What is the assessment of staff

Practice shows that even with the most "progressive" systems staff evaluation Company occasionally quite achieve the expected results. What is the background of this phenomenon? It may be a general system for the creation of high-quality personnel evaluation?

Let's start with the fact that workers themselves have become a completely different view their role, their place in the organization. Now one company to work long years to grow from an ordinary worker to the director, no one expects. Managers at their job gaze from the standpoint of separately taken the project, which, as you know, usually lasts a maximum of two years. Building your own career, they behold the not as moving up the hierarchy within the same company, but as a series of transitions from one company to another, of course, with the increase in job opportunities and, as a result, the salary. But the main thing — with such a small period of evaluation staff just difficult. After all, how can vsepolnotsenno make an assessment of the work of this or other spices, which has worked to the benefit of just one year? It turns out that he remade someone's work, then someone will remake it projects, because the effectiveness of many of them can not appear for some six months. In any case, according to experts, assessment of staff must always be carried out — every six months, and at the expiration of the probationary period the employee shall be employed.

So indicator KPI (Key Performance Indicators) is a very fundamental for assessing the overall performance of the company, of any particular department or employee. KPI — these are the characteristics, the achievement of which you just have to organize to end up closer to your goals. And specifically through the main performance indicator may be able to manage what you measure.

How effective pursued by evaluation staff will help you find just prof diagnosis. It is also necessary for the organization of the system of personnel evaluation in the process of selection, after the end of the probationary period for repetitive performance evaluation and development of the most promising employees, to increase the impact of personnel, system adjustments staff evaluation correctly in accordance with the goals and objectives of the organization, to decide the question whether to increase the skills of existing employees or to lure new ones.

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