Since ancient times in Russia, the wells are treated with reverence. Well water were attributed to various healing properties. Is to say that is not irrational. Wanderers, whose path passes through the well to draw water in a flask and left near a thing, believing that mystical power will allow them to safely get to the next one. Perhaps more attention and mystical podchteniem in Russia than the wells, use only the bell.

Lovers girls according to the belief in awe counted how many seconds will fluctuate in a bucket of water with well water, if it omitted a ring, a gift from the constriction.

With well water had long conversations elders, identifying it with the age-old wisdom. In general, the well regarded as a place where you can have some time to abandon worldly cares, a little time alone with myself.

Interestingly, in ancient times, and in some villages built two wells. One in the center of the village is often used for drinking and domestic use. Others are in the suburbs or in the woods. People believed that the creatures that inhabit the forest, you can appease by giving them access to clean, potable water. The second went to the well rarely, only in those cases when someone was sick and needed help "masters of the forest."

Another curious custom was whether to drop their weapons in their native water well before the war. War believed that the sword, dropped into the water, getting smashing. And sometimes, especially in a well thrown weapons. The gesture symbolized the rejection of the future path of war. Subsequently, these relics began a real hunt. After all, except swords in old wells almost always find antiques.

For example, during the attack on the village, people were thrown into the well of the most valuable in the hope that once they can get it back. Get out very often. But now many people are creating community and travel to Russia in search of various antiques, waiting at the bottom of the wells. Things that are there, are in good condition, whatever it is (weapons, wooden items, icons). Somehow, miraculously thanks to low temperature objects on the bottom of the well are not destroyed, but only a little bit old.

It symbolizes femininity, the womb of the Great Mother, the soul. Having a relationship with the underworld, the well water often contains magic with the ability to heal and the desires. Private well — a symbol of virginity. The well-fed source, represents the union of male and female. In Celtic epic holy wells provide access to the other world, have magical healing properties and contain water.

The well in Russia — source of mysticism
In Russia, the wells are always treated with the utmost reverence. People understand the importance of water quality and well water were attributed special healing properties, and around the wells always reigned special aura. Strangers, getting to the well to draw water in a flask and allowed near any thing from him, believing that mystical power will allow them to get to the next pit. Old men talking and asking for advice from well water.

Wells has always been a special place of solitude, spiritual tranquility and oneness with nature. In some villages there were 2 wells. The second well was built on the outskirts in the forest. So people are trying to appease the forest creatures. By the well people resorted in exceptional cases where the required assistance "masters of the forest." Warriors plunged their arms into the water well before the native battles and military campaigns. For refusal of the warrior's way, Russian heroes left their guns in the wells.

Tyunyaev A.

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