What is the nationality of the Russian people?

October 26, 2011 on radio station "Echo of Moscow" was broadcast on the program "Status Russian people. Do I need to fix it in the constitution. " The main plot of the program has been focused on the discussion of the initiative of the Communist Party for an amendment to the Constitution of the Russian Federation constituent status of the Russian people and demand the return of the passport to the "nationality". The debate about these 2-pt election programs from the Communist Party turned not humorous. Not only the "Echo of Moscow" has dedicated this dilemma his show, and many media have decided to "mark" on the subject. Of course, the tone of many of the programs was ironic to roughly critical and it is natural, because the revival of the status of the Russian people would mean the end of the predatory policy of Kremlin spin doctors as having no support in the middle Russian. All speakers at the program "Echo of Moscow" is not shining originality and wit, but were vulgar and not happily in his own desire to maintain the present degraded situation of the Russian people.

S.Agafonov, chief — editor of the magazine "Ogonek":
Apparently, there is an active search of the levers that can bring additional votes for the party. Since none of reasonableness in this sentence, no common sense I do not see. If a person cherishes its own nationality, it does not necessarily show your passport or fifth Fri personnel in the questionnaire.

S.Agafonov apparently does not think the main thing: if you fix the state-forming status of the Russian people in the Russian Federation Constitution, the introduction of state graphs in the passport and private personnel matter fully interconnected, such as the status of the Russian people means not only his duty to the municipal building RF, protection of the inviolability of the country and of all nations and peoples, historically living on its territory. And the leadership of the Russian people in the formation of the executive and legislative branches, the central and regional government. In turn, the national entities of other nations and nationalities forms the local executive agencies in areas of historically inhabited by these peoples. State-forming role of the Russian people and belonging to a nationality is determined not only the nature of public relations in the country, and forms the degree of responsibility of each nation in the fate of their own country. Task of the Russian people more responsible and complex, and therefore must be given such opportunities are not aware of this chief — editor of the magazine "Spark" is not only stupid, and irresponsible.

Kozlov, the disgraced entrepreneur:
I will not repeat the well-known truth that nationalism — is the last refuge of scoundrels. You can read about it all you want, but try to enter the "nationality" does not smell very simple Russian Union, and it smells worse, when the fifth column, it is not a lot of people of Russian nationality and undermined the path to college or university, with a limit.
Prior to that, pronouncing the famous aphorism, A. Kozlov should be familiar with its original source. S.Dzhonson, the creator of the aphorism, who lived in the XVIII century, pronounced it as: "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel", patriotism — the last refuge of a scoundrel. The meaning of this aphorism has a dual meaning, S.Dzhonson he had in mind that even the latest villain may adore their country, in other words, to be a patriot. Then, given a different interpretation of the aphorism — a scoundrel, to protect themselves, may appeal to patriotism as the last resort in an attempt to get Makarov led the people, using nationalism as the driving force of the crowd. With all this it is not necessary to connect nationalism and chauvinism against the Nazis, as many politicians love to do, including Kozlov. Nationalism is the love of their own civilization, nation, homeland, loyalty to their own civilization, the highest form of nationalism — the status of state-building. National consciousness goes hand in hand with patriotism, when the defense of the country and protect civilization from encroaching on the cultural and spiritual values of right and protection of territorial integrity. Very fundamentally also be noted that the concept of municipal nationalism embedded in the value system of municipal socialism, when nationalism is treated as a commitment to the common interests of every citizen of the country where all civilizations and peoples serve one purpose — the power of the country.

Adherents of cosmopolitanism and liberalism in public policy, where there is no public interest, and there is the concept of universal human values and the rule of supranational paradigm of social existence, does not realize the zeal of the Russian people to the revival of Russian nationalism and municipal socialism, elevating every citizen of our country to the creative work for the benefit of the Russian Federation which puts the public debt above their own interests.

S.V.Aleksashenko, a member of the Scientific Council of the Metropolitan Carnegie Center — Fund made by the CIA and the U.S. State Department, the conductor policy of the Council on international relations, the global organization behind the scenes:

In this proposal, there is a certain fraction of insanity. It seems to me that in such a multinational country, where 100 nations and nationalities superfluous even the attempt to prove that you are a full-blooded Russian, it is doomed to misfortune in 95% of the applicants. What will conduct DNA, samples of the official? In general, it seems to me that this proposal is not even smell that nationalism and Nazism. That is, we immediately try to fix that some civilization for some obvious reasons, no one is better than the other, that's just, we believe that better.

