Who really hit the glass of the Government House on December 19?

Who was breaking windows at the Independence Square? Provocateurs or real people who are confused in their own political preferences? This issue was the reason for the heated discussions on the Internet and beyond. The network was born a lot of versions. One of the strangest: Government House crushing undercover police officers. Our reporters tracked down one of the "heroes" of the area and found out about his real life.

To paraphrase a famous expression — rumors shell attack aircraft of the Government House on December 19 is greatly exaggerated. Our channel decided to make it for yourself, and, as they say, on the heels of one of the sought out those who were in the forefront during the riots in Independence Square.

For example, 20-year-old Nikita Likhovid, not only is real, but not even that long ago, in 2008, graduated from the 177 schools of the capital. In study did not shine, but the outspoken bully was not, according to correspondent of "Capital TV". More surprising fact that two years later Nikita stormed government buildings. Home school, where this is clearly not taught to say the least, shocked.

Marina Ganzenko history teacher secondary school № 177 Minsk:
Knowing how he was by nature active and mobile, it can be assumed that somewhere he will show himself. But it was completely unexpected that it is such a part shown.

On the one hand for 11 years, not a single fault, but not limited to — the leader of the school, "the Council fair" and co-organizer of cultural events. On the other hand — now on a set of "events" on the area Lihovidov Criminal Responsibility. Responsibility for what is called the crowd to action, and he broke a window and door, resisting law enforcement officers. Part of the reason may be sought in the nature of a difficult youth.

Alla Terentyev teacher primary school № 177 Minsk:
Nikita emotional. And even it is sometimes quick-tempered, not adequately perceived criticism and rarely listened to the opinions of their elders, when we tried to suggest, advise, and always believed that his opinion — the only right.

But one thing — the character, and another thing — to send a recent student action with a difficult temperament in a destructive direction. Indisputable fact: shortly after receiving a certificate of schooling Likhovid became active in the opposition movement "For Freedom." Extremist seminars, trips abroad again on the same foreign money.

After leading specialist of recruitment RVC Pervomaisky District Marina V., for many years was a long opposition recruits. Principle of action in all the same: in the walls recruiting office they agree to serve, but only get your hands on the agenda — a suitcase, train station, abroad. Likhovid decided to take the beaten track.

Marina Ivshina, leading specialist recruitment RVC Minsk Piershamaiski:
On their own, we could not find it and could not give a summons in connection with the fact that, as explained to us by his relatives, and then the police at our request — he was abroad.

Last summons dated 16 December last year. Instead of that day to go to the military, Nikita Likhovid December 19 decided to go to the area, the correspondent of the TV company "Capital TV". With a certain sad, but something natural and without any doubt the legitimacy of results.

Participants unsanctioned mass rioted near the Government House in Minsk

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