What nationality were the Russian tsars?

We're engaged in a simple nededuktivnoy rhymes and it was long. Information is a matter of amusing and presented in excellent book on the history of Russia Catherine the Great http://www.ekaterina2.bnd.ru/konf/konf_060.shtml, but for some reason no one has so far not add up.
We list who were ethnic Russian tsars. It seems totally stupid question — of course Russian. But, we'll let us for a moment and let us take a pedant and simple, with a pencil in hand, to check who an ethnic Russian tsars? Moreover, that is not classified.

History of Russia, written by Catherine quite beautiful: the all-in fact it is, and from anyone who was born, and mom and dad and all the kids are, and what the kings at that time in Europe are right, and all the major events — everything is written. Sit and stupidly consider, even no deduction is not necessary. An easy job. The remarkable story of Catherine, a pity that after the middle of the 12th century breaks.
What our prevailing axiom official historical science on ethnic Russian rulers? — "The first Russian rulers were the Vikings, that is kind of like aliens, and the rest later — all Russian." Well, …

Here, for better understanding:
Rurik's family tree

Rurik's family tree

So Rurik — ostensibly Vikings, that is kind of like aliens, and all the other Russian? Is this true? And that tells us the most authoritative historian who is besuslovno queen Catherine II. Why is it the most authoritative historian in Russia?

Because it is their only Russian historians like as not Jewish.

Second, as you ponimete, Catherine II was available much more information than we actually have now. Because the data over time, tend to evaporate and become distorted, so that the maximum of the facts known to contemporaries and the further into the mists of time, the more blurred.

Third, it is clear that Catherine the Great, when he wrote his story, told his vernopoddnannym bring all the data from the archive, and they apparently did not dare to disobey.

In any case, better stories than Catherine wrote about this period of not. It is a pity that her story somehow breaks early, otherwise future historians would not take. Maybe that's why her story and breaks? Maybe even worth poryskat in the archives? Can there? Can hide it? Or destroyed? After all, people talk about the history of Catherine in full: "… That's Historical Records imp [eratritsy] Catherine — continues AP Pypin — in their full strength are precious monument, the only one of its kind in our history, a remarkable and historical content and deep psychological interest. Great historical merit Notes set their remarkable honesty … ".

Catherine's story somehow suddenly cut short by the 12th century. I believe that Catherine had enough time and interest, especially as the story of his reign, she wrote, and, apparently, the history of Russia from the 12th to the 18th century it was also written, but someone has, quite perhaps destroyed, or should look?

Catherine tells us exactly about the nationality of the father of Rurik. Rurik grandfather was Gostomysla. Who is Gostomysla? "Gostomysla — prince or tribal elder famous Novgorod" said Catherine. http://www.rustrana.ru/print.php?nid=1071. Let us, for clarity, called "Glory of Novgorod" and different, as it is now — "Russian". Catherine says Gostomysl:
"Gostomysla Vikings drove the sea and castle in the name of his eldest son built a choice, to inaugurate the world with the Vikings And there was silence in the land ….. Gostomysla had four sons and three daughters, sons died before his father, a great daughter was a Izborsk from which Olga knyagiyanya (ie Olga — Russian) Umila his middle daughter, was married to a Finnish king Hatched Norman, was born from this marriage Rurik with the brothers. "

Thus, what is? That Rurik with his brother (Sineusuom and Truvor) — not the Vikings — they are mothers, that is, to the best specialists in the blood — the Jews — pure Slavs, that is Russian. Rurik 50% Vikings father and mother to a 50% Slav, but on his mother — he is Jewish law, and therefore as the best experts in blood is considered, then so be it — Slav. That is not Rurik Vikings — he Slav, that is Russian. Rurik — grandson Gostomysla — "elders famous Novgorod." Thus, with the help of Jewish art, we decided the most divisive issue and solved it, as opposed to the official historiography. Varangian Rurik dynasty formally, but the mother first Rurik — Slavs. His grandfather Gostomysla "elder famous Novgorod", mother of Rurik — Russian.

Now automatically begin to look for a line of kings, grand dukes. Source — again, the same story of Catherine the Great "Grand Prince Rurik had a wife, whom he was very fond of, namely Efandu or Edvindu (Hedwig), daughter of Prince Urmanskoye." "Prince Urmanskoye from the family of Norwegian kings." http://www.spsl.nsc.ru/history/descr/spis02.htm Thus, by Igor mother was really the Vikings and only. Opposite situation than the father, Rurik. Igor on 50% of the Vikings and 50% Slav, but the mother, is what matters most, Igor — Vikings.
Igor's wife was Olga, granddaughter Gostomysla, that is 100% Russian. And their son, Grand Duke Svyatoslav, eliminate the Khazar empire, so 50% of Novgorod mother was a Slav and a further 25%, on the father too Novgorod Slavs, that is all of the Slavs — by 75%, and the father of 25% was Vikings. Looking ahead, we will see more of the Russian sovereign than Sviatoslav subsequently in Russia has never been.

Svyatoslav — Russian. That is, the first three Rurikovich — it's peak, the quintessence of Slavism and peak Russianness kings! — More of you, however, did not see it.

The next great Prince Yaropolk Svyatoslavovych first was by a Hungarian mother, as the former wife of Svyatoslav was Hungarian.
Next Grand Duke — Grand Prince Vladimir — Baptist. Catherine further indicates, "Vladimir was ladies' man like of Solomon" (!). The second wife of Igor was Malusha housekeeper, and from this marriage, and there was a baptizer of Rus in Jewish Christianity, and therefore "the Great" Prince Vladimir. Now it is widely known that the Malusha was Jewish. What exactly Constantinople Jewish-Ashkenazi hazarkoy sefardkoy or even be seen. The important thing that the Grand Duke Vladimir of 50% mother was Jewish, and 50% were Russian, but Jewish law Prince Vladimir can claim Israeli citizenship.

The characteristic mark of a Jewish "hidden hand that both son Svyatoslav from his first marriage to a Hungarian Predslava and Yaropolk and Oleg were assassinated. — Jewish revenge. Not only did Prince Vladimir Jew killed his half-brothers and produced in Russia genocide, killed and drowned, who did not wish to be baptized in the Jewish Christian, Prince Vladimir, Boris Yeltsin as Russia divided into 12 parts — the lot, which was delivered to his many children. The whole history of Russia after Vladimir over the next few centuries will be social regression, a failure, a "black hole", ongoing civil war in which the descendants of Vladimir will ably handle these inheritance to this impression, to make maximum Armenian population in the territory to be. Take a few long centuries to reassemble Russia.
Thus, in 1015 the death of Prince Vladimir — this is 1991 for Russia.

Next Grand Duke, we go on to Catherine — is Svyatopolk first Yaropolkovich. Neither the son of Vladimir, and his eldest son murdered brother Yaropolk. And that his wife had Yaropolk grekinyu Predslava. That is the next Grand Duke of Kiev Svyatopolk first was on the mother for 50% of Greeks, and the father Yaropolk Hungarian mixed with Slavic blood. That is the next great Knnyaz Svyatoslav first nationality, since we, as the Jewish experts, is considered a national maternal, Svyatopolk first Yaropolkovich was Greek. This is not even considering such a factor that Constantinople had long completely controlled Middle Eastern Sephardic Jews. It is quite possible, since the Jews accepted export "Esther", which may Svyatopolk first was Constantinople Jew. But this is just a hypothesis. We do also accept as fact that Svyatopolk first was an ethnic Greek.

Moving on to Catherine. — After the death of Svatopluk First Grand Duke was not his son and his cousin, Yaroslav, that is, the son of St. Vladimir. Yaroslav was the son of the first Jew Vladimir and Polotsk princess Rogneda. Let's assume the nationality of the First Yaroslav (the Wise). It is clear that his nationality Polovtsian, that is Tartar, but a 25% Jewish. And in Russia it is considered — "explosive mixture" — "a mixture of a Jew with a Tartar," that is, the first Yaroslav Vladimirovich (Wise) — Polovtsian with Jewish blood. Maybe that's why he ruled for a long time from 1015 to 1054?

