Why have flooded the space station Mir?

"The World" ("Salyut-8") — Russian (and later Russian) orbital station the third generation, is not a simple multi-purpose research complex. Was launched into orbit in February 1986, March 23, 2001 scuttled in the Pacific Ocean. Over the "World" involved 280 organizations under the auspices of the 20 ministries and departments. The base unit was launched on 20 February 1986. Then for 10 years, one by one, were docked 6 more modules. Thus, the total world view, which is considered to be over for the fundamental theorem — "the approximate price of the OS" Mir "is $ 3 billion. According to experts, resources spent less than 50%, in other words, its net book value of about $ 1.5 billion. According to professionals, the price of a custom resource "Peace" is in the $ 220-240 million year. At the same time, maintaining and ensuring the normal functioning of the station needs $ 200 million a year. "There are more absurd version of the sinking of the station, such as, for example, the "abnormal organisms that started to develop at the very stantsii.Vsya station at the time of the flooding has been "captured" by unknown fungi that look like aquatic plants, which are not able to kill the chemists NASA. Therefore it was decided to burn in the atmosphere of a pest that represents a huge threat to human life. The spores of fungus penetrates into the respiratory tract, causing swelling of the lungs of astronauts that after 36 hours led to a fatal end. The origin of the fungus is not yet clear. "Let's leave fiction as an area of Hollywood and go back to" our sheep. "

Means we have to believe that the $ 200 million in year For Russia the huge amounts of money (even with the most difficult economic criteria, in which she resided)? Either there are other premises that are silent senior Kremlin bureaucrats kabinetov?

"It came at the end of 1989-90, it was noticeable by Gorbachev and his company, who did not believe in the strength of our science and industry, the strength of our economy. And after breaking Russian economy targeted by the whole company and Yeltsin when he came to power, all of Astronautics turned away. "This world-Minister of General Machine Building of the USSR Oleg Baklanov.

Here's outlook astronaut Gennady Strekalova: "What we're going to sink the station" Mir "- a political solution. This is, first, to the United States — the main rival of in the space …"

And finally, the total world view defeat enemies station — "ending applets" Peace "will reduce more 100 thousand jobs of highly qualified scientists, engineers and technical workers. For the political situation is the growth of social tension, the elimination of modern high-tech industries, which, if true management could be delivered in the future form the basis of the welfare of the country. In addition, the flooding will cause impairment of the Russian station of spirituality and undermining faith in the country's future generations of Russians, especially those in whose sight was created gallakticheskaya technique, which they were proud. "

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