Why flew north Lightning. The crews of German jet aircraft expected in Norway fundamental orders from Berlin

May 5, 1945 in the UK over the last appeared plane-Luftwaffe reconnaissance. British knock it failed …

In the final step of the second World War, Germany had the weapons, which are suitable for it in the course of events could have a very significant impact on the course of the fighting. According to the last measure — hypothetically.

Despite the large losses in men and material, the Wehrmacht was still resistance. With all of this in the 3rd Reich did not stop the development and improvement of ballistic, cruise missiles and anti-aircraft missiles, jet aircraft. It is well known that the Germans came close enough to the creation of the atomic bomb, but they did not have enough time and resources to complete this project.

By 1945, Germany was designed ocean submarine has unrivaled at the time of tactical and technical characteristics, namely the highest secrecy by means of detection. Submarine was supposed to provide massive BATTERY and a new type of torpedo tubes capable of firing a few torpedoes at once, also equipped with rocket launchers. General construction of these boats was planned to begin in May '45.

We can not say that Germany was the first country in the world, which became the owner of the combat jet aircraft. For example, June 15, 1943 for the first time took to the skies experienced model aircraft Arado Ar-234 "Blitz" ("Lightning"), and after a while began serial production of this car in options scout, attack aircraft, bombers, bombers, and even the distant languid night fighter. To take off, "Lightning" was used starting a cart, which was later discharged, and for planting — the retractable guide in the form of skiing.

First, German companies have established the ready intelligence "Blitz" (Ar-234B-1) and the "Blitz" bomber (Ar-234B-2). Total Germans managed to build 210 aircraft of both types. On each of them equipped with two turbo-engine Junkers Jumo Jumo 004V or 004V-4 (pull 860 kg). Only on 3 machines were motors BMW003A-1.

"Lightning" is much superior in speed (750 km / h at an altitude of 6000 m) any Air Force aircraft allies in the anti-Hitler coalition. Service ceiling Arado Ar-234 was equivalent 11 700 m, take-off weight — 8400 kg bomb load reached 1.5 tons. The wingspan of the machine — 14.4 m, length — 12.7 m

In a few air battles in what could participate "Blitz", they savagely destroying enemy planes (in general, it is believed that the Russian pilots during the Battle of Berlin in April '45 jet shot down 22 Arado). Yet the Anglo-American strategic air forces, wielding overwhelming The advantage of the Luftwaffe over almost leaves no stone unturned in the German towns, rendering useless the German airfields. Then, shortly before the capitulation of the Third Reich, some "Lightning" from bases in northern Germany and Denmark flew to Norway. For what?

The order entered by the redeployment of Berlin's to "continue the struggle." After all, in the land of the fjords was 350000th battle-group Wehrmacht. The strength of large, given the tragic loss suffered by German forces as a result of blows of the Red Army and the armies of the United States and England. In addition, all sections rovnenkie 2,000-kilometer coast of Norway during the occupation were bristling with "Hitler's teeth." The so-called concrete dragon's teeth, which are planned German military engineers could prevent the landing of enemy assault. These structures, by the way, have survived to the present day.

As a result, adjective work 10-s of thousands of Russian prisoners of war in Norway been laid beautiful mountain roads, surprising and now its perfect state. They were intended for rapid transportation of troops in the event of an invasion of the enemy. Hitler himself had repeatedly read his entourage: "Norway — this is our last hope."

But back to the jet bombers "Blitz." At my request, the Norwegian aviation historian Jan-Petter Helgesen (Jan-Petter Helgessen) from the town of Stavanger told me in a letter about the fate of the last squadron agonize Third Reich. He carefully told about it in the local newspaper Stavangar aftenblad in one of the rooms for the May 2010.

So, May 5, 1945 at the airport Sola (Sola) in Stavanger 18 aircraft landed, a lot of puzzled staff lack propellers and unusual in appearance. On the same day one of the Arado Ar-234B-1 — reconnaissance version of the "Blitz" — went to the side of the British Isles. Shoot down "Lightning" the British could not: it was beyond the reach of the royal air force pilots because of the unprecedented speed. It was the last flight of German aircraft over foggy Albion during the second world war.

After his return to the air base, "Sula" 10 cars were there on duty. Crews were still expecting a fundamental order of Berlin's. A 8 aircraft were transferred to the reserve to another air base — "Forus", a few miles east of "Sula." But after a few days the two bases captured Norwegian resistance fighters and British paratroopers. Apparently, the pilots did not receive special order from Berlin's: 3rd Reich at that time gave up the ghost …

The two "Blitz" was taken to the research and testing in the U.S. and the UK. Until now, some of them are in the collection of the Smithsonian Institute in Maryland. All other jet cars were destroyed. The British for this even allowed into the tanks. In total, the estimated sovereign Helgesen, after the fall of Nazi Germany in Stavanger was about 100 Luftwaffe aircraft! So hope for the Fuhrer Country fjords as the "last hope" of the Nazis were not empty words.

What is the order of the last squadron pilots were expecting the Third Reich? There are two views.

In-1's, "Blitz" were provided not only for the "continuing struggle", and (at least the last one or several) for air cover evacuation top Nazi submarine of the German ports and priemuschestvenno — Norway.

In-2, such evacuation could be carried out and by the "Blitz." And bring someone to the north of the Nazi top brass, including Hitler himself, could have been in a small plane such as "Shtorh." Specifically on it the other day fall Berlin's under massive Russian artillery fire in the Reich Chancellery was able to take popular German aviatrix Hannah Reich. She offered to fly out of a burning Fuhrer of the German capital on your own machine.

In turn, Hitler's personal pilot, Lieutenant General Aviation and SS-Obergruppenführer Hans Baur (Hans Baur, 1897-1993) argued that he was prepared to take him at least in Greenland, even for exotic Madagascar. But the "leader of Germany," according to the official, refused to escape, that "die in Berlin."

However, there are people who stubbornly defending the version that the capital of the Third Reich had gone to another world is not the Fuhrer, and one of his twins. And then there is some justification. The same Baur, for example, initially assured everyone that he parted with the real Hitler, landed in Russian captivity, suddenly changed the outlook on this account. The informant, grafted into the camera to the general, reported to the management of the Lubyanka: "It is interesting to note that up to now have no hesitation Baur was not in this case, and at the moment this confid
ence was gone and he is full of doubt" (quote from the declassified archives document).

And if Hitler agreed to run? On this case, it seems, and moved to Norway "Blitz."

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