What is today the regiment power? Strategy 666!

What is today the regiment power? Perhaps, in order to revel in the domination over other people? But after today's dominance of far-fetched: they obey the will of the other rulers, other, We aggressive civilization.

Or, perhaps, the power they need in order to realize an excellent municipal plan? Creating a new kingdom. Creation of an unusual culture. Reincarnation is the long-suffering Russian people the happiest people prosperous land. Did not happen. No plans, no kind of things to come, nor sympathy and love for the people, by the will of options over which they ascended.

It seems that the dominance they need in order to rake up under her pile of gold, diamonds. Fill foreign accounts petrodollars. Receive income from each Russian moan with each child's tears. Power needed in order to swim at the world's most luxurious yachts. Build one by one, perfect, to match the Egyptian pharaohs, the palaces. Delight yourself Society of European rulers, such as Berlusconi, Sarkozy or Merkel.

Today's leaders nothing like their predecessors of the near and distant past. They are not like the majestic Russian princes, who, staying under the yoke, inch by inch, for crumb crumbs, raised the Russian position. Reclaiming the Horde freedom of action. Amassing forces for a decisive battle, which was accomplished on the Kulikovo field with the blessing of St. Sergius.

They are not like the Russian tsars, for whom the creation of the Empire was the ultimate goal, the highest military, political, spiritual task — to solve it, they sent out the shelf is to Narva, then the Bukhara. Autopsied Ural minerals, building a cannon factory. Chopped oak and pine ship, creating a majestic fleet. Patronized amazing artists, great poets, creating an inimitable imperial civilization, among which the sun shone unquenchable Pushkin.

Or maybe live in their gene Joseph Stalin which In the pitch works and bloody vigil snatched power from the hated rivals? Zastrow Russian towns, factories, airfields. Surrounded himself with professional gunsmiths, engine builders, architects and writers. 40 In the fifth year, reddish hoisted the banner in the center of Europe, making the government entrusted to him in an invincible stronghold.

None of this there is no trace in the Kremlin today barman. They have not won power in the bloody battles of. Not received it by divine right of succession. Were not selected by the Zemsky Sobor, chosen as the first Romanov. The power of Putin got nothing. Without the smallest work he found her purse is found in the path of the park. After jumping out of the residence of moderate low-profile intelligence agent in the audience chamber of the Kremlin, he seemed surprised at his own change. I tried to understand why the Lord has chosen him specifically, bestowing him with the excellent location, breathing history of the universe. To understand this, it is now and then cast off to the monastic elders, debated for hours with John Krestyankin. Visited Mount Athos, wanting to unravel the mystery of his own destiny.

The first years of its reign, he did act, monotonous with the acts of ordinary Russian rulers. He won the Second Chechen, dashing disastrous for Russia in the world Khasavyurt. Subdue the separatists like Ivan the Terrible, though without its hind legs and chopping block. Amassed untold petrodollars, promising to use them to revive the devastated economy, the missing aircraft industry, in return for the creation of a drowned modern fleet of combat-ready fleet. That was the time when people believed him, expected him to leap and victory.

But there was no breakthrough, no victory. The government, which he was rescued in 2000, the year, rotted by 2011, so that in all municipal institutions, in all institutions and offices settled their own greedy voracious worm which izgryz inside and took a rosy apple Countries Russian.

Fun and crafty look now legends of the modernization of, the re-establishment of military-industrial complex, the construction of a new fleet, the latest Russian aviation and astronautics.

Fall last aircraft built for Russian stocks. Buried past ships and boats made by Russian shipyards. Retire last of the Mohicans, mindful of the royal rumble of rocket engines, flown van ships and scientific satellites.

Elections in which to draw a lasso country, promises to be no match programs and ideas, the brightest personalities clash and favorites, and the big fake bandstand, where one by one fall out daubed clownish characters. Excellent Ohlobystin, brilliantly plays the role of a clown, enjoyed this role, speaking at the Luzhniki Stadium with its own remarkable speech. He promised to recreate the empire, the people porazdavat gun, return and the defense industry in recent arms race to beat the adversary.

Quiet zhutyu emanates from Prokhorov which made their bones billion for sufferers of the Gulag. With the ability to save all the orphans of, build schools, cadet corps and institutions, which would grow a new breed of Russian statesmen and the sons of the fatherland, Prokhorov has a 5-fold the number of students, apparently believing that the Russian people not worthy of knowing and not safe in the knowledge that his superior failure that fell on his head.

What is Alla Pugacheva, offering party "Right Cause" stale her bare thighs, worn own voice, his continuous flickering in indecent TV programs.

As once security officers rushed to the authorities and filled his officers and generals, all state agents place of, so now the replacement security officers in politics breaks show business: angry, sassy and besprintsipialny. Soon the day when, in the Kremlin chambers will whoop it up and gag clowns, pulling up their skirts "new Russian grandmother" Galtsev arrange a debate with Petrosian. And the whole country is laughing to colic, watching this debate, not noticing that every year the Russian becomes a million less.

The Yak-42 that fell among the Yaroslavl political forum, splashed muddy, covered with a film of water Russian oil policy. And baring the bottom and flashed a terrible, with bloody eyes, animal mask, stretching its forum members "Strategy 666".

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