Why buy Rosneft, TNK-BP

Sonorous news last hours: municipal Oil Company "Rosneft" has agreed to buy out the company TNK-BP from its shareholders.

Oil — it is always politics. Big Oil — it's a great policy. And after the purchase of "Rosneft" will be naikrupneyshey company in the world for the supplies and production.

This means that the question is not just about big politics, and politics in a square …

At first understand the one who owned the buy "Rosneft" TNK-BP.

This company was created in 2003.

"TNK-BP International Ltd. (TNK-BP) — 3rd naikrupneyshaya Russian oil companies, whose shareholders on a parity basis are British BP and AAR consortium ("Alfa Group", "Access Industries", "Renova"). TNK-BP, has about 50% of Russian oil and gas company "Slavneft". The share of TNK-BP accounts for approximately 16% of the volume of oil production in Russia (including TNK-BP in the company "Slavneft"). "

In 2003, our British and South American friends were getting ready to buy a very small means the bowels of. The first sign of this fatal for the Russian Federation and the process was the creation of TNK-BP with the role of the English "British Petroleum" (BP). The second planned sale of Yukos Yankees. Control of the natural resources of the Russian Federation went over the limit.

We must be aware of — get Western corporations to take control of the Russian subsoil and our budget will lose huge resources, and future generations of the Perplexed control over the riches of our land.

That's what it is, when you read in the news about the "oil news." To assume control over the natural resources of strangers cornfields means impossible. That's why the game has interfered Russian power. Suddenly, for the West in the same Khodorkovsky in 2003 went to prison, and his Yukos assets eventually get done state-owned company "Rosneft".

Half of the case was made, had "squeeze out" the British out of TNK-BP. I carefully described the whole process of the "game" in the book "Cherche la oil. "

Here's what I wrote about five years ago in this book: "We should admire the resistance of the proud Britons. Oh so they stay on the hunt to our oil and gas market, since hunting is to influence, and be influenced by it, and the foreign policy of Russia. But it will not work. On this difficulty, TNK-BP is not over. And at some point, but the British oil monopoly will be squeezed out of, and its oil assets will be sold to Russian company. "It's bad for us, bad for the company and is obviously very bad for Russia" — assesses the developing events chairman of the board of oil giant British Peter Sutherland. And the creator of this book seems to be that, on the contrary, great. Very fine. Control of the main resource of the planet, over the main resource of their own country in the hands of the government — it is excellent or bad? Answer this question for yourself. "

And finally, the British pushed out of TNK-BP. Squeeze gently, a la Putin. But aggressively and relentlessly. Personal TNK-BP completely redeemed from its shareholders state company "Rosneft".

"Previously, it has now become clear that the oil company" Rosneft "buys 100% stake in TNK-BP, the AAR consortium and the British oil company BP. The signing of the agreement of the respective Head of "Rosneft" Igor Sechin. The total purchase price amounted to 61 billion dollars. "

Does this mean that control over a large part of our natural vorachivaetsya in the hands of the Russian state? Yes, it is.

Let's look at a confusing scheme of sale of oil assets.

At first, we see that "Rosneft" is really the municipal company.

We go to the company website, we read: http://www.rosneft.ru/Investors/structure/share_capital/

Shareholding Structure

The shareholders (shareholders) of JSC "NK" Rosneft ", having more than 1% of the share capital of the Company as of October 1, 2012

1. 75.16% belongs JSC "ROSNEFTEGAZ", which is 100% of the federal facilities.

2. More 9.53% by OOO "RN-Development", which in turn belongs to "RN-Trade", the participants of which are OAO "NK" Rosneft "(99.9999%) and" Neft-Aktiv "(0.0001%), and 100% controlled by OAO "NK" Rosneft ". In other words, she "Rosneft" is in control of the company, which owns 9.53% of its shares. Means — and these percentages are state-owned.

3. The company OJSC "NK" Rosneft "has on its balance sheet, in other words, has 3.04% "Herself".

In this state participation is terminated. 10.19% which belong to the "Savings" can not be attributed to the state assets, because the owners of a controlling stake "Sberbank" is The central bank, which is not subject to the Government. Other physical and legal entities we also do not currently motivate.

So: 75.16% + 9.53% = 3.04% 87.73% "Rosneft" belongs to the state.

Now look at what the criteria for our English "friends" agreed to "Rosneft" TNK-BP.

"The proposed transaction consists of a 2-part. Upon graduation BP will receive a package of 18.5% of shares of "Rosneft" and 12.3 billion dollars currency assets. In view of the available VR package of 1.25% of the shares of "Rosneft" fraction of BP's Russian shareholders' equity will amount to 19.75% of the company. "

So, for the fact that the British have lost 50% stake in the third-largest oil company in Russia, we give them 18.5% of "Rosneft".

In the end, one hundred percent control remains in the hands of the Russian Federation: we will be 69.23%, the "British Petroleum" -19.75%.

Naturally, I would like to see our British partners have a stake in the depths of the Russian Federation equal to zero point zero zero 10's. But politics — the art of the probable. And do not want art. Britons take away from the control of natural resources, giving them only a piece of the oil pie. Stow, after eight years of fighting with them for that!

(Just type in a search engine "TNK-BP" and the word "problem" and you look at how many difficulties and accidents had to do to "convince" BP to TNK-BP).

Now the conclusions that are imposed from the above.

No privatization of "Rosneft" should not happen more. According to another can lose control of this important company. Read about privatization, smiling, but always put off her and would not hold.
The strategic line management of the Russian Federation on gaining full sovereignty — complete control over Russian natural resources. But first — a complete re army and navy, the development of the modern state of patriotic ideology. And later at the negotiating table with our British "friends" — with new trumps.
Seek now "chasing the British filthy broom" of our oil industry — is a complete lack of an adequate assessment of the current geopolitical reality. It's like that seek to Stalin in August 1939 to send away the third Reich, instead of signing a contract with him o
n non-aggression. Are capable of only "Svanidze" …

While "they" are harder — to negotiate.

This is an important art of politics and the head of the country.

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