Pay attention to the year of the death of Yaroslav — 1054. This year was a milestone — Western breakaway Catholic Church from the United Christian Church of the Roman Empire, whose capital was in Constantinople — the so-called SHIZM — http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/East-West_Schism. That is, until 1054, Constantinople was the capital of the whole of Europe and churches across Europe were one and the same — the Christian, the rite of Constantinople, that is Orthodox. Since 1054 all of Western Europe was taken to the split, and that is how it should be understood — Western Europe are gone. Hence the Western Europe as opposed to the East, which is under the church remained under the influence of Constantinople.

I want to note here that even the event itself split happened very strange. There were no signs split. Some of the differences that existed between the Pope and the Patriarch were always or more than usual, such as heads of different departments odds of one organization. And in the spring of 1054, Pope Leo the Ninth send their papers to the three emissaries to Constantinople — a common practice. BUT! Only serving emissaries of Rome as April 19, 1054 Pope Leo dies skoropostizhenno ninth (!) Http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pope_Leo_IX, and emissaries declared in Constantinople with the opening of the seals on the letters! Patriarch refused them razgovorivat and correct, as all know who they are and whether they are the person who sent the deceased Pope Leo the Ninth? After photographs had not yet been. Then the three allegedly "papal commissioner," and the Pope not pomershi old dad, and a new pope is not, and in all three of these legal rules Commissioner have no authority, not to mention that their messages are not valid, and so these false emissaries claimed on Saturday July 16 at the service of the church of St. Sophia in Constantinople, and placed on the altar Bull Ekskomunikatsii, ie excommunication and go to Rome. — All — another Jewish provocation worked, because no one except Evreonala not behind Goiskoye splits.

That is likely the case, that of Pope Leo Evreonal … sent to the other world and replaced the emissaries. In this "shizme" all signs of Jewish machinations. It seems that these Kievan Rus Constantinople disasters are not directly related, although both say. But the fact remains that Yaroslav the Wise died in the same year 1054. Maybe it's a coincidence. Historian and historian of the fact that I should ask questions, not to guard official dogma!

The following Grand Prince Yaroslav was the son of the First Swedish Princess Ingegerd. Thus Prince Izyaslav Yaroslavovich first half Swedish half-Tatar, but the mother, that is, by nationality, Izyaslav first Yaroslavovich is Swedish. "The situation of the Jews in Kiev was strong enough. Izyaslav translated market with stalls from the lower part of the city — Podol in its upper part, where the Jews lived, for which they paid him a lot of money "- This is the website we Hasidim. http://www.chassidus.ru/library/history/kandel/03.htm. — How do we know for sure that if w / d Kiev Izyaslav Yaroslavovich paid big money, it means they have more capital, and it is said that in Kiev at the time the Jewish monetary oligarchy was no less than it is now. So Izyaslav Yaroslavovich gave togovlyu market and in full control of the Jews.

After the death of the first Grand Prince Izyaslav was not his son and his brother Vsevolod Yaroslavovich First, it is also a Swede. —

The following Grand Duke was the son Izyaslav Yaroslavovych who in matrimony had Polish Princess ", so that the second Grand Prince Svyatopolk Izyaslavich was maternal Pole, a quarter Swedish, and a quarter of a Tartar, but write a Pole by birth. "The Grand Duke Svyatopolk II good to the Jews," wrote about him Hasidim site and thus we conclude that the Jewish oligarchs in Kiev at the time of the Grand Dukes have kept in my purse. http://www.chassidus.ru/library/history/kandel/03.htm

But the next Grand Duke was not his son, and the son of Vsevolod the Greek First Yaroslavovych his wife daughter of Emperor Constantine Monomakh famous Monomakh Vsevolodovich. Now you know why Vladimir Monomakh — "The Great" in the box? — The answer is very simple — for the same reason as the St. Vladimir the Baptist. — Then at his mother, of course in this case are not "Greek" and Constantinople Jewish. And unlike the case with the Grand Duke Svyatopolk first, whose mother is also a "Greek", but where we are not sure you can say for sure, because she's the daughter of the Emperor of Constantinople, Constantine Monomakh, not Sephardic of Constantinople imperial dynasties were found.

Thus the Grand Prince Vladimir Monomakh mother Jewish Middle East — Sephardic, not Ashkenazi, not Khazars — Sephardic! Monomakh even for this — how Constantinople Sephardic throne of Kiev! Constantinople crown (Monomakh) presented, such as the emperor of Constantinople, he can be considered for joy. The gift of the crown — this is not just a gift! You may have heard in the stories that gave the crown to strangers? It's like a present kingdom. After all, the King said: "I send you my crown." According to his father, Vladimir Monomakh, a quarter Swedish, Tatar, a quarter, but it is the exact nationality of the mother is 50% Sephardic Jew — "a citizen of Israel."
Unlike the Jews, too, Grand Prince Vladimir the Baptist, which we do not know it, or Sephardic hazarin, Vladimir Monomakh — Jew hazarin and Constantinople — Middle East — Sephardic — Semite. Clear on what basis in Rus Princes enroll in "great" and is very high?

The following Grand Duke of Russia was the son of Vladimir Monomakh of his wife — the daughter of King Gita — Mstislav First Minister, who, on his mother Englishman, and the father of Sephardic Jew, but maternal nationality he have written an Englishman, though Jewish blood is evil, but follow the rules. Mstislav Vladimirovich First Jews in Israel would not let him.

After that, the Grand Duke was not the son and the son of Mstislav again Vladimir Monomakh of the English queen, too, that is again on his father's Jewish, but from the mother Englishman, that is also the second Englishman Yaropolk Vladimirovich (Pereyaslav), but they are all "Monomakh" that is with Sephardic blood. In Yaropolk Vladimirovich had no children. Apparently it was not very powerful prince, because his reign with the 1132 to 1139 was able to jump up kind of Rurik-Olegoviches, namely the descendants of Oleg Svyatoslavich and fight for the throne.

Here the story of Catherine the miserable way why it breaks and additional sources, in contrast to Catherine the Great, are wonderfully goofy. — The following Grand Duke was again the son of Vladimir Monomakh, that is, again, the Anglo-Sephardic, that is, "the Englishman" Vyacheslav Vladimirovich.

But here Olegovichy-Svyatoslavovych sprang and rebelled against Jewish Monomakh. Vsevolod II of Kiev approaches to Kiev. "Vyacheslav scared and went and gave the throne of the Great Russian prince Vsevolod Second Olgovich Novgorod-Seversky — All? Volodya II O? Lgovich (1094-1146) — Prince of Chernigov (1127-1139), Grand Prince of Kiev (1139-1146), the son of Oleg and Svyatoslav and Greek women Muzalon Theophany. " That is kind of Svyatoslavovych Sephardim too dissolute, all? Volodya II O? Lgovich maternal also Greek, and it may well be too Constantinople Sephardic Jew.

She went here between Sephardic clans "Monomakh" and "Svyatoslavovych" struggle "of the Roses." Vsevolod II O? Lgovich stayed in Kiev for six years from 1139-1146, and apparently it starved. Heir was his brother Igor II of Kiev, but in fact the Khazar Kiev immediately overthrown and killed in 1147 to the year, that is, he immediately tried to sit on the throne of Kiev, and the power went back to the clan of Monomakh, fell only for a period of 6 years.

Next was the Grand Prince Izyaslav second Mstislavovich. And since his dad Anglo-Sephardic Mstislav was married to the daughter of the King of Sweden Christina, the second Izyaslav Mstislavovich again the metric Swede. In any case Izyaslav second Mstislavovich belonged to this Sephardic Monomahovskomu clan that yet controlled Kiev and Velikoknyazhestvo whose descendants now challenged Svyatoslav, who also has become "Byzantium," What is the definition ranosilno Sephardim.