It is written entirely in the spirit of an "agent of influence" of Western intelligence agencies, all piled in a heap on the nationhood, Nazism and DNA — a test to determine nationality by birth. Separate the "wheat from the chaff." First, no one is going to go down the wrong way and dead-end of Nazism — advantages of one over the other civilizations, and the suppression of parasitism on a national basis, the creation of theories soilless cultivation races and eugenics. It is a question of the role of the state-of the Russian people, its cultural and spiritual values. First, you must realize that our homeland was created labor of many generations of Russian people, which forms the basis of statehood on Christian values, on the basis of the Orthodox faith. Russia itself as a community of people came through the adoption of the Slavic tribes of the Orthodox faith, which is not only a unifying motif, and a source of cultural and spiritual values of the Russian people. Having formed a government on Christian values, the Russian people, as the bearer of these values should continue to maintain and manage this intolerable burden — Russia, which happened by virtue of their geopolitical position, the source of constant aggressive interests of the Anglo — Saxon elite. Apart from this, it is important to note the fact that the Russian people is the unifying motif for many peoples, historically living on the territory of Russia, who see in it not only force capable of defending against external enemies, and the favorite of the spiritual, uplifting and preserving cultural identity other nations.

Now about the "Russian-ness" and the DNA test, which is so scare "agents of influence" unsophisticated audience. What makes you think that there is a need for this test, you need to find a Russian by birth, a
nd the other to throw to the back of the Empire, leaving to live out their days are in poverty and oblivion? Blockhead enemies of the Russian people failed to offer anything better genetic analysis. Poor, even easier!
Who is a Russian? Someone who understands their belonging to the Russian people, who believe Orthodox faith not only faith Protz, and his own. Someone who loves their country, its culture, its own people, its own language, its own traditions. The Russian people — the latitude of the soul, when his own love of neighbor, love of country is an urgent matter for each citizen of our country, esteeming the benefit of RF above his own benefit. The Russian people — this is a hard worker, soldier and builder of his own country, smart and courageous defender of the poor and disadvantaged, ready to share with the latter even how a traveler knocked at its gates. The Russian people — is insatiable spirit, constantly searching for truth and justice, freedom and faith man — A monk, a man — a priest who gives herself without the rest of the Orthodox faith and the attainment of spiritual perfection.

Fyodor Dostoevsky:
Sudden (in general, far not all) was that people did not have forgotten his majestic idea, his "Orthodox Action" — not forgotten during the two centuries of slavery, ignorance, dark, and in the near future — nasty debauchery, materialism, Judaic and booze. Even, perhaps, nothing believers realized we now have in the end, that means, in essence, for the Russian Orthodox Church and its people "Orthodox Action"? They realize that it's not just any churchliness rites, and it is specifically human progress and human vseochelovechenie so concretely understood the Russian people, leading all of the Christ, embodying all their future in Christ, and in Christ's righteousness, and not capable and present themselves without Christ.

With the precision of a jeweler described the majestic Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky present time and the awareness of the Orthodox Russian people's own affairs — Russian revival of the country, built on state-forming role of the Russian people, his Orthodox faith. And the culture of the Russian people is based on the Orthodox faith, in prayer and patience sorrows, on the primacy of religion before the idea to non-acquisitiveness and the contemplation of nature as God's creation, to the will and desire for collegiality.

The stately Russian poet Alexander Pushkin wrote expressions 1st British traveler:
Do you see what I have here (in Russia) in particular strikes? Clean and freedom of the Russian peasant. Watch-ka it: can we imagine ourselves to something a little more free than his treatment with us? There is not the smallest trace of servile humility in his manner and speech.

At least some Russian man cherishes his own freedom, their own will and nothing can link it, no niggling enthusiasm nor liberal freedoms or Western values, but his life only fills this "contemplation of the soul", which is celebrated Russian philosopher I. Ilyin whose loss, a Russian man yearns and dreams to find again. This breadth of soul, contemplation and thirst for spirituality, morality and ethics, which appeared in most of his own Christian faith, patience and courage of sorrow, freedom and love of neighbor, the Russian Federation to the nature of all the Russian people. No signs of blood, but the dedication of the Russian Federation, the Russian people, their fathers, their own faith — that's what makes and defines the Russian people. Specifically for these characters and understand the Russian people, and specifically it is his identity.

Who can be a Russian? At least some one who loves Russia and Russian people whose spiritual roots are in the Orthodox faith, whose forefathers were not spared, "his stomach" to defend the homeland and loved his own who love Russia more than their own lives, who prefer the good of the general welfare of the personnel for whom secondary means and power, their own pride and prosperity . No genetic analysis defines a civilization, but the totality of the moral and spiritual principles!

But all of these national characteristics do not fit in my head G.Mirskogo, doctor of historical sciences:
Regarding the proposal to declare the Russian state-forming people — so they define it — I'd just asked them such a question. As you consider how it would react to the Tatars, Bashkirs, Kalmyks, the peoples of the Northern Caucasus, if tyknut finger at them and say, you're practically second grade, the Russian first grade. In-1's, it is incorrect to purely scientific point of view. Since this brings us to the question of determining the nationality on purely ethnic grounds. That is, if we go further, it will be a sign of blood, a sign of German blood is acceptable. It's funny, because the people of Russia as mixed bloods — and Mongolian, and Finno-Ugric, and Polish, and what you want. That in itself is just fun.
Stunning expression doctorate in history! I wonder how it relates to the current policy of Israel, who believes the Palestinians are treated as second class or Turkey's policy towards the Kurds? Examples can be multiplied, and further, not only the one preached chauvinism Nazi Germany and Nazism, these poisonous germs arise in different countries around the world, including the United States, showing the predominance of politics, not of equal coexistence. Because with the "scientific point of view," Israel's policy should be referred to as the national — fascist, right Jora Ilyich?

