Why in Russia kill higher military education?

This year, the story ends with higher military education in Russia. According to the latest least in the form in which it was before the actual moment, it will be gone. The Ministry of Defence set to stop the military university for two years beginning in the summer of 2010. That means virtually closing the higher military educational institutions. With all this it is not clear whether they will open their doors in two years. It may well be that most of them will no longer meet the students ever.

One might think that two years — a short term, and can be completely closed throughout the higher military school of — a temporary measure and all ustakanilos. But in fact two years — a critical period! All the while, teachers — Russian elite education necessary would be to make a living, and have at the moment, many are obliged to break contracts and cross into the category of civilian persons, which is probably the government and reaches, because they do not necessary provide at public expense. Not necessary, for example, taking them to the apartment.

Closure of military universities in Russia did not begin yesterday. In 2005, 78 of the higher military educational institutions were closed 17! In 2008 — in fact destroyed three more. In the last two years, "optimization" and "reduction" were a few more. And now the destruction of the military education system have decided to bring to its logical end — almost close all other higher education institutions. Including a unique, preparing professionals most important strategic goals. For example, this year's Academy locked Aerospace Defense named Zhukov in Tver.

Background of this process are ordinary —
1) the State has not necessary as military professionals, as prepared by the Military University (well, with the generals and officers are very much — most of the "staff");
2) The government can not allow ourselves to (even more so in the criteria of the crisis) waste only economical means of maintaining military high schools are not getting from their net returns. The logic of the market hard — all that is not necessary — die!

Let's try to take this view, and we'll see how to solve these problems closing the military universities.

Apparently our "Europeanized" and "Americanized" fans something poreformirovat seek specifically to the Western model of military education. More precisely to the U.S., where there are practically no military universities and their role is to make a partial public universities. The academy "West Point" the person receives a military base of knowledge, and the rest gets in civilian institutions and universities. This scheme is really quite economical and in a certain sense, a massive Russian military education system it loses. But losing only in the organization and financial support. But the quality and abundance of knowledge derived — the big question.

Disruption of higher military education profitable in economic terms only in the short term. Here our "reformers" use completely free market approach. Not calculated all the economic loss (loss of strategic deliberately keep silent — because we have agreed with the logic of the "reformers") in the form of rising unemployment, loss of social orientation of thousands of people yesterday focused on a military career, the need to spend money on training new military professionals, educators, the creation of modern infrastructure and links between educational institutions. So, for example, the president announced that in the coming years will re-Russian army, it will invest a lot of money from the budget. And who figured how much money and effort necessary so this technique to master? Either this is generally not related to the financial costs?

In addition our "reformers" and not just the reformers. The reform involves the evolutionary path of development, our control arms scratching damage all "to the ground." From time to time this revolutionary impulse is simply amazing. Only the people wholeheartedly believe in the rightness of his infallibility and may as fierce tenacity to destroy what has been built. And it looks like our managers have developed a consistent view of infallibility — a different personality cult with all the (groveling we always had extensive vserasprostraneno).

An old hurt easily. Do something instead of resilience is even more difficult. Close military Universities administrative decision rather easy. It was more difficult to try to keep the unique Russian military school, which has more than 200 years! Management of the country and the Ministry of Defense went on the usual way. But will we all live on this easier?

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