After the death of the Second Izyaslav Mstislavovich Velikoknyazhestvo passed to his brother, too, and also monomahovtsu Swede — Rostislav Mstislavovich, but not more than a year (1154-1155). Khazar power prevailed, apparently in Kiev in 1155 to the year when Rostislav Mstislavovich armed way threw all Chernigov prince patronymic "Davidovich." — Great Izyaslav Davidovich third Chernigov. Of course, the Biblical name in Russia was not necessarily the Jews. But, you see, that the princes after Svyatoslav Slavyanka not married. That is, in Chernigov Khazaria was even more flourishing than even in Kiev, if there is generally some Davidovich reigned.

However, the Khazar chutzpah very upset another son of Vladimir Monomakh of Yuri Dolgoruky, which, to his children by law have a preference for the Kiev throne, but which his father — Vladimir Monomakh Sephardic Constantinople sent the initiation of the Rostov-Suzdal northern Slavic tribes to the authority of Constantinople, and that is how it north Monomakh reign of Yuri Dolgoruky and must be understood. Yuri Dolgoruky in this respect is very similar to a much later ruler of Russia, his namesake and also "Dolgoruky" — Yuri Andropov-Lieberman, who was also heavily disguised kriptoevrey. Now you can see why the monument to Yuri Dolgoruky is central to Moscow, and he enlisted in the founding of Moscow, although Catherine II clearly tells us that Moscow Oleg founded back in the 10th century. Read in Catherine, "they say recorder that Oleg (the uncle and guardian of Prince Igor and effectively co-ruler) was a wise man and a warrior skilled and brave. He began his management guardianship detour Russian regions. Having come to the place where the river Moscow, Yauza and Neglinnaya connect, built mladoj hail, Moscow called him and gave him possession of a single one of his relatives. "

This event — the foundation of Moscow have been about 882 — year, before going to Kiev, that is, 260 years before the official. But Jewish historians, in order to make the founding capital of a Jewish tovarisha even agreed to cut off from Moscow's 260 years of its history and it completely ignored the clear evidence of Empress Catherine the Great. Apparently the full story of Catherine the Great was a lot of evidence, and therefore Jewish historians like Tatishchev-Karamzin, Solovyov Kliuchevskoi Ekaterinin story and decided to drastically reduce the Kievan Rus. So who is the founder of Moscow after the certificate of Empress? Definitely — Oleg the Wise.

So Yuri Dolgoruky — son of Sephardic Jews of Constantinople, Vladimir Monomakh: Once thought to be the son of Yuri Dolgoruky Sephardic Monomakh of an English that is an Englishman by birth, but just recently thinking ("the Russian state." Collectors M. Davydov, 2005 year. Page 61 http://www.kniga.com/books/product.asp? … sku = A12840), that George was the son of the first son of the second wife of Monomakh, details of which are not. That is the nationality of the Yuri Dolgoruky say exactly nothing is impossible, except that he Sephardic blood. However, if this latest version is false, then the son of Yuri Dolgoruky Vladimir Monomakh Anglo-Jewish. His mother "Englishwoman", and Sephardic Jewish father.

So, the Yuri Dolgoruky was outraged and arbitrariness ohutspeniem Davidovich, he came to Kiev with an army and drove the Third Izyaslav Davidovich and he seems to be dutifully left, but Yuri Dolgoruky Khazars Kiev immediately poisoned in 1157.

… I just want to focus on one point. Church of the Savior on Berestov where buried Yuri Dolgoruky http://io.ua/4157728p http://io.ua/4157725p and read in recent book, "The rulers of Russia." AI Kulyugin. Moskva.2006 year. ZAO Slavic House books. "
"Three times Yuri owned capital of ancient Russia. For the third time in 1155 (two years before his death), he easily took the throne in Izyaslav Davidovich. Yuri wanted only peace, but the lust for power, envy, greed, hurt pride again thrown into the arms of the princes of the devastating battles. Fortunately (?) Destiny to stop the bloodshed. Yuri suddenly fell ill and died May 15, 1157 in Kiev. Perhaps he was poisoned people of Kiev, not loved the Grand Duke. " Followed footy "explanation" of possible poisoning of Yuri Dolgoruky. And further: "After the death of Kiev killed almost all its Suzdal, which Yurii instructed management edge, plundered the palace of Grand Duke and his son Basil, and then buried him in a location outside of the Church of the Savior on Berestove."

The final nail in the coffin of the Great Kiev in 1169 drove the son of Yuri Dolgoruky Monomakh Andrew Y. Bogolyubskii, who sent his son Mstislav army in Kiev, and which in 1169 took Kiev and looted. But Andrew Bogolyubsky he did not even bother to come to Kiev, much longer he stayed on to rule. Apparently it's just been impossible. However, in any case, he left in his half-brother Kiev Gleb Yurevich, who was the son of Yuri Dolgoruky but from second — Byzantine wife, too, apparently Sephardic, but which also instantly poisoned. But formally, how many weeks Gleb Y. Grand Duke was.

That's it! The great Russian Kiev-over! Rather, it finished the Khazars.

Andrew Bogolyubsky son Yury Dolgoruky Monomakh of the daughter of the Polovtsian Khan Aepa. Andrew Bogolyubsky was Polovtsian nationality, that is, with a touch of Tartar Constantinople Jewish blood Monomakh. And what does the Polovtsian, and how do you distinguish Kipchaks from the Khazars? This is a separate issue and, by the way, should not be considered as a matter of course. Once thought to be the son of Yuri Dolgoruky Sephardic Monomakh of an English that is an Englishman by birth, but just recently thinking ("the Russian state." Collectors M. Davydov 2005. Page 61 http://www.kniga. com / books / product.asp? … sku = A12840), that George was the son of the first son of the second wife of Monomakh, details of which are not. That is the nationality of the Yuri Dolgoruky say exactly nothing is impossible, except that he Sephardic blood. However, if this version is false, then the son of Yuri Dolgoruky Vladimir Monomakh Anglo-Jewish.

The looting of the Khazar Kiev, which came under the full control of the Khazar oligarchs Andrei Bogolyubsky cost of life and even the icon of Our Lady of Vladimir devout Bogolyubsky, hence his nickname, did not save. June 29, 1174-Khazar Jews (Sephardim clearly could not do it) Andrew Bogolyubsky slaughtered in the village near Vladimir Bogolyubovo and even they do not deny that, as here on the website hasidus: "In the court of the Grand Duke Alexander Bogolyubsky in Vladimir in the late twelfth century were two Jews — Ephraim Moizich and Anba Yasin from the Caucasus, Grand Duke housekeeper: they were both the conspiracy that ended the murder of Andrei Bogolyubsky. " http://www.chassidus.ru/library/history/kandel/03.htm names killers — Khazar apparently agents olgigarhov Khazar Kiev. Again as Malusha Jewish keychains. Position of steward, and now — Chancellor of the Central Committee or Manager of the President of Russia, it is that, in Russia, the Jews fixed? The plundering of Kiev worth living, Andrew Bogoliubsky and his brother Gleb, as, in fact, his father, Yuri Dolgoruky.

From here you can see that the Jews are not only in a variety of in Kiev, but in Vladimir, and it is at the court, in control, not menials! After the murder of Monomakh in Kiev came Khazar mess, by type, probably the one that occurred in 1991. Vadim Kozhinov notes that between poisoning of Yuri Dolgoruky in 1157 and the capture of Kiev the Mongols in 1240 for 80 years of power in Kiev me — 40 times, that is, on average, once every two years. It is indisputable that in the mid 12th century, Russia was another long time of troubles, both in Kiev, by the way, both in Novgorod, again manifested in the form of some Jewish democracy.

