Vitebsk: Lenin Square can not campaign for the boycott of elections

CCP BPF activist Yang Dzyarzhautsau was refused by the district administration of October on his statement on the picket on Lenin Square. This place is specially defined executive committee for the campaign, but Derzhavtsevu responded that it "is already taken."

As it turned out, the first application for picketing on the area of Vladimir Lenin gave Aleksenko, trustee Vladimir Neklyaeva. Pickett was allowed, and they are held daily. But the area is large, says Dzyarzhautsau, and it can accommodate a dozen pickets, if not more.

CCP BPF activist talked to the fan Neklyaeva and found that aftermost recent incarnation does not mind being located near another picket. Even with the agitation for the boycott, although Mr. Aleksenko and Vitebsk Staff Vladimir Neklyaeva other political position.

Jan Dzyarzhautsau going to lodge a complaint with the court, as the refusal to hold a picket he considers illegal. In This year, first Vitebsk city executive committee "democratically" permitted to hold pickets not only on the outskirts, but also in the center, says Jan Dzyarzhautsau, now turns out to be a large area is not all there is room.

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