Who stole the story and why Russia?

Who stole the story and why Russia?Heard this famous Russian name — Karamzin? A sort of Russian Herodotus.
His "History of the Russian State" was revered and Russian tsars, and the people.
In reading his books in the original impression that it is something not agree. Kind of like and agree with the fact that the Vikings were Scandinavians, and at the same time suggests, they say, could be wrong. Several times draws the reader's attention to the phrase "Vikings-Rousseau," and even tries to explain who they were Russa. Like Nestor, persistently identified exactly that phrase. If something did, but had to obey to conventional wisdom, and only hinted that not much in the shower with him agree.
Agree, strange little time has passed since the works were written Lomonosov Tatishcheva historian, academician Shishkov and the publication of the "History of the Russian State" Karamzin and multivolume collection by such generally accepted Russian historians as Solovyov Klyuchevsky. How is this for a few years so dramatically changed the state's point of view on their own history? Another half a year ago it was believed that the Slavic Gardariki envied Europe, their merchants and craftsmen respected worldwide, know that Rousseau and Slavs are one and the same. And suddenly you is: Russ — is Swedish. And Slavs, who had, among other things, Veche (the highest form of democracy!) Took the Swedish-German "top managers"?

What has happened over the years? What event could change the political view of the history of Russia from the other way around?
The most amazing thing was, written about him in all the encyclopedias. You see, under Catherine II to the Russian Academy of Sciences came … Germans! Remember three names: Schletzer, Miller and Bayer. Here they are — three virus-remake of Russian history, the three main sources — almost said, Marxism-Leninism — a common "falsehood."
By the way, I know these Germans. They genuinely distorted the history of Russia, because, first, they taught themselves to German textbooks, the main business of which was to erase even the memory of the fact that in Germany before Slavs lived. And God forbid that someone remembered that these "ignorant", future Russian, even build their future capital Berlin.
With German thoroughness, this "Russian" Troika edited the Russian history. And they did it quite sincerely, otherwise I would not have that power of persuasion. Besides academician Miller in one of his works was able to prove that all the Russian names come from the names of Swedish, Scandinavian. Vladimir from Voldemar and Svyatoslav of Sveneld. Understandably, Miller was a German and did not understand that "Sviatoslav" means in Slavic — "Praise the light." And at the same Sveneld Swedish means nothing — so any crap. After all, "Vladimir" — a "Owning the world"! I'm not about Putin! And Waldemar — more crap than Sveneld.
Why is this invitation from Europe "Varyag"-not-rusam failed to convince Russia of the correctness of its findings and to overcome their own domestic scientists? Because the Empress Catherine II was German! One hundred percent! That is why in the years of its rule in the Scientific Council of Russian Academy of Sciences, there was only one Russian scientist — Lomonosov! In general, it is striking that since 1724, was founded as the Russian Academy of Sciences, for the 117 years of the 34 academics, only three were Russian: Ya Yartsov, N. Ustrialov and M. Lomonosov. The latter, incidentally, was found in all of Europe! But despite that, shortly after the Russian Academy of privatized Germans, it gently, respectfully retired. Why is today, answer me, the Russian people believe three unknown guest workers, not generally recognized European scientists?
Interestingly, after the death of his University paper was published by his opponents, the Germans (the Europeans are to make a profit)! That's just they have already been published in edited form. Story wins the one who knows how to write it correctly and on time! Slavs as to this matter have always been lazy. Defeat the enemy and celebrate the end of the life of victory and the enemy during this time rewriting history and destroying evidence.
By the way, while gone, disappeared many chronicles written northern monks, especially the Ipatiev Chronicle, Ioakimovskaya and others, in which much more is described calling the Vikings. Thank God that Tatishchev had one of these records rewritten.
Incidentally, the "authenticity" Laurentian Chronicle, which began writing in the late Nestor 10.11 centuries, reached us too only written down on paper … XVI century! So why is it believable same Ioakimovskoy?
Have you heard about the library of Ivan the Terrible? We have this king called "the Terrible", and in England — "horrible." Its unique library disappeared at the same time. Apparently, and it has too much reflected such moments that the Slavs should not have to know, from the point of view of German, sorry for the blunt mot, "spell-checker is."