Why do Jewish historians are unable to properly analyze the historical data? — Because their task is different. Their task is to eliminate the traces of Jewish activity in the stories and hide "the wiser." So we should look similar Jewish sources. Listen to the Jews — they leading and guiding elite and most intelligent people, and look at the history — they are not as not. How so? And from Kiev. Kiev was a peripheral city Khazar Empire under the name Sambath. Here you can see on this map "Kiev" is subtitled "Sambath," and blue border of the Khazars at different times, but Kiev / Sambath entered into the heart of the Khazars is always and only Olego-Svyatoslavovsky "Drang nach South" turned this map: http:// en.wikipedia.org / wiki / Image: Khazar_map1.PNG

Here I book "World History of the Jewish people," Tom "Middle Ages," edited by the famous Jewish historian Cecil Roth. (1966). «The World History of the Jewish People. The dark Ages »Editor Cecil Roth. Chapter "Kievan Rus'. This section states that "in the beginning of the Christian era, the number and activity (Constantinople) of the Jews in the Greek colonies of the Black Sea has increased significantly." — And this is not counting the Khazars — 2000 years ago.

No wonder that Jews consider Crimea and Northern Black Sea coast to its, and Slavs — the aliens to be destroyed. I do not say nothing to you, that no other "Byzantine", except Constantinople Jews north of the Black Sea has never been and still specifically cited the example of the Jews of Constantinople Cyril and Methodius. People are reluctant to part with myths. Russian cling to the myth that Cyril and Methodius, who are reported in the "educator of Russia" were "Greeks". But you read that writing about Cyril and Methodius, the same Hasidic Jewish website: "The famous creator of the Slavic alphabet Cyril knew Hebrew. And when he was creating a new alphabet — Cyrillic, the letters used for the majority of the Greek prototypes, but writing three letters — "w", "u" and "i" — he borrowed from the Hebrew. Compare writing the letters "w" / "u" with the letter "Shin"?, And the letter "C" with the letter "Tzadik?" And you will see this immediately. " http://www.chassidus.ru/library/history/kandel/03.htm
What ever knew Hebrew goy? Clear answer — no. Even in our enlightened time, no goy does not know Hebrew. A 1000 years ago? — Deleted! Jews Hebrew goyim never been taught, because in this case the goy could read the Talmud, and for reading the Talmud — goy supposed death, and thus for learning Hebrew, too! Thus Jews recognize that Cyril — Jew. But Jewish partner on a long trip never goy not give. And so Methodius also a Jew. And Cyril and Methodius — two Jews. And you see, they will clearly say that if one can argue that the first letters of the Russian alafita — it's actually not the first letter of the Hebrew — "Aleph" and "Beth" ("ABC"), and continue to insist that it is, say, the first letters of the Greek alphabet: alpha, beta, gamma, the final letters of the Russian alphabet "w", "u" and "i" just Jewish.

And if you still learn the Greek language itself was formed from a mixture of Hebrew, Aramaic and other Middle Eastern languages, it turns out that this is not a case where you can be proud of the independence of the Jews. Watson, in a world ruled by no one who governs open — real power — it is the power of those who have the power to rule by.

Later in the book of Jewish history Cecil Roth notes that in 1018, there is mention oevreyskih riots, resulting in the Polish King Boleslaw the Brave came to Kiev to save Jews and Prince Svatopluk I, which, apparently, they favoritiziroval. That is, even then, in 1018 (!), Kiev was so much w / Dove, which was very topical slogan "Beat w / Dove," and was a strong need to beat them. "In Kiev, was already two Jewish quarter, one of which was called" Kozar "and another -" the Jews. " That is, in Kiev, one quarter was for the Jews of Khazar, and another quarter was for the Jews of Constantinople — sefardov.http :/ / www.chassidus.ru/library/history/kandel/03.htm, namely w / DAMI and then they were called and there were the so-called "F / Dowa Gate", and, as we have seen, they are in full control of the market, which was in their quarter of the city, and trade, and hence the entire capital of Kiev, ie Khazars then were Kiev oligarchs http:/ / www.chassidus.ru/library/history/kandel/03.htm. Just like now.

Knowingly Yuri Slezkine, author of "Age of Mercury. Jews in the modern world "justifies Jewish subversive activities, they say that they like as appointed by God to be a" trading nation. " Rate — it routes Jewish merchants back in the ninth century http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Radhanites2.png,

What nationality were the Russian tsars?


and if you think you're the world has ever had other foreign merchants than Jewish, then you will, according to Yuri Slezkine Jew — California College of the teacher, it is necessary to radically change their point of view: By the way, in any case, highly recommend this book Slezkina.http :/ / www.bgshop.ru/description.aspx?p … no = 8799433

Same thing in 100 years, in 1113, when the Second Svyatopolk again appear in the book Roth documentary evidence that all Kiev w / Dov beat. A Jewish orthodoxy and Talmudic scholarship in Kiev were so advanced that fame had vseeropeyskuyu Talmudist named "R. Moses Kiev »(R. Moses of Kiev). He even has a Wikipedia entry. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moses_of_Kiev ihttp :/ / www.berdichev.org/jewish_history_1.htm to which the advice has been accessed Jews from all over Europe. (During the 12th century there is mention of R. Moses of Kiev who corresponded with Rabbenu Jacob b. Meir Tam and with the Gaon Samuel b. Ali of Baghdad).

That is, in Kiev, and probably not only, in Chernigov and Vladimir-Volyn already existed rabbinical seminary. What follows from this conclusion? That in the early 12th century in Kiev Khazar and Sephardic g / d were very numerous, controlled trade, and therefore money, and the exact same as always been strong ideologically. And the fact that Sephardic blood Monomakh of Kiev began to drive, says that in Kiev, well, just like now, reigned Khazar money oligarchy. Kiev w / ladies like air needed was a mess, it is democracy, as the highest and last stage of the Jewish oligarchy, and in the mid-12th century they were the mess in Kiev and in Novgorod entered.

What is the main issue is clearly a consequence of the information above Catherine the Great? — How long had the Jews in order to eliminate the Slavic empire Svyatoslav in Kiev? — In order to dismantle the empire Svyatoslav Evreonalu took 200 years. BUT! Empire ceased to be a Slav, as you can see from the national ruling princes — actually only took one generation!

It follows a lesson to all the monarchists — Jews enclose any monarch in his bed, "Esther" — is a matter of one generation, any monarchy is the second generation of Jewish history and the whole proof. That is MONARCHY AS A WAY OF STATE — THIS JEWISH JOKE!

In addition to this already very son Svyatoslav — Vladimir drew people into a foreign empire faith and by dividing the empire into 12 states, arranged in Kievan Rus' parade's sovereignty ", forcing Slavic tribes to fight each other.
And since there is reason to believe that the "Great and Holy" Prince Vladimir was not an idiot, then angry, "Yeltsin" such intent is evident.

Another obvious fact, which follows from the enumeration of the great nations of Kiev princes, all the great princes belong to some kosmoliticheskoy, international "blue blood", in which both are married, and most is not the fact that all these "Englishwoman", "Hungarian", " Polka "," Swede "and" Tatar "they really are. You understand what I'm getting at? This international elite that apparently controls the world — she was not born yesterday! It mimics and crawls through the millennium, thoroughly destroying all traces of your activity and existence, like a criminal, who cover their tracks. In the case of Kievan Rus siblings blue blood Prince Vladimir organized in Kievan Rus competent and organized mutual genocide Slavic tribes, the Jewish historian who was prezentirovan to the public as a "spontaneous chaotic infighting." Realized — "feud", "chaotic", for no reason, no reason, and no more questions to ask!

One more question.
What do you think, after the destruction of the Slavic empire Svyatoslav, Jews and those confined to the north and not go? But more about that, as they say, then. I just briefly note that since the mid-12th century, with the death of Monomakh and spalling of Kiev and Novgorod, Russia overthrown in such troubled times, uncertain times, which in comparison with the "Polish" Time of Troubles — just a black hole.

