Vladimir Neklyaeva voters will be held under the supervision of police

In the school building number 20 on the street in Minsk Parnikovaya begins meeting organized by the headquarters of presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva with voters.

Today, it is titled "Look Neklyaeva together."

The presidential candidate will communicate with voters after watching his speech at the First Channel BT. On once meeting will be held under the supervision of the police leadership Minsk Piershamaiski. The reason for this was the incident that occurred a few hours earlier.

Activist Staff Oleg Snowstorm said, "Freedom", on the eve of the meeting organizers have received consent to carry out the administration of the school. On the day of the meeting, they brought the technique to prepare the ability to view TV air Vladimir Neklyaeva. However, during the day in the room with the equipment they refused to let the director of the school, offering to come in 19-hours.

On Oleg Metelitsa, school officials told the organizers that some time in the hall were unknown people together with the school's electrician. The members of staff called the police, the OSCE and the district election commission. Together they went into the hall, where it turned out that none of the elektrarazetak does not work there Organizers connected to electricity all the necessary equipment into a power strip with a different cabinet.

Deputy police chief Pershamaiski police department said that for the sake of preventing unforeseen events remain with the members of staff at all the time meeting with Vladimir Nyaklyaeu. "

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