WEST denies involvement of military in the Baltic Fleet to narkoskandalu

WEST denied involvement in the military to narkoskandalu in the Baltic FleetMilitary Baltic Fleet are not defendants in narkoskandala that broke out last week in St. Petersburg.

How to say "Rosbaltu" the press service WEST, conducted on September 27, employees UFSKN check was carried out on the ground mooring seaport town of Lomonosov Moscow State University, where there were seven service vessels Baltic Fleet.

"Ships of the auxiliary fleet are equipped only with spices civilians who work under an employment contract," — the military.

During the raid, officers questioned UFSKN electrician 1st class survey vessel "HS-270", in the end the young man confessed to the use of drugs.

In this incident commander of the Baltic Fleet checks.

"This case is a single, previously similar facts have come to light. With the employee was aware of drug use in a contract of employment terminated, he was dismissed on September 27," — reported the press office.

Recall drug laws and FSB officers last week raided on ships belonging to the Ministry of Defence 7 in Lomonosov, with the result that the two cases were excited about the illegal possession of drugs.

It was reported that as a result of the facts of illegal storage of hashish Two criminal cases for honey examination on suspicion of drug use narcotics police sent 27 people.

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