What planet are waiting for the disaster in 2012


It is human nature to wait a fundamental, universal and dramatic events. End of the world were waiting for in 1000 and 2000, year of our Lord, in the year 7000 "from the creation of the World", and now something like waiting on the year 2012. What we are promised all kinds opment, and that can really happen if we approach the prediction of cold reason and the amount of proven expertise?

Most importantly, what they say everywhere — this is the expected end of the world in December 2012, allegedly predicted by the Mayan calendar. There is no point in giving a traditional hyperlink — just type in a search engine, "Maya 2012" and you'll immediately buried under an avalanche of apocalyptic references, and special sites in all languages.

About what, if you remove the BS, what is it? First of all, that there is a calendar created by the Maya in Central America, which ends on 21 (or 23rd) in December 2012. Then — nothing, end of the world. But when they say "Calendar", then the question immediately arises: how to calculate the time of the calendar? What is the duration of the year? As the fall months?

The paradox of the Mayan civilization is that it has made payment calendar is very important part of their culture. They had a 365-day year, a 360-day, 260-day year and a lot of special time intervals are named, including "alautun" — lasting more than 63 million years. And thus, the cycle length of 5125 years, which is due to end in 2012 — this is just part of a huge period. The very same calendar is not only a system of accounts, but also a kind of chronicle of a glorification of the past and planning for the future is very intricate content.

However, the global Internet is simply packed with stories of terrible Mayan predictions that are in fact born in the depths frankly yellow sites, or associated with the "apocalyptic" and so is the top-selling books, such as the creation of Joseph Lawrence, according to which the solar system is waiting for inevitable death. Against the background of such vivid and fascinating stories rather pale looks bubnezh skeptics who believe that the year 2012 there was a complete confusion and misunderstanding of the Mayan records, simply glorifying their leaders and urging them to remember thousands of years later.

With reference to our lives — we have calendars, calculated for the year ahead. There is a "timeless" calendars for 100 years. Christians expect the paschal for decades to come. But this does not mean that the day will end when the calendar will end and the world. While the world might end, and it is December 31, 2012. But that's between them has nothing to do.

And that can really threaten us in 2012? One of the predictions is due to the explosion of a supernova — star Betelgeuse in the constellation Orion. We predict that no later than 2012 on the sky, we see the appearance of a second sun, which will be Betelgeuse exploded.

This red giant, who is from us at a distance from 495 to 640 light years (there is a discrepancy in measurements), shows clear signs of instability. It has long been gobbled up in the depths of its hydrogen, there are thermonuclear reactions with the formation of metal, and now the outer shell may simply collapse to the center of the star. Then there will be the last burst of energy, grand in its capacity. The luminosity of the star can be brighter than the luminosity of the galaxy. And the earth will flood flow of hard radiation, which could destroy all life. That is, 65 million years ago, dinosaurs became extinct.

But supernovae explode not only in prehistoric times. The most recent banged July 4, 1054, now at this point the Crab Nebula. The distance, however, was ten times more than before Betelgeuse. Scientists have calculated that with the use of paleontological techniques like this could be a period of human existence, but no mass extinction was not observed.

Not only that thin the ozone layer in half, a supernova to explode at a distance of 25 light years, which is not expected — not yet on such an explosion of candidates. Double in the constellation of Pegasus (150 light years) and Betelgeuse (over 495 light years) — that all applicants. But, most importantly, fast Betelgeuse explosion could happen tomorrow, or a hundred, and a thousand or even a million years. Always remember, when you read about space, a parable: "Mean praying For you, what a thousand years?" — "One moment," — replied God. "A thousand gold"? — "A penny." "So give me the penny!" — "Well, wait a moment …".

But the scale of the solar system may be more rapid change. In particular, we are talking about the coming "perfect solar storm" that has come down to Earth approximately September 2012. It is assumed that such a storm could surpass the intensity of the "Carrington Event" or "supershtorm," which in 1859 brought down the entire telegraph and delighted mankind unique auroras in the Caribbean. However, this would all like and stop there. Is that the cases of insanity and sudden death from heart attack and stroke was slightly higher.

Now that was not the end. And predicting the collapse of civilization, the Internet does not look like a figment of imagination of journalists. Back in 2010 at the National Press Club USA, NASA experts spoke about strengthening the activity of the Sun, and the fact that our civilization over the past ten years has been unprecedented sensitive to its activity.

All these smart grids, computers, put wherever falling, GPS-navigators, aircraft management, and financial flows. All this has become sensitive to solar activity, for the simple reason that our devices use weak currents comparable to those generated environment. According to experts of NASA, the impending storm can cause damage to 20 times larger than the infamous Hurricane Katrina.

But so do we helpless? Fortunately, we have a whole constellation of satellites that are located in different parts of the solar space. That is, we are now able to see the sun "on the other side." All of these GOES, STEREO, SDO, ACE and other satellite systems can watch our star and make predictions of its activity. Streams of charged particles fly slower than radio waves, so when you receive a warning about the threat of the space we have time on Earth disable transformers, computers, satellites put into sleep mode. It will be a blow to the world economy, but less than if we did not have space systems track the sun. On the other hand, stimulates the production of large losses, which means the crisis could go into decline.

What else can arrive from deep space? Asteroids will arrive later, there seems to be some kind of strange "acid nebula", but it looks like it, too — just a figment of the imagination entertainment press. So, 100 years ago, feared the passage of the earth through the tail of Halley's comet, having learned that the tail is cyanide. A year ago, the comet Elenin scared it spins even a whole slew of reasons.

Of course, from the depths of space that can come anywhere. But the dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago. This 65 000 000 years. The whole history of mankind — 1/6500 of that period. And before you go extinct, dinosaurs thrived tens of millions of years. Moreover, even if the extinction of the dinosaurs did not happened with the Earth such that life has disappeared altogether. On the contrary, it has evolved and became more complicated. We are an example of this process.

And that we are now able to mess things up a lot of troubles that we do not need any mysterious planets dialing, acid mists, and other passions. As the story of Discovery, bloody feud on board, the corruption provisions and disease were more frequent causes of death of the crew than the bad weather and the destruction of the ship. Therefore, maintaining vigilance in relation to the cosmos, in 2012, would be nice to everyone — from housewives to the president — wish diligence in daily activities.

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