Vitebsk. Rymasheuski denied holding nine meetings

Waivers were obtained before and immediately prior to meetings with voters. Protection of the shopping center "EVIC" even arrested for allegedly Tatiana Seviarynets illegal campaigning. Mrs released only after a call to the CEC.

Vitebsk supporters Vital Rymasheuski reported that campaign meetings were planned and on the First Department of Internal Affairs, and the district traffic police in enterprises "Belvest", "Marco" and "Visas" in Vitebsk University — but everywhere trustees was denied.

Immediately prior to the meetings already customized the candidate and his trustees May Day has been denied by the district administration and the broadcasting company "Vitebsk".

The conflict with the local security occurred in the shopping center "EVIC": agitator defended handing out leaflets with information about the candidate and indoors, and even on the porch. The guards detained Vitsebsk activist Tatiana Seviarynets for alleged illegal campaigning. It was only after a call to the CEC the conflict was resolved: Ms. Seviarynets guards were released, and in All remaining apologized, saying that any problems will be no more.

Without any hindrance was only a meeting at the Center for Children and Youth Pershamaiski district. While young people from BRSMu tried to ask some provocative questions, responsive atmosphere in the hall is not violated. Despite the fact that the District Center for Children and Youth is not in the city center, meet with Vitaly Rymashevsky came about 120 people.


Elections 2010

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