What is Finlands 70 short-range missiles M39 Block 1A (MGM-168A) complex ATACMS?

Agency U.S. Department of Defense Security Cooperation (Defense Security Cooperation Agency — DSCA) notified Congress of a future South American supplies of Finland 70 tactical missiles M39 Block 1A (MGM-168) of the complex ATACMS. Price of the transaction, which will bring the company Lockheed Martin, — $ 132 million

Washington wants to meet the request of Helsinki on the supply of missiles capable of inflicting strategic strikes in St. Petersburg, Karelia, the Leningrad and Murmansk regions.

Operational-tactical missile complex "ATACMS" (Army Tactical Missile System) is designed to engage point targets such as command centers, missile launchers, air defense facilities, communication centers, fuel depots, located in the rear of the enemy in all weather criteria, at any time of the day. To launch the missile launcher used the upgraded M270 MLRS MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System).

Missiles will be placed on the 22 M270 launchers on tracked chassis, which are currently used as PU MRLS MLRS South American production. These machines were purchased from the Dutch army in 2006 Last year, the company Lockheed Martin under contract for $ 45.3 million completed their modernization. Plants are modular. Of them can be carried out as fire rockets PTRC ATACMS (M39 Block 1A (MGM-168A)), and promising MLRS GMLRS missiles with cluster warheads and a range of up to 70 km.

The main element of the complex ATACMS — high-precision ballistic missiles with a range of up to 300 km.

The missiles have inertial guidance complexed with the satellite navigation system GPS. Modification of the MGM-168A, which wants to acquire Finland, armed with unitary one-piece high-explosive fragmentation warhead WDU-18, 227 lbs.

Allowed the introduction of ammunition WAM, SMArt155 and BLU-108 or LOCAAS submunitions.

Modifications and TTX operational tactical missiles MGM-140 ATACMS

Block 1A missile has a unitary warhead and is the latest addition to the family of ammunition ATACMS.

This option is designed to attack with high accuracy in all weather criteria. Rocket has a unique technology of "vertical impact" and is created for deep penetration to the underground, and (or) protected targets (KP, missile launchers, air defense objects, communication, fuel storage, and storage WMD) and optimization of fragmentation debris, while reducing consequential damages (localization on diameters up to 100 m).

Can we call this a defensive weapon, as a neutral Suomi necessary to protect the sovereignty and economic interests?

With a little bit of a great likelihood there that really should be the name of the complex:
Operational-tactical missile complex "ATACMS"(Army Tactical Missile System) is designed to engage point targets located in the rear of the enemy in all weather criteria, at any time of the day.

Hypothetically, who can wage war Finland (neutral country, a member of the EEC since 1996)?

With Estonia (where the Finns often swim for firewater and even where there are special taxis and prisons, hotels for Finns to get over excessive)? With Sweden and Norway (which is not even a border and control)?

Perhaps the Finns decided to stun fish in the Gulf of Bothnia and Gulf of Finland.

But seriously, the "big" and worthy goal — it's the town that you can just guess at these photos as USC Head "West", the objects of the Leningrad Military District, the Baltic and Northern fleets.

Naturally, Finland, either now or even the day after tomorrow is not going to attack the huge neighbor. This is absurd — utter at least some — and will be right. But in part. Recall the story. Winter War 1939g.-1940. Finland defeated (which was to be waiting).

Territorial configuration

Karelian isthmus and West Karelia. As a result, the loss of the Karelian Isthmus Finland which had lost its defense system and began an accelerated pace to build fortifications on the border strip latest (Salpa Line), the frontier was pushed back from Leningrad, from 18 to 150 km.
Part of Lapland (Ancient Salla).
Petsamo (Pechenga) of the Red Army occupied during the war, was returned to Finland. [90]
Islands in the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland (island of Hogland).
Rent Hanko Peninsula (Gangut) for 30 years.
Who could imagine that in the summer of 1941 Finland (1,5 years after the defeat) occupying the Karelian Isthmus and the Soviet Karelia, ensuring its blockade of Leningrad from the north!

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Causes fear is not the mere presence of such weapons, and the introduction of such weapons against Russia in alliance with NATO or by coercion, or from the territory of Finland. "

Well, hardly 70 short-range missiles can provide a real pre-emptive attack on the infrastructure of the above objects for revenge after the Winter War. The essence of the deal is not that. In Helsinki are increasingly they say about the need for the country's accession to NATO, constantly conducted surveys of public opinion, write articles, is an analyst, etc. How much do you need, that spur militarist sentiment in Suomi?

While many Western European NATO countries, has long ceased to believe in the "Russian threat", get rid of the guns became useless, army, air force and navy Finland replenished with new armored vehicles, aircraft and ships.

Finland slowly but correctly increases the power of its own defense force, not even paying attention to the economic crisis in the EU.

Note in Poland (member of NATO) began deployment of mobile missile systems NSM, which can storm the ships of the Baltic Fleet into his main base, as the objects of military and civilian mission in the Kaliningrad region ….

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