Vitebsk Courier must obtain a license to sell

The Economic Court overturned the decision of Vitebsk Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee, which in October this year denied the independent publication "Vitebsk Courier" in obtaining a license for the retail trade.

According to human rights Paul Levinau, represented the interests of the newspaper in the Commercial Court, the court granted the appeal of private unitary enterprise trade "Vitebsk corundum ', which would like to take on the distribution of the independent publication.

The human rights activist said that the Economic Court reversed the decision of the appropriate executive committee, which was opposed to the "Vitebsk Courier" was sold in the city. Now, the human rights activist said, the license shall issue.

But, according to Paul Levinau, the decision to allow the sale of an independent newspaper, which is registered in Russia and printed in Smolensk, connected with the forthcoming Presidential elections — to demonstrate the democratic approach of local authorities to independent media. In fact, until still "Vitebsk Courier" did not allow any subscription or sale in kiosks "Belsajuzdruk" and even confiscated entire editions of the newspaper during its transportation from the Smolensk printing.


"Vitebsk Courier"

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