criticized the current government and President Alexander Lukashenko personally. In particular, the candidate said, that Lukashenko Belarus became a "king", which does not recognize the legitimate president of Europe, in Belarus Mafia has developed control system. "Time was of the monarchy, the power should belong to the parliament", — said Vitaly Rymashevski.








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