What is the internal troops tanks?

The fact that in the coming years in service Internal Troops appear tank units, said Sergei Bunin, the chief of staff of the Head Internal Troops Interior Ministry. This solution is related to the fact that the internal troops do different tasks, and sometimes without the strong supports of armored combat vehicles to solve the puzzle can not be. General Bunin also reminded that nedavneshnego time in the internal troops, it was decided to return and artillery units, "For many years, the artillery was not, it was disbanded, but at the moment on the situation came to the conclusion: it turns out to be necessary." Artillery regiment, and it was restored and given a 46-th separate brigade Internal Troops operational mission.

Against the background of this message appears entirely logical and legitimate question: what determines the need for the heavy military equipment in the armed forces of law and order? From this department intelligible comments yet. Howitzers, maybe useful in conducting special operations in the North Caucasus, the decision is entrusted to "Maroon Berets." Specifically, these units are involved in the languid battles with remnants of armed gangs. And it's true. But that's all right? Some people hesitate.

In this case it is reasonable to remember that until 2006, armored units were part of the Internal Troops. They play a crucial role sometimes, for example, in 2000, with the reflection of a large-scale attack committed by Chechen militants in Dagestan. Then the first who took the brunt were tanks 93rd mechanized regiment included in the 100th division of internal troops. In the designated parts in service, there were about 60 military vehicles. And you have to admit they are very needed in languid fighting.

Tanks internal forces which provoevali in throughout the second Chechen campaign. But when huge gang in the mountains and valleys of the North Caucasus have been completely destroyed, it was decided to abandon tanks. All combat vehicles were handed over to the base of long-term storage of the Ministry of Defence. General Nikolai Rogozhkin, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and the Internal Troops Commander, commented on this decision: "For the neutralization of scattered, small bands of armed rebels forces needed more maneuverable means. Given the situation, the value in the technical equipment is focused on the latest special wheeled armored vehicles. The experience of the various anti-terrorist operations is proof that its application is much more efficient from the standpoint of agility, mobility, efficiency in delivering fire and protect personnel. "

In accordance with this, the newcomer was developed and providing weapons programm Internal Troops. To help them focus special car nestled reservation — "Tiger", which worked well in the fighting in the North Caucasus region. It is also planned to change even armored personnel carriers BTR-80 to a more modern and versatile armored escort — "The Shot", which are made at the Kama Automobile Plant. Waiting for "Maroon Berets" and promised armored SPM-3, is a special armored mine-resistant, and the highest degree of security personnel.

Own all new plans for an armed unit commander BB Rogozhkin concluded: "Today's withdrawal from the departments of internal troops heaviest armored vehicles held as part of the ongoing reform in the internal troops, during which their current structure and composition will be aligned with the current political and economic conditions … Now, we are well aware of which units and the need to arm for 10 years. " This story sounded two years back. In the words of the Commander in Chief sounded confident, but why after so much non-long-time BB tanks in handy again. For what purpose?

They say that using them easier to wage war in the mountains who settled around the bases and shelters, militants, smoke them out of the various shelters in the villages and forests Fri. But neuzh something from 2006, when the last tank "Maroon berets" was handed over to the army team, the North Caucasus there are any configuration? Basically — no. Beat out the bandits from the mountain shelters more convenient not to languid and clumsy tanks and flamethrower system "Pinocchio" — as proof you can remember how languid were fighting with a gang warlord Gelaev, who are positioned in the village of Komsomolsk and played a crucial role specifically languid mortar system.

But there can be a need to have tanks in subdivisions Internal Troops is very different. In the event that only recently occurred in Egypt, particularly the tanks were impassable barrier protesters on Cairo's Tahrir Square. In most of the presence in the area impassable for unarmed demonstrators languid armored vehicles assist the Government of Egypt to stabilize the political situation.

Maybe the explanation lies in the words quoted above Rogozhkina: "Structure and composition will be brought into line with current political and economic conditions …"? Indeed: after 2006 in Russia changed political conditions, that the tanks units "maroon berets" and came in handy? And in fact, what has changed? Is that the next presidential elections are coming …

It is also worth remembering that last fall, the first deputy. CSTO chief Col. Gen. Anatoly BB Nogovitsin said that entrusted to him under the authority of the international forces will soon start getting adopted tear gas, water cannons, traumatic gun and stun grenades. All of the above has a non-lethal weapon. The ability of the designated funds have been demonstrated in action on the teachings of the CSTO "Interaction-2010" under the Chebarkul.

The tanks in service Internal Troops and a water cannon battalions in the CSTO in this case, if you make a single logical chain instill doubt that only insurgents and terrorists will be the only military targets in these manufacturers.

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