On Western maps 1200-1300-s Russia is not at all — the Golden Horde borders directly with Lithuania, the Teutonic Order and the Swedes! Dependent, vassal Russia, finely chopped, and skillfully managed cosmopolitan "blue blood" and vzaimoistreblyala vzaimogenotsidirovala themselves. And when in 1240 flooded the Tatar-Mongol "Drag nach West", then how do you know if the Grand Kiev only two great princes: Yaroslav the Wise and Andrew Bogolyubsky were Kipchaks, during the Tatar-Mongol yoke, most likely among " Russian "princes of the Slavs appeared, but the Khazars of the" Russian "princes, apparently" has sharply increased.

That is possible as a working hypothesis for the search to take, during the Tatar-Mongol yoke possible "Russian" princes were mostly kospopoliticheskoy Khazars mixed with blood. Here is a quote from the book American researcher Harold Lamb «The March of Varbarians and Tamerlane» Harold Lamb in "March of the Barbarians and Tamerlane":
"An interesting thing — the origin of the Mongol" Drang nach West. " -Why would they suddenly rushed to the West? So the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation Frederick Hohenstaufen gives a hint: "Until now the Tatar-Mongols had metal weapons, except for the raw iron sheets of chain mail. But suddenly, and we can not say it without a groan, they start from somewhere to arm themselves with modern weapons …. ".
That is, assume that all of a sudden the Tatar-Mongols discovered the secret of Damascus steel is silly. Means someone they started supplying steel blades in large numbers. Tatars came to the line Vienna-Venice and … when all of Europe prepared to die, they suddenly turned their horses and clean up after the Volga. It's time to tell stories about priests "miracles" and "phenomenon." Venice conquerors did not take for some reason.

However, if you put evreologicheskuyu giptezu that the Tatar-Mongols actually Khazar-Mongol, "Khan"-Kahn "- again Kaganate and Kaganovich, then all at once explained — that the Khazars organized all nomads of Siberia, by their connections with the Venetian merchants were armed their damask blades and thrown to the genocide and the "cleansing" of the territory of the Volga and to the line Vienna-Venice. After that they were given orders to return. That is why the Khazar-Mongols moved Venice — Jewish seat "Venetian aristocrats," as it is now in London, Amsterdam, Geneva, but burnt and cut out all of the Volga and to Venice.

John Monk, who came from Western Europe at the time, wrote that around Kiev can be found scattered more skeletons than living people. Writes Harold Lamb «The March of barbarians and Tamerlane» (Harold Lamb in "March of the Barbarians and Tamerlane") and Rene Grousset «L'Empire des steppes» 1938 Paris. (Quote Hohenstaufen otuda same).
"In fact, the so-called" Tatars "were a small tribe, who lived between Mongolia and the Great Wall of China (ie, northern China).

Carpini http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carpini says Tatar Mongols looked at from top to bottom and did not like when they were called by that name. The Chinese then also looked at the Tatars as the dogs. Where does the name "Tartar", remains a mystery. In fact, "Tatar-Mongol" hordes consisted mostly of Turkish people (Khazars, the Turkic people) plus a small amount of these actually Tatars and a very small amount of the Mongols. At Batu Khan at the time of death of Genghis Kahn was only 4000 Mongol "! —

So whose actually it was a yoke?

— "Option" Iraqi democracy? "Everywhere false" labels. " What are those "Tatar-Mongols," when they are physically almost was not in the army? As they say, everything falls into place. If we have read that the Khazar-Mongols sold «down the river» — «down the river" Russian children in Crimea Venetian "merchants", in fact it is called the slave trade, then there is even more hidden hand traced Venice — then the seat Evreonala.

But Harold Lamb leads another stunning fact. You all know that the Orthodox Church declared itself radetelnitsey for the Russian people and, say, very hard time keeping them all on the weight in supplication for Russia, and the dome of gold, just so that people see better. BUT! You all know that the Khazar-Mongol Rus exposed severe tribute and the entire state system of Russia at that time was built around Khazar officials who collected tribute — tax collectors.
As called for Tatar tribute? — "Catch."
Local authorities in Russia were collection points for the tribute, all the roads were paved over Russia horizontal equator — from west to east — to the Volga, where the whole tribute set off down the river. Each family was besieged tribute — Everyone pays "benefits" — specifically, plus general tribute. If people are not able to pay tribute to their children also sent down the river Venetian slave traders.

In order to most effectively tribute Khazar-Mongols immediately and be regularly POPULATION CENSUS! — That's what first made in Russia population census. They, these Khazars, first introduced in Russia silver coins — "Money" — "Deng" — Khazar word, like the word "goods". And we want to instill that all of this sophisticated system of slavery of the general population invented the then Chinese Tatars and Mongols? Yes Chukchi and now can not pull out of the tent — in the 21st century — Jews love stories "about the Chukchi," and we are taught that in 13-15 centuries, they were simply a genius and extremely aggressive, and really, they say, there were many .
So whose is the writing?
Correctly, the performers — Jews Khazars, and the brain trust of the money Venetian oligarchs — just as it is now the Russian Khazars — oligarchs grumbling in Russia and they are working with their counterparts on Wall Street. Changing terms and names, but the system remains the exact same. And it once again should serve as a warning that the "Tatar-Mongol" "Drag nach West" Evreonal can easily and repeat.
So here's a quote from Harold Lamb: "In Russia, the Tatar-Mongol conquerors exempt from taxes all the clergy of the Orthodox Church, and the black and white clergy. Released as the personal tributes, and the contribution to the overall tribute, was also freed from all tribute and all the property of the Orthodox Church. In return, the conquerors used the clergy of the Orthodox Church as their intermediaries as collaborators, and ordered the Orthodox Church to hold public service for the health of the 'King of Batu "- Quoted by Harold Lamb« The March of Muscovy »NY 1948. Pp. 40.

Now we put the main question, and trying to drive the last nail in the coffin, "What Vesco basis can have such a privileged position of the Orthodox clergy in the Khazar-Mongol yoke, so that the Orthodox Church has been an integral part of the repressive apparatus of the Khazar?" — Only one answer — TOTAL BLOOD. (Or, as the Jewish Communists — "class relationship") Now I want you to give one more graphics Russia Rurik time.


Bulgarians later Khazar-"Mongols" shifted to where is today Bulgaria.

When it was over, I'll call him, "Time of Troubles", the "black hole of Russian history"? — Paradox, this black hole "in Russian history came to an end with the arrival of Rome in a tiny principality of Moscow thousands of Constantinople-Roman suite attendants Zoe Paleologos — wife of the Tsar Ivan III. Zoe Paleologos — Constantinople Jewish sefardka.

You currently peredstavlyaete what in 1472 was Moscow? — Large Village. Rome is not just to have more to shove this mass Jewish nobility, who ponabezhala to them in 1453 from the Turks captured Constantinople. And in this great forest and snow-covered village came to Moscow several thousand of the most educated people of the former Constantinople and Rome, and most of the Sephardic Jews. And they immediately went to the place and as the elite and upper class were emerging Muscovy — "nobles."

Do you remember when I gave you a clear evidence that the "Kremlin" — is the Khazar word, I expressed Somen in the official version of the word "boyars." So, I found that some people suggest: Bo Yar — is the Hebrew phrase? ? — Designates, "go to the forest," For example, such as the well-known biblical phrase "Come and see" in Hebrew sounds like "BO ER" (Boris'). On the "BO", apparently, can be the origin and some other purely Russian words like Beau g gatstvo Bo, Bo-l, and others "Bo" — the Hebrew word is serious — the head of the second book of the Torah and Torah Shemot ( Shemot) (in the Old Testament it is called "Exodus"), is called "Bo."
But for the educated Middle Eastern Sephardic Jews after Constantinople and Rome had a large snow village Moscow "in the enchanted forest primeval old Murom"? — Forest. A Perslavl still is called "Zalessky." So the question is, could there be seconded from Rome and Moscow Vizintii to remote forests secular and enlightened Constantinople Sephardic Jews call themselves "walking in the forest" — more Yar -? ? -? Perhaps? It is possible that the number of the new Moscow elite than the population of most of the then Moscow.