The Russian people, how to create a Russian, as the innumerable ethnic group, should take the state-forming role of the builder of the country, conducting municipal politics of nationalism and socialism, when the leading role of the Russian people is not a nationalist, but brotherly towards other civilizations and peoples. We, the Russian people, to be spiritually — moral example for the Tatars, Bashkirs, Kalmyks, the peoples of the North Caucasus and Yakutia, Central Russia and other regions, carefully and painstakingly applies to their original culture and language — the soul of the people, protecting and developing the national education involving them in the political and career.

The fact that, according to the views of Doctor of Historical Sciences, the Russian blood mixed signs of other nations, has no value, because the symptoms of Russian civilization in the spiritual — moral foundations of her life in the Orthodox faith and catholicity, of love for one's neighbor and his own homeland, their own people. Natural brain, hard work, sacrifice and courage made the Russian people Russian in spirit, and genetic features as clear G.Mirskomu vary for one human life under the influence of the spiritual properties that man made his actual reference. Barclay de Tolly, P.Bagration, K.Rokossovsky, like many other officers were specifically Russian officers, although they had a different ethnic origin. Many stately scientists, writers, poets, painters, having no Russian roots magnify Russian, and it is so because they loved Russia, the Russian people, were Orthodox and true patriots of their own country, prefer to selflessly serve specifically to her, not to find fame in the nationalism of their own labor. Russia — it is always more than nationalism, it is a Christian virtue of life "for his friends" for their homeland and their own people, it is the desire of the soul to the world of mountain, but not to the earth.

As noted by the Russian philosopher Berdyaev:
In Russia, the face and come into contact two streams of world history — the East and the West. The Russian people is not a purely European and not purely Asian people. Our homeland is an integral part of the world, a large east-west, it connects the two worlds.
Specifically, this east — west, and the Orthodox faith and made our people uniq
ue in its spiritual — moral aspects of their own understanding of the mission of peacekeepers carrying stability and the light of spiritual wisdom to all the nations around us. We, the Russian people must firmly assess and understand their role in the history of Russia and the world, do not give in to the false and vile libels Mir — Aleksashenko — Kozlov and other "citizens of the world" that are part of komplota world behind the scenes against the Russian state. Our role in the modern world is unique and will claim from us, Russian people, the stresses of their own spiritual and physical strength, as we confront the many peoples who live only by parasitism and colonization of other states and nations.

Nikolai Gogol, an excerpt from "Dead Souls":
Russ, where are you rushing? Give an answer. Is not the answer. Wondrous roar filled bell, rattles and gets torn to pieces by the wind the air, flying past everything that is on the earth, and, squinting, postoranivayutsya and give her the way other peoples and countries.
Believe, the Russian people, we will rise, we are not on the side of the road world, but in the heart of it, we rush to his own goal — the construction of municipal socialism in Russia, which no one has ever yet built. We rush to the revival of social monarchy where the monarch is not based on the aristocratic elite, but to the whole people, and connects inside the church and secular authority. That of the monarchy, and no one ever knew. We, the Russian people, and wish to build a municipal nationalism, where public debt is above the personal, where work is honorable and important for everyone, where the common interests of all nations and peoples lies in the welfare of the Russian Federation and the strengthening of its statehood. We, the Russian people wish to adore their civilization, their country, to petition for the revival of the Russian Federation, to support its defense and industrial strength to a sufficient level, the ability to resist external pressure on our sovereignty. All civilizations and peoples historically living on the territory of Russia should unite with the Russian people, to become one with it, so that no machinations of opponents did not shake the genuine friendship of the peoples of, respecting national identity and true equality for all nations and peoples.

Our homeland — the Empire and the spirit of justice, not colonies, and parasitism of one civilization at the expense of others. Latitude soul of the Russian people, their brotherly love for other people has always been a mainstay of the welfare of the people and the country. The enemies of Russia and the Russian people want to wreak national havoc in our souls, play at an artificially made by the contradictions between the nations, to divide us, to hurt each on — alone. Will not happen, the Russian people is strong in alliance with other nations and by any cosmopolitan "values" did not shake, nor slay the soul of the people, destroying his spiritually dead West.

You are steeped in spiritual poverty and emptiness of a dying culture, emasculated language that petty as well as your soul is engaged in the service of the "golden calf", do not force us to become as moral freaks who do not know their own history, its own roots. We are not, we — the other. We, the Russian people, strong Orthodox faith, strong willingness to sacrifice for others, for their country, for their own people.

We are Russian, God is with us!

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