WEST receive 16 new radar in 2013

WEST receive 16 new radar in 2013Western military county (WEST) will get 16 new radars in 2013, told reporters on Friday, the official dealer WEST Colonel Andrei Bobrun.

"At 2013 of radio engineering troops WEST augmented with modern standards and promising technology: 16 new radar go on radio battalions in Leningrad, Murmansk and Arkhangelsk regions and the Republic of Karelia ", — said Bobrun.

According to him, during the year county receive station "Casta-2E2" for the detection of aircraft and cruise missiles on small heights, the station "Sky-M" and "Sky-Y" for tracking purposes in the high medium and long range, the station "Hill" for the purposes of control in small and maximum low-level station "Defense" for the far detection.

He added that many of the stations that are already in service in the secondary cooling zone, will be held in 2013 planned modernization.

"Equipping the radio parts of the Western military neighborhood is part of state weapons programs from 2020. At this year's Western Military District will go above 50 modern radar and complexes of various range of actions to inform anti-aircraft missiles and advanced aircraft systems "- summed up the officer.

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