But kake miraculous transformation began to take place with a tiny independent principality of Moscow deaf since organized Evreonalom Ivan III married to Zoe Paleologhttp :/ / www.peoples.ru/family/wife/fominishna/ and arrival Palaeologus rati! That did not dream Ivan Kalita, who for no apparent big reasons the number of official historians as "The Collector of Russia" immediately began to argue in the hands of Palaeologus.
Judge: in 1472 Palaeologus megakagal emigrated to Moscow. In just 6 years, in 1478, they joined rebellious Novgorod, which is 350 years under the guise of a "democratic republic" owned commercial union of German Jews — "Hansa» HANZA »(Then another Marine Hansa not" Lufthansa "). All these 350 years Novgorod Russia did not belong, and belonged to the Hanseatic League of Jewish oligarchs Northern Germany.
Look visibility map: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Haup … _Hanse.png

Was completely destroyed and ceased to exist, "the German merchants' quarter in Novgorod, called" Office "(hence went the word" office), from which, and to manage the Novgorod Veche and in fact only bring to the attention of the people solutions Hanseatic "Office."

In the south in 1480 to the year, on the Ugra river, (The fighting on the Ugra "), a tributary of the Oka, near Kaluga, Paleologos reflect the invasion of host Russia — Golden Horde Khan Ahmad Khan and thus a record of Ryazan, Tula and Kaluga region, which always depended on the Khanate. -That was the end of the Mongol yoke, which lasted for 240 years from 1240 to 1480. More Horde to Russia for some reason it does not rock the boat.

So who killed in Russia since the Tatar-Mongol yoke? — Paleologos! And even the idea of Zoe Paleologos credited termination payback tribute. Who would give her such an idea? It is clear that she herself had not thought of that.

In 1485 Paleologos broke another old rival of Moscow and Tver captured. In the West, in 1487, Moscow, the war with the Polish-Lithuanian state. You know, where at that time was the border with Poland? A little more than a hundred kilometers west of Moscow, and not long before that and Mozhaisk Moscow did not belong. Vyazma was Polish! Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was a classic Jewish Empire and most powerful state in Europe that time http://www.euratlas.com/big/big1400.htm, and west of Constantinople Sephardim Paleologos agree with Khazar Jews of Poland failed. Smolensk, like Kiev, will be part of Russia only in only in 1667 by Andrusovo world. However Paleologos successfully in the north-west acted against the Swedes, and came right up to the point where in 1492 there they made a fortress, which in honor of Ivan III was named Ivangorod. A Ivangorod — is 700 km from Moscow, on the north-west. On the north in 1489 Paleologos organized taking Vyatka (She: Khlynov and Kirov). And this is a thousand kilometers north of Moscow. In the East in 1487, Paleologos start seemingly impossible — war with the taking of Kazan and Kazan, however, limited in place until planting Khan Sway puppets — Muhammad Amin Khan and his deputy Boyar Shein.

Thus, if we sum up what happened to the 1472 to the death of Ivan III in 1505, it was pushed outside Moscow Paleologos independent principality around the circle with a radius of less than 100 km to the circle with a radius of about 800 — 1000 km, thus putting on agenda the formation of Muscovy. This circle was cut only in the West direction, where Moscow is closely fit most powerful state Evrory — Secrets of the Jewish empire of the Commonwealth. Before the arrival of Palaeologus apparently miraculous transformations with the Moscow kingdom never happened. Something that joins the Moscow village Ivan Kalita — populated areas that are within 100 km from Moscow type Dmitrov. It's not nearly that level.

But! In any case we can not say that to all of Moscow Ivan III princes were complete idiots. Was Moscow, were princes, but the increase in Moscow or any other Russian principalities happened. All those engaged in mutual extermination fiefdoms and no advantage in favor of any principality happened.

The main question is: so what is zaimel Ivan III, which was not the other princes? What a Magic Wand had got Ivan III? — Right,
Ivan III had got mnototysyachnuyu retinue of his "Byzantine" wife — sefardki Zoe Paleologos, known in Russia under the name of Sofia. That Paleologicheskih experts and their money was not available to previous Moscow princes.
Paleologicheskaya, mostly Sephardic, the suite — it was the brain trust, it was the European connection, so in the first place money — finasirovanie. That money and experience brought Paleologos ensure this, more can not be called, wonderful transformation tiny, frail Moscow principality in Muscovy. The fact that the last princes of Moscow failed to do in 300 years could not have dreamed to do, then Palaeologus made in just 30 years. And should look at this time it is for their activities — people brought Zoe Paleologos, not Ivan the Third. It's like Lenin and Trotsky in 1917, brought the money from abroad and strike team of specialists in several hundred people, which made the revolution.

Of course there were also negative effects. Paleologos brought to Russia and the Judaizing heresy Sharii (Zechariah) and the student "Trotsky Florence" — Sovanaroly (see nose) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Girolamo_Savonarola — Maxim the Greek disguised as a "great educator" but that being said, the side effect. It is also natural that Paleologos physically remove all the legal heirs to the throne, but the son of Ivan III of Zoe Paleologos — Basil (from Latin bazileus — basic).

Thus we get an answer What nationality is not a prince, and the first emperor — Vasily third. And independently from the one who exactly the nationality of Ivan III and Vasily third — Sephardic Jewish mother. Vasily third and clean in appearance evrey.http :/ / www.rulex.ru/01030129.htm But this means that Ivan the Terrible, not even taking into account the true nationality of his mother Elena Glinsky has in his veins at least 25% Sephardic blood, which is also displayed haraternoy Jewish appearance of Ivan the Terrible: http://www.hrono.ru/biograf/ivan4.html course — it is a fact that the Jews do not like Ivan the Terrible. But the Jews do not like Ivan the Terrible, just because they do not like independent "rulers." Jews live their kagalom, and on a global scale — global kagalom — Evreonalom, is the global elite and their Believers do not need, and the Jews are making every effort to eliminate them, which convincingly shows an example of Ivan the Terrible, who was apparently poisoned, because he died with symptoms of acute renal failure, as well as an example of his wives and children, who simply starved to flow, leaving no one alive.

After Ivan the Terrible went Polish troubled times, and both the imposter sent from the Commonwealth were, naturally, the Polish Jews. What nationality was the first Romanov 17th century is yet to be set, but the face of Peter the Great — this is clearly not a Slavic face. What is a portrait of his lifetime not take — Peter burning brunette: http://bibliotekar.ru/rusKart/8.htmА here that says AP Proskurin in the book "The Order in Russia: history of hate, love and loyalty." Part 1: "The man on the throne", "Petrovich" (the offspring of Peter the Great), which in Vienna is undoubtedly considered Jews or Asians (Peter's mother, Natalia Naryshkin (mother of Peter the Great), genetically traced back to the governors of the Khazars), enjoy all the benefits of absolute monarchy, and the order kept relentlessly, do not stop for a minute work, including the discrediting of the dynasty. Quote from Proskurina here: http://www.religare.ru/article23308.htmThus, it appears that Peter on his mother — HAZARIN.

After Peter the Great's general, as we are taught, the dynasty Romnovyh how about some continuum is simply absurd. That's the whole little list and give a quick rundown of nationalities:

Catherine A. I 1725-1727
Peter A. II 1727-1730
Anna of 1730-1740
Ivan VI Antonovich 1740-1741
Elizabeth 1741-1761
Peter F. III 1761-1762
A. Catherine II 1762-1796
Pavel I Petrovich 1796-1801
Alexander I Pavlovich 1801-1825
Nicholas I Pavlovich 1825-1855
Alexander II Nikolaevich 1855-1881
Alexander III Alexandrovich 1881-1894
Nicholas II Alexandrovich 1894-1917


Thus, in all subsequent kings blood Peter is Russian jet, as it is to think. But now you see that it is all the same, as this was still jet stream, which immediately cut short.

