Why is NATO for Russia?

Most people in the West think of one of strongest NATO and successful military-political union in today's time. The Alliance has lived longer than virtually all others, it contains most of the countries and, in the end, he managed to reach the main goal of their own, while not making any of the 1st shot. Even after the war, cool, NATO look for, what to do, played a huge role in the war with Afghanistan.

But, looking at the huge contribution NATO to the maintenance of peace in the world, "Foreign Policy" U.S. reports that the days are numbered NATO heyday. And in the near future is expected to decline and destruction of the majestic military-political union.

All of this can contribute to several negative factors:

1. Due to the global crisis and the heavy economic situation in Europe. Most States have begun a dramatic reduction in funding new projects for the armies. It is also very reduced defense spending and modernization of military power. This significantly reduces the ability of NATO to influence the action taking place on the world stage. Most likely NATO will have to make only small peacekeeping missions and to provide passive assistance to those in need.

2. The protracted conflict in Afghanistan will find disgruntled politicians in the United States. Who may be accused NATO of almost all restrictions. Posed for combat operations by the United States and allied forces.
In this time European public will respond poorly to the U.S., citing the involvement in the long and inconclusive conflict. As a result, NATO in the coming 10 years will not want to get involved in the next adventure. And if you take into account the stability of democracy in the countries of Europe, in the near future, NATO remains unclaimed.

3. Turkey, a NATO member and has the second largest army. Due to the progressive increase in Islamophobia in the United States, as in Europe itself, a conflict can occur, which immobilizes a huge part of the troops NATO.

So Makar, the prospect of NATO as a meaningful international force looks neblestyasche. Naturally, there is a standard response to such gloomy prophecies — to point out that NATO has experienced crises (such as the Suez crisis), and see that she always worried them. This is true, but you need to keep in mind and features of the Cool War, during which the European and South American favorites beheld a common goal.

Certainly, because the symbol of transatlantic solidarity of NATO, one of the favorites in Europe or the United States do not want to see NATO ended its existence specifically in his time government. Because no one recognized uselessness of NATO, and it will slowly lose its position and importance in the world. Most likely, if in the near future, NATO will end its existence, we do not even notice this loss.

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