Why amulets help? The scientific explanation

Why amulets help

Studied physics objects that protect people from harm, using the discoveries in the field of light phenomena.

On the nature of amulets written a lot, but more things in this thread is not solved, not explicable in terms of science, magic, and even magic. However, the fact remains that if something works, but it is not clear why — then it's the lack of depth of our knowledge. In this article I want to lift the veil and describe the mechanisms of the amulets, in the terminology of modern science.

As you know,Amulets are divided into two main groups: the charms and amulets

Mascot— Is the subject of force that performs a specific purpose. Talismans are used to attract good luck, money, wealth, and love. In other words,Mascots concentrated positive thoughts and materialize the various benefits.

Warding— Is a subject that keeps people from poverty, misery, protects the house and friends. The mechanism of the mechanism of the opposite talisman talisman:Ward handles negative thoughts of man, and ensures that these thoughts are not materialized.

In general, science has long recognized the fact that thought is material. However, there is little point:idea materialize only if it — concentration. Concentration of thought can be achieved in two ways: either the idea was tested in a period of very strong emotional feelings, or if it is repeated day after day for a long time, even with not such great intensity.

That is the idea — as the light: we react or to bright flashes (such as fireworks), or on the lights, constantly emitting light (such as stars). Given that idea, as the light has a wave nature, then to study the principles of a person's thoughts, you can use the results of research in the field of physics of light phenomena.

Science has long described the phenomenon of concentration and dispersion of light by lenses — collecting and scattering respectively. There is a direct analogy lenses and amulets: mascot — the collecting lens, amulet — scattering, the thought — the light. Thus, it becomes clear to the principle of amulets. This is depicted in Figure 1.

Take, for example, the mascot. Talisman concentrates energy person's intentions and, just as with a magnifying glass can start a fire — and with the mascot can achieve the goals without the use of the mascot would be unattainable. However, there is a subtle point — it is important to mix 'idea + amulet. " In other words, only one loop is not enough to fuel a fire — we also need a ray of light: at night with a magnifier not ignite a fire.

A similar situation with charms. The vast majority of diseases, usually 90-95%, is the result of the fact that people do not fully perform their vital task has various injuries thin bodies. And the disease is only a mechanism that causes us to acquire missing qualities to perform vital tasks, or a consequence of the influence of the above-mentioned conditions. Ie it is only a consequence. Therefore guardian for attaining these missing properties, to eliminate that slender body, removes the reason why there is this or that disease. And the reason goes away, disappear and its corollary — the disease.
There are a lot of lenses — it is depicted in Figure 2.

The lenses are different geometric shape, material of manufacture, dimensions. But the main characteristic of the lens — focal length. The distance from the lens to the focus of the lens — the point where the beam is focused to a point. For converging lenses that focus — real (there is an increased concentration of light) for diffuser — imaginary (the rays to the sides, and the focus of the intersection of said extensions of rays in the opposite direction). This is depicted in Figure 1.

Then the task of reaching a person with amulets goals — can be formulated in the language of light phenomena. There is a source of light — the human personality. The man has a purpose — the desire for it ensures the availability of light. Then, in order to get to this goal, it is necessary to concentrate the flow of light at one point — the focus of the lens. In other words, you need to pick up the lens so that it coincided with the focus of a goal to be achieved.

That is why different people to achieve the same objectives can be approached different amulets, and vice versa — to the same person in order to achieve different goals require different charms.

Thus, if a person wants to have a few charms designed to achieve different objectives, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the interaction between the amulets — ie their energy compatibility. Combining amulets can both weaken the strength of each of the amulets and strengthened. When the effect of each of the amulets are mutually reinforced by other charms — there is a "synergistic effect". Synergy — the interaction of two or more factors, characterized by the fact that their action is much greater than the effect of each individual component in the form of a simple sum. So have a few charms — very efficient and powerful — but it is important to find amulets in the right way.

How I pick charms — this is material for another article. But tell some highlights.

Firstly, I choose the charms of natural gemstones. In their crystal lattice energy of nature lies.

Secondly, I do not use metal amulets — because remelting erased energy code by the nature. However, the metal amulet can also be charged, but it will be only the energy from the manufacturer amulet.

Thirdly, important that the stonework was minimal — external grinding in order to aesthetic appeal. Serious treatment of stone — cut, shape change — can disrupt energy structure amulet, and it will be just a beautiful bauble.

Fourthly, when choosing an amulet I follow the color of the human aura. Just as there is a phenomenon in the optical dispersion (rays of different colors have different refractive lens), and the energy of different auras interact differently with amulets. The phenomenon of dispersion is shown in Figure 3.

Fifthly, Energy charging amulets — pretty serious and hard work. So I am not guided by the mass production of amulets.

To sum up, I want to say in today's world, every person should have the amulet, and preferably two: talisman and amulet. So it was in ancient times, but now many people have forgotten about it. And those few who use amulets in my life, not in a hurry to share with others the secret of their success.

Andrew Sheremetyev, 2009


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