What do the presidential candidates on the offer Neklyaeva withdraw from the election?

Nyaklyayeu during a rally on December 9 suggested a candidate from the democratic opposition jointly withdraw from the election and make it non-recognition of the elections, which the government is preparing to fabricate. It is already known that the initiative was not supported Neklyaeva. And what exactly is talking about it the other candidates?


The candidate of the Party of the Belarusian Popular Front Kastusyou Gregory: "The question of the removal of the joint should remain on the agenda. I'm ready to respond positively to this initiative, willing to negotiate, but the withdrawal must be shared, without any tricks. "


Candidate Vitali Rymashevski "I am a politician, not a political scientist. On the agenda is the question of the struggle for power change, for something to give people the right to choose, freedom and democracy. "


The candidate Ales Mikhalevich: "I have consulted with my team, and everyone is saying that this is not a way out of the situation. So while my solution is — I will not withdraw. "


Presidential candidate Dmitry Uss, "To act with elections there is no sense. It is better that all the candidates have worked to ensure that people know what's going on in the country, and sought changes to the electoral code. "


The candidate Viktor Tereshchenko: "We have 9 presidential candidates agree among themselves, their team working on each individually. There is no loss. If the one of nine to be better than the one-on-one. "


Head of Staff of Andrei Sannikov, Vladimir Kobets: "Initially, Andrew was mood to go to victory, headquarters and continues to operate normally, we work for a company of Andrei Sannikov. "


The candidate of the United Civil Party Yaroslav Romanchuk, "Iskeptical to the idea of such behavior. Everyone understands that among the 9 people, there are people that will never be removed. "


The presidential candidate Nikolai Statkevich: "I think this is the wrong step, even though each of the candidates has a right to it. As for me, I will not shoot. As they say, "do not hold your breath. " I end up working out all these opportunities. "



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