What is NATO hidden Eagle?

Not so long ago, the controversial website WikiLeaks has published dispatches U.S. NATO plan aimed at protecting the Baltic States. Plan was strictly classified, and bears the title "Eagle-Guardian". Its essence lies in a number of actions to protect the states of Eastern Europe from the anger of. Moreover, in the event of an attack on the Russian Federation is one of the Baltic countries or Poland will be allocated on 9 combat divisions NATO: From Britain, Germany, Poland and the United States. A German and Polish ports will receive the Marine Corps and Navy ships. From promulgated disk imaging Russian side came in bewilderment. It seems to be the case with NATO reached the level of cooperation, and here — these scandalous dispatch!

The Ministry of Overseas Affairs cited the partnership agreement, delivered at the summit of our homeland — NATO in November, in what is said is true about the relationship and the safety of both sides refrain from all military actions or danger of such relatively States which are members of the board of Our homeland — NATO. Representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and experts believe that by declassifying secret dispatches someone just trying to provoke a scandal and undermine established over the past half year, the case of the Russian Federation with the Alliance and Poland as well.

But, as it turns out, the Baltic countries after war RF on the terrain of Georgia in 2008, NATO was asked to do a detailed protection plan. And Poland, and even more, claimed to guarantee that in the event of a military conflict with Russia, will be involved in the defense of brand new missile defense system the United States.

If you believe all of the same data WikiLeaks, in 2011 in the Baltic States have to go through the first exercise relating to the implementation of a secret plan. And in January 2010, according to a South American dispatches when the plan itself was developed, it was discussed that the "Eagle Defender" — only just the beginning of a big reorganization of the military system and the development of tactical operations NATO in the event of a power of at least some danger of the states. At the same above mentioned request of Warsaw is not only to use, and just keep armed with a missile defense system, as it turns out, Washington refused. This system is designed to prevent attacks by Syria and Iran, but can also be applied in the other direction of the aggressor. But neuzh's the earnest Our homeland hitherto regarded as a brutal enemy? And then neuzh-Western countries would have reacted quietly to the declassification of secret documents? But even floated the fact that the attempt to tell the world about the existence of a plan of defense was already made in the same January. But, then Hillary Clinton, U.S. secretary of state signed the document, with the recommendation of the members of the United States to block all media inquiries about the existence and development of the "Eagle-Champion»
But, curiously, at this point, after 2-days after the promulgation of the hidden disk imaging, NATO has not commented on the situation and their attitude to it. But in this case, some of the states, namely, documents and raised in our home, will regard the Union as krivodushny and hypocritical alliance, hiding behind the peace agreements.

At the summit Our homeland-EU issue publications on WikiLeaks was not affected. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said in an informal setting, it's mercantile acts of American diplomats. But according to other sources, the hidden plan NATO has long been known RF.

The Russians, who spoke in support of the development and strengthening of partnership with NATO, angered by the existence of the plan. A Foreign Ministry officially announced that our homeland does not consider itself a state — aggressor, and plans to hold talks with NATO representatives to review and change the plan "Eagle Defender."

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