First Catherine the First and Second markups no blood relationship to the Romanov dynasty, Russia and the Russian character are not. Catherine first — is a kind of March Skavronskaya — judging by birth — Lithuanian Jew.

Catherine I (1684, Dorpat — 1727, St. Petersburg) — the first Ross. Empress in 1725-1727. The daughter of Lithuanian everyman (mestechkogogo Jew) Samuel Skavronskaia before the orthodoxy called Martha Skavronskaia ». Http://www.hrono.ru/biograf/ekater1.html most interesting and revealing that Jewish blood as Ivan the Terrible March Skavronskaya not stand Jews. She, as a Jew, knew their essence and look what happened. April 26, 1727 she signed the decree of expulsion of all Jews from Russia. And see what happens next … "The decree names consisting of the Supreme Privy Council, April 26, 1727. Deportation Zhidov from Russia and watching, lest they be taken out with him, Russian gold and silver money. This April 20, Her Majesty said: the Jews, as masculine and female, which is found in the Ukraine and other Russian cities, all those sent out from Russia abroad immediately, and continue them under any images to Russia not to let and to warn all places firmly, and when they leave to look firmly Well, so they from Russia abroad pure gold nor any Russian silver coins and Efimkov not taken, and they bude CHervonnye and efimki Russian coin or what will be, and for these should give them copper coins. Complete Collection of Laws of the Russian Empire. First meeting. Volume 7. 1723-1727. SPb., 1830. S. 728. " http://zhurnal.lib.ru/l/limanskij_i/b1.shtml

After the signing of the decree of expulsion of all Jews from Russia Catherine I lived only 10 days skoropostizhenno passing away May 6, 1727 g, died in the prime of his life at the age of only 43 years old!

Peter II, who died in skoropostizhenno age of 15 years, that is actually not reign at all, in 1730. Peter II, "The grandson of Peter I the Great, son of the heir to the throne, Prince Alexei Petrovich and his dead birth of Princess Sophia Charlotte of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel." That is Peter II was 50% but Petrovich mother he ofitsialnayanemchura.

Next Emperor — Anna Ivanovna, Rather Anna. Anna for the line of Peter the Great — a side full sun — the seventh water to jelly. Anna daughter half-brother Peter I — Ivan, all historians were inclined like a moron — and Praskovia Saltykov. Ca you see Anna is not the only foreigner and "Russian" blood. However, once again, if you look at the portrait of Ivan the Russian wiki Fifth — brother Peter, Anna's father, Ivan fifth as Peter too pungent dark, like his daughter. It's just food for thought on what nationality were actually brothers, even though they are from different mothers: Peter from boyar Naryshkin, and Ivan from boyar Miloslavskys.

Here again, the question is, who are in fact "BO-yare"? Annna Ivanovna — the only "Russian" in the post-Peter Romanov. But look at Anna Ioannovna puppeteers put on the throne with some names: "Anna came to the throne 19 January 1730. Arriving in Moscow, Anna received the support of the opposition (AI Osterman, Theophanes Prokopovich P. Yaguzhinsky, AD Kantemir) "- all w / d And Ernst Biron its puppeteer was Baltic Jew. He was even wearing a wig see he dark blue and Latvians in no way even remotely looks like. Biron — Martha Skavronskaia countryman, and, apparently, the same Lithuanian w / d: http://skola.ogreland.lv/istorija/slovo/lv350.htm

Ivan Sixth omitted. As it is generally a passing episode.

Elizabeth has Romanov blood, because she is the daughter of Peter the Great and Catherine I — Martha Skavronskaia, and then on her mother, she is also Jewish — Skavronskaya. That is, strictly speaking Elizabeth — Jewish. But the most interesting thing is that only took over the throne in 1741, in 1742, apparently as the mother, knowing the nature of the Jews, it immediately issues a decree of expulsion of Jews. So if they are in the Ad-Hoc and her mother has been so loose that it became a big problem, but not as we here Isaakovich Alexander Solzhenitsyn raskazyvaet that, say, Jews in Russia only 200 years, and before that, they say, full sterility. "The decree of the government to the Senate December 2, 1742" On Zhidov expulsion from Russia "

"Jews exist in different parts of Russia. From these haters of Christ, we can not expect anything good. Due to this fact, I am publishing the following order: all Jews, men and women, regardless of their status and wealth, and all their property should immediately get out of bounds. These enemies of Christ, I do not want to have any profit. As it was for our ancestors repeated edicts, most of our empire to the Jews living prohibited. But now we know who committed that these should Jews still in our Empire under different types of permit its continued, from whatever any other fruit, but tokmo, like a name from that of Christ the Savior to our loyal haters extreme damage should be expected. Inasmuch And our intention is obscene tained from all our loyal subjects of the Empire and of our happen which may occur the consequences are extremely thin to protect and avert, that so graciously commands: all of our Empire, such as the Great Russian, so then Little Russian cities, towns and villages, all male and female Jews, no matter who the rank and dignity may be, with the announcement of the decree, and all their possessions immediately sent abroad to continue the add no means in our Empire for nothing admit, is one of them wants to be a Christian faith Greek confession, then so is baptizing, let them live, just out of state is not the issue. " http://zhurnal.lib.ru/l/limanskij_i/e1.shtml

Peter III — «full name Peter Romanov 21 February 1728-17 July 1762) — Emperor of Russia in 1761-1762. Grandson of Peter I, the son of Tsarevna Anna Petrovna and the Duke of Holstein-Gottorp Karl Friedrich. " Anna Petrovna — is the sister of Elizabeth, that is, it is also the daughter of Peter and Martha Skavronskaia. And who was born and raised in Holstein Peter III was brought to Russia just for the reason that he nephew of Empress Elizabeth. But, Anna Petrovna — mother of Peter the Third for his mother too Skvaronskaya, hence, like Elizabeth — Jewish. And this means that her son Peter III on his mother Jewish and German on his father, that is Peter's third metric Jew.

Catherine the Great — clean nemchura, Sophia Frederick Augustus of Anhalt-Zerbst, who, when she was brought from Germany to Russia as the wife of Peter III did not speak in Russian.

Next Emperor Pavel I Petrovich officially son of Catherine II — Germans and Peter III — Jew. So Paul I officially German. Paul had the children — the future emperor — P. — from the Princess Sophia Dorothea of Württemberg, which in Russia had a nickname — "Maria Feodorovna." The next two Russian Emperor Alexander I and Nicholas I will be brothers and sons of this very second wife of Paul I of Wurttemberg Princess Sophia Dorothea. That is, first, Alexander and Nicholas P. — they are Germans. Not only that they are mother Germans, they are still on his father's German. That is, Alexander and Nicholas I — absolutely pure Germans.

The next emperor — Alexander II Nikolaevich. But because his mother, a German wife of Nicholas I was clean, also check out of Germany, German, nee Princess Friederike Wilhelmine Charlotte, also known as Charlotte of Prussia, German. Charlotte von Preu? En, known in Russia by Alias "Alexandra", Alexander II even deeper and refined 100% German.

But as the 100% German Alexander II was married to 100%, the same as usual, sent to Germany a German — Hesse-Darmstadt Princess Augusta Wilhelmina Sophia Maximilian Maria, Empress received the nickname "Maria Alexandrovna," then, without laughter, unconditional Russian patriot Emperor Alexander III Alexandrovich was just brilliant German to clean — "beer and sausages."

But as a pure German, without kapelyushechki no Russian blood patriot Alexander III was as usual unpatriotic married to "Mary-Sophia-Frederica-Dagmar, or simply Yeah? Gmar, daughter of Christian, Prince Glyuksburgskogo, later Christian IX, King of Denmark, the Danish Princess" , which in Russia was conspiratorial nickname "Marie? F. I", the last Russian tsar — again brilliant squared nemchura, or maternal formally "Dane," but since the word "Dutch" — this is the word "Deutsch", that is "German" and the Danes actually cover those Germans, they just German accessions to Germany, the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II — briliantovoy purity 1000% — tysyacheprotsentny German.

