Vitebsk agitator for Michalevic threatened with physical violence

As the Vitebsk activist Alexander Golovan, for two days in a row fans Ales Mikhalevich not have the opportunity to freely give out leaflets. From the shopping center "EVIC" agitators drove the guards, and near the shopping center "Continent" had to compete with the citizens, who presented police.

Ales Halavan says that in both cases there were threats to use force.

The guards shopping center "EVIC" said the permit campaigning activists should ask the administration — they say, is there that the owners of this site. Disagreement agitators provoked outrage: the guards in the obscene expressions began to demand that the activists stopped campaigning.

A similar situation occurred near the shopping center "Continent". When Ales Halavan and Valeriy Romanenko has completed the distribution of leaflets, they were approached by citizens is clearly drunk, introduced police and began to threaten physical violence.

By Ales Golovanov, in both cases, the activists chose to leave, so as not to provoke a fight and not to create a negative precedent in the course of the campaign.


Michalevic, agitation, Galavn

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