Why do we need an antivirus system?

How to protect your own computer from harmful viruses that roam the expanses of millions of web and in your removable media. So far the only way to protect the listed antivirus applets. Going on at least some website which offers free utilities that you can download without any special effort antivirus system. At the present day There are only a few commonly used anti-virus software: Avast, Kaspersiky, Nod 32, etc. They are all included in the top-10 selling more and downloaded in the world.

And why upload antivirus? Yes, everything is very simple. No matter what operating system not sufficiently protected against viruses today, which occurs every day or to an ever greater extent. Even if you upgrade your operating system each day, it does not rescue it from harmful systems and program notes. Specialists companies that develop anti-virus systems, look for the spread of new viruses, sometimes even creating their own "Trojan horses". This daily monitoring allows you to create new methods to protect computers that are spread in the experts at Web for daily updates of anti-virus systems.

With that need antivirus, we understand, but which to choose: the official, which cost of funds, or a pirate, which worthless. For Russian programmers choice seems natural — of course, free program. But it is worth to say that the free utility is unlikely to be a day updated in the web of life of the manufacturer. This makes it not workable in a couple of weeks after installation, as we have already mentioned that new viruses emerge each day. Official versions are updated every time you connect your computer to the network, the new and creating new barriers to harmful viruses. But there are free versions that Kaspersky, Avast and nod32 release verbovaniya for new customers. Such new versions can be downloaded from the website of the company and use it only a month, but during this time it will be updated and you can prochuyat all the advantages of the paid version.

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