Now do you understand what a tragedy was for the German Nicholas the Second World War between Russia and Germany, and especially for his wife — nee Princess Alice of Hesse-Darmstadt), the fourth daughter of the Grand Duke of Hesse and the Rhine, Louis IV and Duchess Alice, which in Russia had, as the German wife of Nicholas, aka "Alexandra." — Although these German princesses, wives of Russian rulers, such as "Maria Feodorovna" and "Alexandra", both from me Duke of Hesse-Darmstadt.

That is, if it were not the overthrow of the monarchy in Russia, it is "perpetual motion" with the German princesses as wives "Russian" monarchs continued. In addition, Nicholas II was generally a cousin of King George the Fifth, because their mothers were sisters, daughters of the Danish King Christian IX, and in fact Nicholas II and George the Fifth was even look like twins. Look material: "Nicholas II and George V had each other cousins. They are known to maintain warm friendships »: http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/russian/news/n … 016756.stm
George the Fifth, by the way — is the son of King Edward the Seventh, and Edward the Seventh — pure Jew married to a Danish princess, the sister of the mother of Nicholas II. Feast your eyes on the "Anglo-Saxon»: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Edwa … _robes.jpg ihttp :/ / www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk / MOedwardVII.htm
There is a very good book, "Edward the VII and his Jewish court» (Edward VII: and his Jewish court. By Anthony Allfrey), which is very well shown that the German Hanoverian dynasty of English kings actually dynasty of German Jewish Gannovera.http :/ / www.worldcatlibraries.org / wcpa / t … 9e526.html

That is, what you see that not only Russian deliberately misleading about the real nationality of their rulers — the British, too. In England, too, after the Revolution of 1688 on the throne, allegedly, "German" — "Hanover" from the German state Gannoverhttp :/ / www.cultinfo.ru/fulltext/1/001/008/008/456.htm. and from that of Edward the Seventh — all purely Jewish Windsor dynasty is: http://www.cultinfo.ru/fulltext/1/001/008/005/096.htm British rulers 18th century razgovorivali not even in English. And here is still another important question — and to what extent the German princess — wife of Russian rulers in the past 150 years really "German"? Just it, what a great question!

In vskom case, the example of Russia, England, and all, if we go into other countries of the same in Sweden, we see that very early, at a very early stage, as the leaders of the indigenous nationalities quickly replaced by representatives of some international-cosmopolitan blue blood, the true nationality of which is traced to Sephardic Jews as well as the Khazar origin. In Russia, as in the beginning, and at the end of the monarchy, this pattern is clear and obvious, and in the "Time of Troubles" Mongol "yoke is plausible and requires further study.

After all, only have to ask the other major issue: how much of the Tatar-Mongol yoke was actually Khazar-Mongol yoke, as everything can be in its place! In any case, all these "Golden Horde" were just "kaganats" and "Khans" — kana — Kaganovich. Moreover Kievan Rus actually had the name "Rus Khaganate" and the Grand Dukes had the title "Kagan," that is quite possible that the name "Rus" — the Khazar origin. In addition, probably the origin of the word "Prince" is a distortion of the Khazar Slavic word "Kagan."

In connection with this you can ask the next logical question is how "Khan" was Genghis Khan? Because it is quite strange that while the West has for a thousand years, rushing to Russia in waves, with a narrow-eyed East peace shepherds Mongols, which flies do not hurt, and in their present form and had no come that these "Chukchi" could ever venture to distant conquest, so that's when they, for no reason, and it was under the leadership of "Genghis Kahn" suddenly rushed to the West, and that even stranger that never Mongols "Tatars" and did not contact his "Drag nach West" is not repeated. Question is worded simply: who nauskal Tatar moglol? — Khazars?
Very good article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rus% 27_Khaganate

The next hypothesis, which follows from the previous one and requires further development — is chtoVeliky Prince Svyatoslav Kagan was the last emperor in Slavic Russia.

So who rules the world and all the countries? Belonging to the "blue" Zionist blood — this is not the only adjective genetically select for the ruling elite of the world, who for centuries ruled the world, there is another definition — it is called in English BLACK NOBILITY, in Italian Italian: aristocraz? A nera, which can be translated as " Black Nobility "," black bone "BLACK honor." Here's an article by naming "Who is Black Nobility?» Http://reactor-core.org/black-nobility.html
Here I will translate the definition of Black Nobility within the meaning of this article:

"Black Aristocracy" comes from the oligarchic families (Sephardic Jewish origin), Venice and Rome (This is why they are called "Venetian aristocracy"), which means "New Venetians", which in the 12th century (and now in Russia) had a monopoly on all. It was the first three crusades established and strengthened the monopoly and power of these Sephardic Jewish oligarchs of Venice and Genoa, who were busy transport with food and weapons Crusaders. Jewish oligarchs full control of Venice in 1171, where the appointment of the emperor Venice (Doja) passed, as it happens everywhere, in the hands of Venetian Parliament ("Grand Council"), which consisted of representatives of the Sephardic Jewish finasovoy and commercial oligarchy, such as Medici family, and others, that is, the then Abramovich and Berezovsky. Since Venice was in the hands of oligarchs, Sephardic, but the strength and power of the "Black" Venetian aristocracy eventually Distribute all over Europe, and on the discovery of America and the development of transport and globally, and today am feeling at any point on the globe, and not zabutte that modern banking system derives from Venice, Genoa, Florence, Milan, and then the other to exist as independent cities in the north of present-day Italy (Lombard — from Lombardy). Interestingly, the Venetians called their "New Venetians", their oligarchs, Black Nobility, because they were all brunettes?
http://reactor-core.org/black-nobility.html and
http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/black.htm and http://demopedia.democraticunderground. … K_Nobility
Here in this article http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/socio … obil02.htm
partial list of European royal houses of the "Black Nobility", they all have a Sephardic "Venetian" origin: «House of Bernadotte, Sweden; House of Bourbon, France; House of Braganza, Portugal; House of Grimaldi, Monaco; House of Guelph, Britain (the most important;) House of Habsburg Austria; House of Hanover, Germany (second in importance) House of Hohenzollern, Germany; House of Karadjordjevic, Yugoslavia; House of Liechtenstein, Liechtenstein; House of Nassau, Luxembourg; House of Oldenburg, Denmark ; House of Orange, Netherlands; House of Savoy, Italy; House of Wettin, Belgium; House of Wittelsbach, Germany; House of W? rttemberg, Germany; House of Zogu, Albania; — all these families can be found in the modern English Windsor dynasty crown. "

— That is, you can see that all the royal families of Europe have a Venetian, that is, Sephardic, Jewish heritage — "Blue Blood" — Zionist blood, and they only make history, clarifying the relationship between themselves and the people for them just as the crowd — the chips on the field . The wealth of information in English on this "new Venetians" — is just to type in Google «BLACK NOBILITY». As befits the Looking Glass is not white, and the "Black Nobility."

This is your answer to the question, what is actually the origin of the notorious "German": Württemberg, Schleswig-Holstein, Anhalt-Zerbst, Holstein-Gottorp, Braunschweig-Wolfenbuttel, Danish, Prussian, and Hesse-Darmstadt Princess Catherine the type and other wives of the emperors of Russia — they are from the families of the "black" Venice of the European nobility, that is, Sephardic, that is of Jewish origin. — Fershteyn? And that's your answer, why Prince Svyatoslav Slavs as princes of Russia did not exist — because the Slavs — THIS IS NOT BLACK Shell!
But do not worry much — it is in all countries had such a rapid displacement of the local aristocracy aristocracy global, cosmopolitan. And all that we Watson, now stretched out in your field of attention — it is "information to razmyshleneniyu" — this is the direction in which it is necessary to dig further, otherwise you are so ignorant and die, like your children.

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