What is simplicity

What is simplicity

Many know that the distinctive feature of the Russian character — simplicity. Now you can hear as a fool, and ignorant, and too trusting of us call a simpleton. But is it. All will remember Yemelya tale of "Po-wave of the wand …" or Ivanov, who, as you know, they call the people stupid.

Upon closer inspection of the word "fool" gives a very interesting picture. Vseyasvetnaya charter tell: the first letter "D" is called "good." In another still "OsPoda", where the upper part of the letter does not form a lodge, and a circle, symbolizing the sign of the Soul with the supply generic memory. The strength and type of support helps a person in this life.

The meaning of the letters "a Ra", many of us no explanation, subconsciously, can feel yourself. "Ra" — a sign of the sun. In ancient times, the Volga River was called Ra. Letter P like a germ, which stretches up and connecting the earth to the sky, is the development and ascent of humanity to the higher mind. Many Russian words contain a particle "Ra": health, work, time, race, rainbow army.

The letter "K" is briefly described as follows: The local all best summarized in the radiant lights and star in the sky. In other words: Angel is a star of the future for life in the present. It is as though intertwined letters "A-men" and «i — i-decimal" (star sign, a ray of light or a standing person).

It turns out that the "fool" is not stupid, but rather the one who can connect a past, present and future development and ascent.

Let's continue to try to understand what is simple and whether it is necessary at all.

A simple man of the people called the person with whom it is easy to communicate. Others will say that just someone who can not fend for themselves, some that it is the usual poor man. The concept of simplicity, as the quality of human nature, of course important.

What is simplicity

Simplicity allows us to more easily enter into co-operation helps to solve big problems and cope with the many challenges in life. Credulity is often confused with the simplicity, but we can remember many of the wise men who were very simple and in my life, and in communion with others. That did not make them any less or more vulnerable. The thing is that gullible person does not think about their actions, which often causes problems. Rashness denies the possibility of such a person to act correctly.

Common man has lacked pride. People with simple, do not tend to show off their achievements and put themselves very humbly, in any society, even with a significant wealth of knowledge and wisdom. Such people often vsegoneprimetny among others, but their words are simple and clear to many, and the actions command respect. The common man has an opinion, but does not express it unnecessarily. A simple person a great sense of humor, which helps even in the most difficult situations, but no means, will not cause anyone any inconvenience or trouble.

The common man is not trying to shield themselves and their abilities, do not use other people in their own selfish purposes, whatever they were not justified. All these qualities are particularly important in the family, in particular in dealing with children, it solves many problems.

It turns out that simplicity is one of the important qualities of a civilized person, as it was known in ancient times and our task to decipher, to explore and learn to use this knowledge wisely.

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