Empress Catherine II the works of her compatriots liking. Yes, she loved Russia and many in Russia did. It was her time, Russia was considered so powerful nation, that when England lost the war for American independence and decided this young independent republic block, Russia has threatened war England, England, and was scared … "lifted the blockade." So by and large America its independence today should be grateful to Russia!
Yes, Katka II, as it was called by the people, even loved the Russian people for the fact that, first, they called it the Great during his lifetime. So a new story written by academics, the Germans, with the evidence, if the Vikings were the Swedes, and Swedes — in turn, one of the Germanic peoples, came into focus! This story-remake proved, though Slavs have always been very talented, gifted, skilled, savvy, rukastogo, tadpoles and even knew how to fight and win the same Germans, but only under the direction of the Germans themselves …!
This "Varyag" of science, invited to rule in Catherine's Academy of Sciences, it was not difficult to make the Slavs this sentence, based on the record of Nestor. Since Nestor was from Kiev, and did not describe feverish trade, cultural and artistic life of the country Gardariki before joining the Vikings. After Kiev and Novgorod even then competed and envied the wealth of each other. I admit that Nestor made the "omission" of the soul. Even easier to newcomers from Europe would present its conclusions, if instead of Nestor Chronicle wrote Latvian or Georgians.
Power always agreeable logic. The Soviet Union collapsed and critiqued everything connected with it. Young people do not know how much better it was, for example, in the Soviet time education. And in times of Katka II. By order of the Imperial German remake implemented in all the textbooks! Such rebels as Lomonosov, Tatishchev, Shishkov, already branded shameful word "Slavophiles." Incidentally, in this case, Americans who today claim that they own the defeat of Nazi Germany, we should call amerikanofilami.
The story of one of the witnesses of the events, though Lomonosov once broke down and the academic council Miller drove his fist right in the "nose." Personally, I believe in it. Lomonosov was a real Russian man. He was born in the north, in the village. And questions among Russian men are not always resolved in court, and a man! He took off his wig, jacket — and the "nose"! One of his contemporaries, not without laughter University described how offended German University has filed for a court for that one … broke his nose. This clearly proves that Miller is not perfectly understood Russian. Even for children, you see, it sounds funny phrase: "Lomonosov broke his nose." With such a lack of feeling of the Russian language is not surprising to say, and whatever came from Svetoslav Sveneld, and that Vladimir the Red Sun by Voldemar Red Sun-face-control!
A contemporary of the events resulted in an ingenious comparison University. He, Michael Vassilich was the village knew the life of the wisest creatures of nature — bees. At one of the company said one day, as parasitic mites on the bees. Later, the ticks will be called Varroa destructor. They live right on the body of a bee, but has bee produces honey, works, full of energy, he did not touch them. Just carry off, as necessary, from the fact itself that the bee to turn out. But when the bee is old, weakened, this mite starts to eat herself. Varroatosis killed many of the bees. German scientists Lomonosov compared with mites. Always were sent to Russia are mites, only the name was coined them more politically correct — agents of influence. For the time being they parasitized, and when necessary — Includes programs for destruction and then they set about their main business. You know how many in Russia today varroa mites — guest workers?
A mystery to me: Russian people stupid or gullible? Or just lazy? However, these days the word "gullible" and "stupid" — almost synonymous.
So far in Russia nationwide trust works of German scientists, not their mother. Perhaps the same logic they now drink no brew, and Fanta, not mead, and German beer, and even fish caught in their native Russian rivers were called B-food … its preferred hash European minestrone, pizza, collected leftover from yesterday, freshly baked cakes. And then began to swear in English — blasphemy! Most neglected family that's left.
All the kings, by the way, after Ekaterinki II the Germans were in Russia. Carefully review the family tree of the Romanovs. It and Dutch blood, Danish, and English, and Russian is no more than the Chinese at the Roman emperors. Of course, they all came to mind German history of Russia.
Slavs are not able to appreciate its past. They remember about the motherland only when the enemy comes to their land.

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